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June 17, 2005

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Partnership Matters Newsletter


Submission Guidelines


We welcome announcements, comments and questions from you! Please forward them to the PM Editor at


Submission Guidelines:


• Please limit announcements and questions to not more than 100 words. As for articles and editorials, not more than 200 words;


• Provide the names of all authors, their current institutional affiliations and/or photos;


• Explain all abbreviations and unusual terms when first used.




The Linkages Awards, presented annually by the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice, recognize exemplary community-based collaborative activities between public health practice agencies and higher educational institutions. The Council is comprised of leaders from national organizations representing the public health practice and academic communities. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a member of the Council, represented by CCPH board member Diane Downing.  CCPH board member Chris Atchison served as an award proposal reviewer.


The Linkages Award winners below will be recognized during a luncheon at the Joint Conference of the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.


1st Place ($1000) - "Connecticut Youth Health Service Corps," a collaborative project of the Connecticut State Department of Public Health and the Connecticut AHEC Program at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.


2nd Place ($500) - "Developing Future Public Health Leaders Through Innovation," a collaborative project of the DeKalb County Board of Health, Center for Public Health Preparedness and the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.


3rd Place ($250) - "Public Health - Science In Action," a collaborative project of University Hygienic Laboratory (Iowa's state public health laboratory) and the Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center, University of Iowa College of Public Health.


The winning abstracts can be viewed online



In the 1980s, Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, had a choice. It could turn its geographic focus toward Park Avenue, expanding its campus westward toward Worcester's more prosperous neighborhoods, or it could continue to invest its future in the distressed Main South community. Clark chose the latter and joined the neighborhood in a substantial revitalization effort. The resulting University Park Partnership is today a national model of successful university/community collaboration.  Communities & Banking, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, talked with Clark's president, John Bassett, about the project.  Read the interview online


In the same issue, a map shows the location of New England's public and private colleges and universities plotted in relation to the region's low and moderate income areas as part of a study the Boston Fed is doing on the role that these anchor institutions play in community and economic development in the region.


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Sarena Seifer

It is hard to believe that eight months have passed since the International Conference on Overcoming Health Disparities that we co-sponsored with The Network: Towards Unity for Health. As part of our overall commitment to assessment and improvement, we recently followed up with participants to find out their reflections on the conference and what impact the conference may have had.


In short, we were delighted and overwhelmed by the responses we received. The 60 people who responded reported on a number of steps they have taken since participating in the conference. Over two-thirds have followed up with a colleague they met through the conference, and nearly half have obtained more information about a program or resource learned about at the conference. Among the actions taken, respondents reported the following:


  • Pursuing additional training in community-based participatory research.
  • Traveling to visit colleagues met at the conference.
  • Being invited to consult with colleagues met at the conference.
  • Developing a new community-campus partnership.
  • Hosting students from another university met at the conference.
  • Developing a community-oriented medical school curriculum.
  • Writing a book proposal related to campus-community partnerships from the community point of view.

When asked “in what ways did the conference have an impact on you or your work?” and “what is the most important outcome from your participating in the conference?” respondents shared examples and stories that clustered around several themes. The direct quotes below provide illustrative examples of these themes.

Respondents also voiced strong support for another jointly sponsored conference, with 78% recommending that CCPH and The Network collaborate in this way again. The leadership of CCPH and the Network are discussing the idea as well as pursuing other collective next steps from the conference. 

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for how CCPH and The Network can work together to support and strengthen what is clearly a global movement of health-promoting community-campus partnerships. We also invite you to participate in our next conferences as presenters and participants:

  • The Network: Towards Unity for Health 2005 Conference – "Making Primary Health Care Work: Challenges for the Education and Practice of the Health Workforce," scheduled for November 12 - 17, 2005 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (Conference proposals are due August 1, 2005).
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health 2006 Conference - “Walking the Talk: Achieving the Promise of Authentic Partnerships,” scheduled for May 31 – June 3, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN USA. (The call for proposals will be out shortly – stay tuned!)

Finding resources and new models

“I gained a great deal of information from the workshop that focused on service learning programs in health professions schools. I am new in my current position as coordinator of outreach programs in our school. The examples presented helped me to gain a better understanding of how to overcome the challenges of implementing such a program.”

“The conference enabled me to learn about a number of resources relevant to my work (e.g., community-based participatory research, community-service learning, partnerships, etc.) and allowed for networking with colleagues from around the world.”

