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CCPH Fellows 2002/2003: Anne Hewitt

Anne M. Hewitt, is Assistant Director and Assistant Professor of the Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) Program in the Center for Public Service at Seton Hall University. She received her Ph.D. from Temple University where the American Lung Association awarded a grant to Dr. Hewitt for her doctoral dissertation study. In her faculty role, she is internship and practicum advisor for all healthcare graduate students, teaches two service-learning courses for the healthcare administration track students and is adjunct instructor in the online MHA program.
Dr. Hewitt provides program evaluation and grant review assistance to various public organizations as well as healthcare non-profit organizations. In addition to her health publications, she serves as a reviewer for several public and community health journals and has presented nationally for SOPHE (Society of Public Health Educators), AUPHA (Association of University Programs in Health Administration) and NASPAA (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration). Dr. Hewitt's current research focuses on the areas of community health, developing competency frameworks for Master in Public Administration (MPA) and MHA academic programs, validating public health screening instruments and identifying community health models for healthcare systems.

She is currently a state board member of the American Lung Association of New Jersey and an appointed state member to the New Jersey Interagency Council on Osteoporosis. Dr. Hewitt is also a member of Kappa Omicron Nu and Sigma Beta Delta.

Project Title

Facilitating community-campus partnerships: Integrating technology in the service experience

Project Description

Focusing on integrating technology in the service experience will enhance and strengthen the current service-learning opportunities available for health management and other health profession students who do not complete standardized rotations with community organizations. By incorporating technology to facilitate partner placements, project selection and communication modalities, this project will provide a model for other institutions to consider as they incorporate service-learning experiences into their health management curriculum.

The project involves a four-step plan that would facilitate community and campus (C/C) interactions for Seton Hall University health administration students and their partnership agencies. Step #1 of the project involves developing a database of potential community health partners from a current listing of over 1000 local agencies. Step #2 focuses on surveying these selected HC partner organizations through a newly developed typology that identifies the level and type of interaction opportunity available. Step #3 involves the integration of SHU's online capabilities (email, chat sessions, threaded discussions) into the service-learning experience through the delineation of platform components and protocols. Step #4 further enhances the integration of service-learning through the development of a Faculty/Community Health Partner Resource Guide that provides the basic framework, protocols, and templates with an emphasis on technological integration. This Guidebook will enable other interested faculty to facilitate relationships and fully participate in Community-Campus partnerships.

Specific CCPH Fellow responsibilities will be met through completion of the proposed project, a national conference presentation and paper submission to an appropriate peer reviewed journal. The Guidebook, along with mentoring and training assistance, will be available to academic and health communities who seek assistance in developing, enhancing or sustaining community-campus health partnerships. CCPH initiatives would also be shared through liaisons with AUPHA and NASPAA.

Project Products

Community-Campus Health Partners in Action: A Service-Learning GuideBook for Health Administration Faculty - Community-Campus Health Partners in Action: A Service-Learning GuideBook for Health Administration Faculty- authored by CCPH Fellow Anne M. Hewitt, the purpose of this GuideBook is to provide a faculty-friendly framework for incorporating successful service-learning experiences into a health administration curriculum. The GuideBook contains templates, surveys, guidelines and protocols that will enable health administration faculty and program directors to integrate service-learning into their courses.


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