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CCPH Fellows 2002/2003: Nola Freeman

Nola Freeman is a community-based leader who has worked for over thirty-five years in the field of aging: in nursing, in education programs, and in volunteer management. She brings a passion for, and a belief in, service-learning to her work with the Pike Market Senior Center. Ms. Freeman has worked with service-learning at the Pike Market Senior Center, in Seattle, since fall of 1992 and wrote "Senior Center in Seattle Applauds Service-Learning," published by the Corporation for National Service in Expanding Boundaries: Service and Learning, 1995. In 1995 Ms. Freeman was the recipient of the University of Washington, Edward E. Carlson Campus-Community Partnership Award.

Ms. Freeman has served on the Advisory Committee for the Western Region Campus Compact Consortium Annual "Continuum of Service" Conferences 2000 - 2002. She was a Washington Campus Compact Community Fellow 2000 - 2001, and is currently a member of the University of Washington Edward E. Carlson Public Service and Leadership Center Working-Group.

Ms Freeman continues to work at the Pike Market Senior Center as Activity Coordinator where service-learners are welcomed as vibrant contributors to the life of the senior center its members and staff.

Project Title

A meeting of minds: A service-learning institute designed to facilitate communication between the partners

Project Description

A Meeting of Minds will help bridge the divide between community and campus service-learning partners working in the field of human services, through the promotion of the CCPH Principles of Partnership. These Principles, when taught and demonstrated, will forge strong effective bonds that will promote the health of both partners through holistic, health-promoting service-learning projects

A Meeting of Minds will be developed as a service-learning institute designed to promote communication between the partners. This will be an opportunity for partners from the various campuses and communities in the Puget Sound Region to come together in a setting that promotes dialogue, for the purpose of gaining understanding that leads to more effective service-learning. This institute will be a collaborative product of several service-learning leaders in the Puget Sound area.

In addition, service-learning as a methodology will be promoted to the members of The Washington Association of Senior Centers. By sharing the benefits of hosting service-learners in senior centers, other senior center staff will see the potential for the positive influence of service-learning within their organizations.

This project will promote effective, power-balanced community-campus partnerships. If the service-learning movement is to expand, and take its rightful place in higher education, the community partners MUST have a voice strong enough to be heard in the classroom. Service-learning is like a bird, with the campus and community the two wings. If the bird is to soar, both wings must be equally strong. Health professional training programs with strong service-learning components will then graduate students who will become leaders in their chosen professions, and who take seriously their civic responsibilities.

Project Products

A Meeting of Minds: A Handbook for Community-Campus Engagement - authored by CCPH Fellow Nola Freeman, this handbook focuses on that form of community-campus partnering called service-learning. It is hoped that this guide will be helpful to community organizations, agencies or schools, and by associations of these groups, who are new to service-learning. It is also hoped that this guide will aid members of the higher education community who are working with community partners, either for the first time, or who have ongoing relationships with the nearby community. This guide is offered primarily for higher education partnerships, but can be useful to the community partners who work with K-12 schools. The definitions and principles of good service-learning apply to all service-learning projects and partnerships.



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