“The conference and associated activities provided a framework and access to support, to do work we had been fumbling towards for some time. We have received a small grant to develop a partnership.”

“I have utilized information obtained during the conference in my work with a community-based participatory research project that is underway in our local community and in the planning for this effort on a tri-state level.”

“The conference has given me a number of creative and innovative ideas for increasing both the educational and research capacity of my academic institution around health.”

Broadening perspectives

“Meeting people from all over the world that are committed to community-campus partnerships has broadened my perspectives on the international nature of this work."

“Awareness that problems are similar worldwide and will require similar, though culturally relevant, solutions.”

“It broadened my perspective regarding the potential for collaboration between academic researchers and community organization.”

“I was struck by the work of the site visit I attended.  This made a big impression on me and their approach to addressing health issues by finding out the priorities of the community and doing something about those first was constantly reiterated and has influenced my Primary Health Care studies.”

“[The conference] underscores the importance of the community voice, community empowerment and strengthening the role of community partners in partnerships.”

“Really learned a lot about partnerships between education and practice. Opened up a new world of possibilities. One model in particular I hope to replicate.”

“We realized that what we might learn from our work had importance even beyond our geographic area.”

Forging new and renewed professional relationships

“I have started to set up a student exchange program with a colleague I met at the conference who comes from another country. I have visited this colleague and started the process of setting up the exchange.”

“In addition to meeting people from other countries that shared my research interests, I also made important contacts with people from my own area.  Follow-up contacts with these people helped to recruit participants for my current project.”

“The most important outcome for me is the long-term, new relationship I've established with the leaders of a program that I had not known about before the conference.” 

“The conference offered a time and place to meet with my partners and collaborators from many different parts of the world for some very valuable ‘face time’.

“The conference served as a reminder of how important it is to remain connected to people who are working in the area of community health and development.”

 Providing validation and inspiration to one’s work

“[The conference] contributed meaningfully to keeping me enthusiastic about the work I do.  Helped validate the career-direction decisions I've made.  It gave me a great number of ideas on how to expand community based service learning experiences in our area and inspired me to do more.”

“Helps to inspire our health-related work in a local community.” 

“I have more zeal to study and do research to help my community improve health wise and eventually economically.”

“It was a very energizing experience!”

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Seeking Models: Health Institutions as

Economic and Community Anchors


CCPH is currently working to complete two reports as part of our Health Institutions as Economic and Community Anchors project. We are looking for any additional innovative models we can find to include in these reports. Please let us know if you are involved in or aware of interesting examples of health institutions that are serving as community and economic anchors. We are particularly interested in cases where institutions have targeted their own substantial investment, purchasing, and employment to directly improve economic conditions in their local communities. Promising practices in urban, rural, and other settings are sought. We welcome suggestions of key articles, reports, people and programs that should be cited or included in the report. Please send questions, comments, citations or full-text materials by e-mail:, by phone: 206/543-7954, or by mail: UW Box 354809, Seattle, WA 98195-4809.

To view a presentation on the project from the March 2005 joint conference of the Association for Community Health Improvement and Communities Joined in Action, click here.




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Join CCPH at these upcoming events!


Service-Learning Workshop for Faculty, Students and Community Partners of the

University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry


June 22-23, 2005

San Juan, Puerto Rico


CCPH Consultant Margot Stein will facilitate the workshop. Margot is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry and has served as Curriculum Director for the school’s Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Pipeline, Profession and Practice Project for the past three years. This project has developed community partnerships for educating dental students in community-based settings, and for recruiting a more diverse applicant pool into dentistry.  


Contact CCPH to arrange a customized workshop or consultation through the CCPH Consultancy Network


Learn more about service-learning in dental education.





National Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Organization Leadership Conference


June 27-July 1, 2005

Tulsa, Oklahoma


CCPH Executive Director Sarena Seifer will be leading the workshop, "Becoming an Engaged Institution: A Strategic Approach to Community-Campus Partnerships," that will take place on Thursday, June 30, from 8:30 to 11:45 AM.


Learn more about

engaged institutions





National Association of Community Health Centers Annual Convention & Community Health  Institute


September 16-21, 2005

Miami Beach, Florida


Elmer Freeman, CCPH board chair emeritus and executive director of

the Center for Community Health Education Research and Service is leading a workshop on the "nuts and bolts" of how and why community health centers can partner with academic institutions. The workshop center around CCHERS as a "live case example" of CHC-academic partnerships and resources available through CCPH to promote and support these partnerships.


Additional Information










Community Based Collaborative Research Conference


September 19-21, 2005 Portland, Oregon


CCPH is a co-sponsor.


The Call for Proposals

is due July 1.



Save the date!


CCPH 9th Conference

Walking the Talk: Achieving the Promise of Authentic Partnerships


May 31-June 3, 2006 ● Minneapolis, MN USA



Call for Proposals & Registration

will be released early summer 2005!


Additional Information

New Event Listings

For details on these new listings and all previously listed upcoming events, visit CCPH’s CONFERENCE PAGE


June 28, 2005 3:00pm Eastern Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) Technical Assistance Webcast: Using Data from the Four MAPP Assessments to Identify Strategic Issues


July 23-27, 2005 Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) 40th Annual International Conference

Washington, DC


September 23-24, 2005 NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health 2nd Annual Asian American Health ConferenceNew York, NY


September 28-30, 2005 Healthy People 2005:  Progress Toward 2010 Goals ConferenceIrving, TX


October 28-29, 2005 Humanitarianism Throughout the World: The Life, Ideas and Enduring Legacy of Dr. Albert Schweitzer Hamden, CT


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New Public Health Information and Data Tutorial Released

The National Library of Medicine, in collaboration with the University of Michigan Public Health Library & Informatics Division and Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce, announces the release of the Public Health Information and Data Tutorial. This online tutorial, at, is a new tool designed to help the public health workforce effectively locate and use health information. Additional information


AmeriCorps Announces $14 Million in Grants To Support 9,500 Members at 43 Community Organizations

The Corporation for National and Community Service has announced nearly $14 million in new grants to 43 organizations across the country. The grants will support a total of 9,552 AmeriCorps members for the 2005-2006

program year. In addition, if all members complete their terms of service, they collectively will be eligible to receive $19.4 million in AmeriCorps Education Awards to pay for college or to pay back student loans. Additional information


New 'We Can!' Program to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt recently announced the launch of We Can!, Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition, a national education program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help prevent overweight and obesity among youth ages 8-13. We Can! provides resources and community-based programs for parents, caregivers, and youth that focus on behaviors to encourage healthy eating, increase physical activity, and reduce sedentary time. Additional information


Impact of Service-Learning on High School Students’ Civic Engagement

A new study has that found that service-learning students are significantly more likely to say they intend to vote and that they enjoy school. The study, authored by Shelley Billig, Sue Root, and Dan Jesse, suggests that service-learning is effective when it is implemented well, but it is no more effective than conventional social studies classes when the conditions are not optimal. Being implemented well meant that it was of sufficient duration (at least a semester), that it was linked to standards, involved more direct contact with service recipients, and had cognitively challenging reflection activities among other components. The study also showed that service-learning had an effect beyond other active learning techniques. The study compared more than 1,000 high school students who participated in service-learning programs with those who did not participate in schools matched for similar demographics and student achievement profiles. Additional information


New Tobacco Education Website for Medical Educators, Faculty and Students

PACE (Prevention and Cessation Education) for Medical School Students is a National Cancer Institute funded project that integrates tobacco teaching into medical school curricula. Currently, 12 US medical schools are part of this project. The Teach Tobacco website is a user-friendly, professional site that serves as a resource for students, physicians, researchers, and others in the fields of medicine and allied health, who are interested in tobacco teaching. Resources available on the website include new modules on education for medical school preceptors, second-hand smoke information for students in pediatric and family medicine clerkships, and a wide array of materials for students interested in community teaching or advocacy. PACE conference presentations, curricular evaluation, related articles, and many other materials are available.

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Project Leader/Consultant - The Canadian Index of Wellbeing Project (CIW)

A Project Leader/Consultant is sought to refine and implement a targeted Canadian wide public consultation strategy.

The CIW will provide Canadians with a comprehensive and accurate tool to measure quality of life by linking the full range of economic, social, health, and environmental indicators of progress. The CIW will track progress on health, social inclusion and equity, acceptable living standards, meaningful employment and job security, freedom and security, educational attainment and literacy, and healthy natural resources. Information about the position


Assistant Director for Community Development - DePaul University's Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning

The Assistant Director will be responsible for initiating, maintaining, and sustaining community partner relationships and projects for service learning courses and projects. In addition, the Assistant Director will develop community internship and work-study placements, as well as teach two sections of a Community Internship course. This position will involve working with key internal and external partners to foster strategic collaborations that benefit partner organizations, faculty scholarship and teaching, and student learning. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in working with a diverse set of constituencies-especially in urban areas, an understanding of community engagement issues in higher education, university level teaching experience, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and a commitment to working collaboratively with other staff members. Questions, contact Laurie Worrall


Director, Center for Health Services and Community Research - Children's National Medical Center

The Children's Research Institute Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC is recruiting for the Richard L. Hudson Chair and Director, Center for Health Services and Community Research. The Director is responsible for leadership activities both within the Center and across the CRI more broadly. Within the Center, the Director oversees development, implementation, and monitoring of activities related to the Center. This includes articulating a vision for the Center's activities and growth, recruiting and mentoring junior faculty, and collaborating with other investigators and clinicians to facilitate research growth. Questions, contact Denice Cora-Bramble


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New Grants Alert announced in this newsletter are noted with an asterisk (*)


Community-Based Abstinence Education Program – Deadline: June 20 - Funding Opportunity Number: HHS-2005-ACF-ACYF-AE-0099

The Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) is accepting applications to

provide support to public and private entities for the development and implementation of the Community-Based Abstinence Education Program for adolescents, ages 12 through 18, in communities across the country. Full Announcement


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Funding Announcement – Deadline: June 22 - AHRQ has announced ongoing extramural grants for research, demonstration, dissemination, and evaluation projects.  For more information, please click here. AHRQ has a database at through which you may access abstracts for active AHRQ grants in your state.


Health Promotion and Diabetes Prevention Projects for American Indian/Alaska Native Communities: Adaptations of Practical Community Environmental Indicators – Deadline: June 23 (LOI) - Funding Opportunity Number: CDC-RFA-AA029 - The purpose of the program is to strengthen local capacity of American Indian/Alaska Native communities in implementing limited practical community environmental interventions for health promotion and diabetes prevention. Full Announcement.


* Captain Planet Foundation – Deadline: June 30, Sept 30, and Dec 31 - The Captain Planet Foundation funds hands-on environmental projects to encourage youth around the world to work individually and collectively to solve environmental problems in their neighborhoods and communities. Additional information


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Initiative Funding Partners Program - Deadline: June 30 - Local Initiative Funding Partners is a partnership program between RWJF and local grantmakers that supports innovative, community-based projects to improve the health and health care for society's most vulnerable people. Complete information


* Center for Disease Control and Prevention Grant: Epidemiologic HIV/AIDS Research Among African American and Hispanic Women at Risk for HIV Infection in the Southern United States and Puerto Rico – Deadline: July 1 (LOI)/July 18 (Full Proposal) - The purposes of this project are to support research on the epidemiologic, socio-cultural, structural, psychological, and behavioral factors that promote HIV infection in African American and Hispanic women; and to increase understanding of the factors related to the prevalence of HIV infection, and incidence of recent infection, in these populations. This announcement addresses the "Healthy People 2010" focus areas of HIV and the goals of CDC's HIV prevention strategic plan through 2005. Additional information


Grants to Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Migrant Programs for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Programs – Deadline: July 5 – The funds must support more effective and comprehensive child abuse prevention activities and family support services, including an emphasis on strengthening marriages and reaching out to include fathers, that will enhance the lives and ensure the safety and well-being of migrant and Native American children and their families. Additional information


Call for Applications – ETA to Award Grants to Help Colleges Train Workers for High-Growth Jobs – Deadline: July 6The federal Employment and Training Administration will be awarding $125 million in grants to community colleges who partner with employers and others to train more people for high-growth fields, such as health care. The Community-Based Job Training Grants will be used to build the capacity of community colleges to train workers to develop the skills needed to succeed in high-growth occupations and fields where demand for qualified workers is outstripping supply. The funds will support both capacity building and training activities. Details


* American Dental Association Foundation (ADAF) Issues Request for Proposals – Deadline: July 8 – ADAF’s RFP is to help to improve children's oral health under its Samuel Harris Fund for Children's Dental Health. The ADAF, charitable arm of the American Dental Association, established the Harris Fund as a permanent endowment dedicated to the prevention of childhood tooth decay. It awards competitive grants whose oral health promotion programs seek to improve and maintain children's oral health through community education programs. Additional information


Projects that Improve Child Well-Being by Fostering Healthy Marriages within Native Communities Grant – Deadline: July 8 - The primary objectives of these projects are pre-marital education, marriage education and relationship skills for youth, adults, and couples. Project components may include but are not limited to: healthy relationship skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, foster parenting, marital counseling, abstinence education, and fatherhood accountability. Additional information


Call for Applications from ENACCT – Deadline: July 11 - The Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials (ENACCT) announces the launch of its Pilot Education Program (PEP), a new funding opportunity for cancer clinical trials education efforts. With funding from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, ENACCT will award a total of $450,000 to 3 community based Partnerships to develop unique approaches to foster awareness about cancer treatment clinical trials; enhance their acceptability; and improve access to them. The Partnerships will receive ongoing technical assistance, evaluation and training services provided by ENACCT staff. The preliminary application, as well as promotional material about the grant program can be found at


* Technical Assistance and Capacity Development Demonstration Grant Program for HIV/AIDS-Related Services in Minority Communities – Deadline: July 13 - The Grant Program seeks to develop and improve effective and durable service delivery capacity for HIV prevention and treatment among organizations closely interfaced with targeted minority populations impacted by HIV/AIDS. Federal Register Notice


* Service-Learning and Home Safety Initiative – Deadline: July 22 - Grants from State Farm Insurance & State Farm Companies Foundation reward programs that engage students in service learning -- school and/or community service activities that apply academic curricula and education standards -- to raise public awareness about building codes and home disaster preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery.  Additional information


* Demonstration Projects That Improve Child Well-Being by Fostering Healthy Marriages within Underserved Communities – Deadline: August 8 - Funding Opportunity Number: HHS-2005-ACF-ACYF-CA-0089 - This US Department of Health and Human Services funding announcement seeks proposals that improve child well-being by removing barriers to and strengthening family formation and healthy marriage in underserved communities. Additional information


* Arts in Healthcare Funds - Deadline: August 22 - 2005 Johnson & Johnson (J&J)/Society for the Arts in Healthcare Partnership to Promote Arts and Healing Grant. This grant program seeks to promote the use of the arts to enhance the healthcare experience for patients, their families, and caregivers. Proposals are being sought from healthcare organizations and/or arts agencies working in partnership to produce innovative projects to serve patients, their families, and caregivers in healthcare settings and to promote healing and preventative health.  Additional Information


Call for Proposals: Substance Abuse Policy Research Program – Round X – Deadline: August 23 - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s program is designed to encourage experts in public health, law, political science, medicine, sociology, criminal justice, economics, psychology and other behavioral and policy sciences to address issues related to substance abuse. Additional information


Women Helping Others (WHO) Foundation Grants – Deadline: Sept 13 – WHO supports grass-roots charities serving the overlooked needs of women and children. Specific projects and programs addressing health, education and social service needs are the priority of the WHO Foundation. The Foundation recognizes the value of new programs created to respond to changing needs and will consider funding projects of an original or pioneering nature within an existing organization. Additional information


The Charles Frueauff Foundation 2005 Grants - Deadline: Sept 15

The Charles Frueauff Foundation focuses on at-risk youths in all its funding categories: education, health, and social services. Tutoring, sexual-health and job-training initiatives receive preference.


International Research Collaboration Behavioral, Social Sciences – Deadline: Sept 21 - Funder's Fund ID:  PAR-05-073 - An important role of the Fogarty International Research Collaboration (FIC)is to foster discovery and reduce global health disparities through the support of international cooperation across the continuum of basic, clinical and applied biomedical, and health sciences. Additional information


* Toshiba America Foundation Grants – Deadline: Oct 1 - The grants seek to support projects designed by classroom teachers to improve K-12 science and mathematics education. Additional information


Collaborative Multisite Research in Addiction (COMRAD) – Deadline: Oct 1 - The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) seeks to increase the collaboration of investigators at two or more sites in order to address critical issues in the epidemiology, services, and prevention of substance abuse and related disorders that require sample sizes greater than a single site can reasonably attain. Complete Announcement


National Library of Medicine (NLM) Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health - Deadlines: Nov 1 - The NLM Grants are awarded for the preparation of book-length manuscripts and other scholarly works of value to US health professionals, public health officials, biomedical researchers, and historians of the health sciences. For more information, click here.


Cancer Education (R25E) Grants Program – Deadline: Multiple - Funding Opportunity Number: PAR-05-065 - Educational and research dissemination activities are essential components of the National Cancer Institute's efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality due to cancer. The PHS 398 application instructions are available in an interactive format. For further assistance contact GrantsInfo, Telephone (301) 435-0714.  Link to Full Announcement


Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health – Deadline: Multiple - Funding Opportunity Number: PA-05-029 - The ultimate goal of this National Institutes of Health program announcement is to encourage the development of health research that integrates knowledge from the biomedical and social sciences. The PHS 398 application instructions are available online in an interactive format. For further assistance contact Link to Full Announcement.


* Allen Foundation Grants for Nutrition Education– Deadline: Open – The Foundation supports educational nutrition programs, with priority given to training programs for children and young adults to improve their health and development. Maximum Award: Past grants have ranged from $2,000 to $1 million. Eligibility: Schools and school districts should partner with local nonprofits to form nutrition education programs. Additional information


The National Institutes of Health (NIH): Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research – Deadline: Open - Principal investigators holding specific types of NIH research grants (listed in the full announcement) are eligible for available funds for administrative supplements to improve the diversity of the research workforce by supporting and recruiting students, postdoctorates, and eligible investigators from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented. For details, click here. 


Common Counsel's Grantee Exchange Fund (GXF) – Deadline: Open - GXF provides discretionary small grants to build bridges between grassroots organizations throughout the United States to encourage social change organizations to seek technical assistance from one another, and to help build regional and national networks among organizations. Complete information.


Community Participation in Research – Deadlines: May 17, 2006, 2007 - A number of federal agencies, including NIH, CDC and AHRQ have collaborated in the release of program announcement PAR-05-026 on Community Participation in Research. The goal of this PAR is to support research on health promotion, disease prevention, and health disparities that is jointly conducted by communities and researchers. Click here for details.   To view the edited notes and audiofile from a technical assistance conference call for prospective applicants held on January 28, 2005, click here.


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New Calls for Submissions announced in this newsletter are noted with an asterisk (*)


Proposal Reviewers Sought for New Grant Program – Deadline: June 17 - The Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials (ENACCT) is now seeking individuals with experience and expertise in community outreach, community partnerships, community-based participatory research and clinical trial education to voluntarily serve as proposal reviewers. The selected reviewers will have a unique opportunity to apply their experience and expertise, enjoy an intellectual challenge and strengthen their proposal development skills while assisting an important new initiative to invest public resources wisely. CCPH is a partner in the program. For more information about being a proposal reviewer, including key dates related to the review process and expectations of reviewers, please email


Request for Proposals: 2005 AIDS Community Information Outreach – Deadline: June 17 - The National Library of Medicine (NLM) announced the solicitation of proposals from community-based organizations and libraries to design and conduct projects that will improve access to HIV/AIDS related health information for patients, the affected community, and their caregivers. Additional information


* KnowledgeWorks Foundation National Search for Excellence – Deadline: June 24 - KnowledgeWorks seeks schools that reflect the emerging trend of designing schools that serve as centers of community -- schools that welcome community use and benefit from community resources that support student and community success. Additional Information


Call for Papers for Encyclopedia on Racial and Ethnic Social Justice – Deadline: June 30 - Proposed entries requested for a two-volume encyclopedia on racial and ethnic social justice in the United States. Contact A. Aguirre Jr.


* Presidential Freedom Scholarships – Deadline: July 1 - The Presidential Freedom Scholarships are designed to promote student service and civic engagement and honor outstanding service to the community. Additional information


National Governors Association (NGA) Request for Applications: Improving Outcomes for Young Adults with Disabilities Policy Academy – Deadline: July 1 - The NGA Center for Best Practices invites states to apply for its upcoming policy academy on improving outcomes for young adults with disabilities, aged 14 to 30.  This academy will provide teams of leaders from six states a special opportunity to identify weaknesses in their state's current policies and practices and to develop and begin implementing realistic strategies for improvement.  Contact: Lindsey Woolsey.


Call for Proposals for Community Based Collaborative Research Conference – Deadline: July 1 – The conference will take place September 19-21, 2005 in Portland, OR and is sponsored by the Northwest Health Foundation, co-sponsors include Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. Call for Proposals


Call for Abstracts for 4th International Conference on Urban Health – Deadline: July 29 – The conference will take place October 26-28, 2005 in Toronto, ON, Canada. This year’s conference theme is Achieving Social Justice in Urban Communities. Information on submitting an abstract.


Has Your Research Made a Difference? AcademyHealth Requests Nominations for HSR Impact Award - Deadline: July 29 – The Award recognizes outstanding research that has been successfully translated into

health policy, management, or clinical practice and, as a result, had a positive impact on health and health care. Additional information


* Call for Nominations- SOPHE Open Society Award - Deadline: July 31, 2005 - The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) will inaugurate the Open Society Award at their 56th Annual Meeting on November 5th in New Orleans, LA. This new award seeks to recognize an individual or group who embodies and promotes an Open Society, through research, practice, and/or teaching.  Award recipients will receive a $250 cash prize and one year SOPHE membership (for non-member recipients). Additional information


2005-2006 CDC/SOPHE Fellowships in Injury and Violence Prevention - Deadline: July 31 - One year fellowships. Fellows will work at their own institutions on research or practice-based projects that consider unintentional injury prevention or violence prevention from the perspectives of health education or behavioral science.  Additional information


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2005 Physician Faculty Scholars Program – Deadline: August 1 - To strengthen the leadership and academic productivity of junior medical school faculty who are dedicated to improving health and health care. Funding: Up to $300,000 over three years. For more information, click here.


Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals Public Health Awards – Deadline: August 1 - Research, lecturing, and lecturing-research awards are being offered in public health for academic year 2006-2007.  Specific "Public Health" awards are available in Canada, China, Hungary, India, and Ukraine. Public health is also among the requested specializations for awards in the social sciences or sciences, public administration, and mountain studies in other countries, and in the multi-country regional research programs in Africa and the Middle East/South Asia. Visit the CIES for more information. Request an application.


The Clarence H. Moore Award for Voluntary Service – Deadline: August 15 - To recognize the benefits that the voluntary/non-governmental sector contributes to the public health mission and to improving the lives of the peoples of the Americas, the Pan American Health and Education Foundation established the Clarence H. Moore Award. This award calls attention to the achievements of NGOs operating in Latin America and the Caribbean in public health, and celebrates these achievements. Additional information


Community Colleges Invited to Apply for MetLife Foundation Community College Excellence Award - Deadline: August 31 - The Award celebrates and highlights the accomplishments of colleges that are helping less-advantaged youth and adults succeed and advance in college and careers. The award recognizes community colleges whose policies and practices provide pathways to opportunity for large numbers of individuals. Visit the Jobs for the Future for details.


* Call for Applications-Ethics of Prevention and Public Health Fellowship - Deadline: Sept 1 - In July 2002, the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program established specialty training in the ethics of prevention and public health. The CPFP has for years provided a multidisciplinary training environment for postdoctoral biomedical and social scientists, clinicians, and public health professionals. Training in the ethics of prevention and public health represents a new initiative within this well-established and highly regarded program. In addition to its unique features, the structure of this training is identical to that of the parent program, including eligibility, stipends, benefits, application procedures, and evaluations. Additional Information


Call for Nominations for the Fifth Annual Delta Omega Award for Innovative Public Health Curriculum – Deadline: Sept 2 – As part of its efforts to promote excellence in public health education, research and practice, Delta Omega created this award to highlight public health courses that are integrative, practice-oriented, and multi-disciplinary. Additional information


Award Available for Best Medical Student Paper in Preventive Medicine – Deadline: Sept 20 - The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is offering an award for the best paper on preventive medicine written by a medical student. The winning paper will be published in the American Journal of preventive Medicine. The author will receive a $1000 prize and will be honored at the ACPM's annual meeting. All prevention-related topics will be considered. Additional information, contact: Erica Frank.


Journal of Interprofessional Care (JIC) Call for Papers - A Competition for Students – Deadline: Sept 30 - JIC invites teams of student authors from pre and post-licensure programs in any country to submit manuscripts to be considered for publication in a special supplement. CCPH's executive director Sarena D. Seifer serves on the Journal's North American editorial board. Journal's Notes for Contributors Questions?


* Making a Difference Award – Deadline: Oct 15 - This Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association  Award recognizes excellence in a science program developed and implemented by middle level science teachers, grades 6-8. Entries must show innovative and effective teaching strategies combined with a science program that has influenced students to explore and investigate science and its application to global problems. Additional information


Call for Papers: The International Journal of Public Sector Management Special Issue on Knowledge Management and Mobilization: Emergence, Experiments, Incentives, Infrastructure and Strategies - Deadline: Oct 31 - Issues of importance, addressed at an international, national, regional or provincial, or local level. Guest editor: CCPH Member Peter Levesque, Knowledge Exchange Specialist, Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada. Details


Call for Papers: Action Research Special Issue: Insider Action Research - Deadline: Nov 1 - Seeking contributions from people who have undertaken action research in their own organizational systems (organization, association, community, family). Seeking contributions from across organizational sectors including business, education, healthcare, nursing, social work, voluntary, aid and development, arts, public service, community development, and from any position on a hierarchical ladder. Details


* Call for Papers: Academic Exchange Extra, a Monthly Peer-Reviewed On-Line Forum - Deadline: Ongoing Submissions are invited from undergraduates, graduates, and educators. AEE presents ideas, research methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level, subject or context. They also seek cogent essays, poetry and fiction. Contact Elizabeth Haller with questions. Details


Call for Papers for the National Civic Review - Deadline: Ongoing – The journal publishes essays and reports written by civic activists, community practitioners, theorists, and scholars in the fields of public administration, community building, political reform, government, and social problem solving. Additional information  


Call for Papers for COMM-ORG – Deadline: Ongoing - COMM-ORG is the On-Line Conference on Community Organizing and Development. Are you writing a paper, thesis, or dissertation on: community organizing, community development, community planning, community-based research, and/or a related area? COMM-ORG is looking for papers to post on the COMM-ORG Papers page.  To submit a paper, contact the editor, Randy Stoecker. You can also find out more by clicking here.



CCPH Members receive discounts on publications by Jossey-Bass as well as all CCPH publications


Community Research on Environmental Health: Studies in Science, Advocacy and Ethics edited by CCPH Member Doug Brugge with Pat Hynes, has recently been released from Ashgate Publishing


In this book, Doug Brugge and H. Patricia Hynes relate experience of multiple community collaborations across the United States and highlight the lessons to be learned for those involved in or embarking on community-collaborative research. The volume brings together a variety of cases, examining the nature and form that the collaboration took, the scientific findings from the work and the ethical issues that needed to be addressed. Actual cases covered include lead contaminated soil, asthma and housing conditions, the impact of development on environmental health, the impact of radiation hazards, urban gardening, hog farming and diesel exhaust.


The concluding section analyses the experiences of those involved and puts their findings into broader context. Community Research in Environmental Health: Lessons in Science, Advocacy and Ethics provides a valuable guide for all those interested and involved in community research.


Additional information


The March/April 2005 issue of Health Affairs is focused on the theme

of Racial & Ethnic Disparities


Articles include:

·   Racial And Ethnic Health Disparities And The Unfinished Civil Rights Agenda

·   PERSPECTIVE: Policy Challenges In Addressing Racial Disparities And Improving Population Health

·   PERSPECTIVE: Communities And Health Policy: A Pathway For Change

·   Health Disparities By Race And Class: Why Both Matter

·   Pay Now Or Pay Later: Providing Interpreter Services In Health Care

·   Perspectives From Congress Overcoming Disparities In U.S. Health Care

·   The Role Of The Federal Government In Eliminating Health Disparities

·   TRENDS: Health Center Trends, 1994–2001: What Do They Portend For The Federal Growth Initiative?

·   FROM THE FIELD: Making Health Equality A Reality: The Bronx Takes Action

·   FROM THE FIELD: Cultural Competence And Health Care Disparities: Key Perspectives And Trends

New Book: Service-Learning Code of Ethics by Andrea Chapdelaine, Ana Ruiz, Judith Warchal, & Carole Wells. Foreword by Edward Zlotkowski.


By providing a basic road map for addressing the critical ethical issues in service-learning, this book will prepare students, faculty, and administrators for the sometimes difficult ethical dilemmas that arise during the service-learning process.






New Directions in Civic Engagement

New Directions in Civic Management: University Avenue Meets Main Street is a collection of essays by 20 experts in the fields of higher education and community development who describe how universities can play a greater role in civic affairs. The authors write that the civic role of universities has been reduced by too great an emphasis on acquiring specialized knowledge, a preoccupation with the bottom line among college presidents and other administrators, and a tenure system that does not reward community participation. They argue that if universities are to become re-engaged in solving public problems, faculty members and administrators must foster dialogue on social issues, engage in improving communities near their campuses, and provide students with opportunities to develop skills for civic participation. The authors all share the belief that the key mission of universities is to promote virtue, as well as knowledge. Publisher: Pew Partnership for Civic Change. Additional information  


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