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October 21, 2005

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New Members Include CCPH member Katherine A. Flores


The Health Resources and Services Administration's Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry met Sept. 27-28 to finish work on its fifth report on outcomes measures and begin discussions of its sixth report, which will focus on caring for vulnerable populations. The committee advises and makes recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on policies related to the family medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry and physician assistant programs authorized under Title VII of the Public Health Service Act.


Committee members elected Joseph A. Leming, M.D., a family physician from Colonial Heights, Virginia, to be the new chair. Additionally, seven other new members were announced:


§  Diego Chaves-Gnecco, M.D., M.P.H., pediatric resident, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.;

§  William Alton Curry, M.D., F.A.C.P., associate dean for primary care and rural health and professor of medicine, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Ala.;

§  CCPH member Katherine A. Flores, M.D., family practice physician, Latino Center for Medical Educational Research and California Area Health Education Center, Fresno, Calif.;

§  Perri Morgan, P.A.-C., M.S., academic coordinator, University of Wisconsin Physician Assistant Program, Madison, Wis.;

§  Lauren L. Patton, D.D.S., associate professor, University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, N.C.;

§  Surendra K. Varma, M.D., professor and vice chair of pediatrics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas; and

§  Karen Ann Krupala Gunter, physician assistant student, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.


For more information, visit





Concerned about their financial and health security, a substantial majority of older Americans would favor setting aside a portion of their earnings in a special supplemental account to save for future medical expenses not covered by Medicare, a new survey from the New York City-based Commonwealth Fund (  finds.


According to the report, Will You Still Need Me? The Health and Financial Security of Older Americans, 69 percent of a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults between the ages of 50 and 70 support dedicating 1 percent of their earnings to a new Medicare health account to help pay for long-term-care services or other uncovered healthcare expenses. The idea of saving for such an account drew broad-based support among older Americans regardless of income, political affiliation, region of the country, or health status.


"It's clear that older Americans are uniformly concerned about their future," said Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis. "They are anxious for policy solutions that would improve their ability to protect against the high cost of medical care and make it easier to increase their retirement savings."


To download the complete re port (59 pages, PDF), visit:


"Baby Boomers Concerned About Their Financial and Health Security, Says Survey." Commonwealth Fund Press Release 6/28/05.





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Sarena Seifer


Having served recently on several peer review panels for community-based participatory research (CBPR) grants, I thought I would share some reflections and recommendations on developing strong CBPR proposals.  Many of my comments may apply to any community-academic partnership proposal, and some to grant proposals more generally.  I hope they are helpful to those of you who are seeking funding to support your work.


I’ll start with what drives reviewers crazy.  Imagine you need to review and score literally dozens of CBPR proposals with narratives of 20+ pages each, plus appendices,

and you have barely a month to do it.  As you read each proposal, what sorts of things can drive you crazy? 

  1. When applicants don’t follow the instructions.
  2. When there are inconsistencies between what’s described in the proposal narrative and what’s included in the budget.
  3. When acronyms or jargon are used and not explained.
  4. When numbers in the budget don’t add up.
  5. When there are multiple spelling mistakes.
  6. When tiny type is used and there is hardly any white space.
  7. When it is not clear who was involved in developing the proposal and how it was developed.
  8. When a community is described only in terms of its needs and not also its strengths and assets.
  9. When no sound rationale is provided for the composition of the partnership.
  10. When the data sources cited are old.
  11. When the argument for the study’s significance and relevance in a particular community are based on national data.
  12. When there is no clear link between community-identified priorities and the proposed focus, approach and activities.
  13. When the study design is so specific and detailed that there is no room for a participatory process.
  14. When no attention is paid to barriers to community participation.  For example: childcare, transportation and interpretation services.
  15. When attention is paid to the research methods but not the methods of building/sustaining community partnerships and community participation
  16. When a community board is to be established, but no detail is provided about board member recruitment, composition, role, staff support, etc.
  17. When there is no evidence of community capacity building.  For example: creating jobs, developing leaders, sustaining programs.
  18. When letters of support don’t actually say anything.  For example: they all simply repeat the same language, they are not consistent with commitments described in the proposal narrative and/or budget.
  19. When it is not easy to discern how funding is being divided among partners.  For example: what % is going to the community vs. the university.
  20. When most or all of the funding is retained by the applicant organization.


In addition to attending to the items above, what are some ideas for how you might strengthen your proposal?


Be creative!  For example, use stories, quotes and photos to help make your case.


Ask trusted colleagues not involved in the proposal to review drafts and be brutally honest.


Debrief on any and all comments received by reviewers (the reviewers mentioned above, and also external reviewers if the proposal is not funded).


Volunteer to be a proposal reviewer – reviewing proposals will make you a better grant writer. 


Review the reviewer and applicant guidelines/checklists in the appendix of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Evidence Report on CBPR


Understand the review criteria and peer review process followed by the funding agency you are applying to.   For example, for the National Institutes of Health:


Let me close with some suggestions for how to stay on top of CBPR funding opportunities:


Join the CBPR listserv co-sponsored by CCPH and Wellesley Central Health Corporation:


Scan the funding directory prepared for the 2004 Community-Based Collaborative Research Conference sponsored by the Northwest Health Foundation:


Review the new funding opportunities each issue of CCPH’s Partnership Matters newsletter


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Audiofile of the Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit Webconference Now Online!


The Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit is an online resource for faculty working to make a difference in communities. A webconference on the Toolkit took place on October 13, 2005.


If you missed the Webconference, the audio file and PowerPoint slides are available at



CCPH 9th Conference



To visit the online Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit, go to


Registration Open!


Click here for more information




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Congratulations to CCPH member Robb Travers who on October 28 successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, "Doing Moral Work: A Critical Analysis of Living with HIV."  His PhD is from the Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.  On October 1, Robb began a new position as Scientist and Director of Community Based Research with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. To learn more, email Robb at




CCPH board member Cee Boyd is being presented with the 2005 Illinois Nurse Leader Award at the 8th Annual Power of Nursing Leadership Celebration on Friday, October 28, 2005 at Navy Pier. The theme for the 2005 celebration is "Excellence Through Diversity" and promises to be a stimulating event with featured Keynote Speaker, Yolanda King (daughter of Martin L. King, Jr.).  Details on the program are at


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For details on these new listings and all previously listed upcoming events, visit



Join CCPH at these upcoming events!





4      October 21, 2005 ● Urban Health Grand Rounds, Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York City


CCPH executive director Sarena Seifer is giving an invited presentation on “Community-Based Participatory Research: Scientific Rigor + Community Participation = Better Research + Better Health.”  The event is free and open to the public.  For more information, contact Ann-Gel Palermo, 212-241-8886 or


4      October 21, 2005 ● Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein School of Medicine

New York City


CCPH executive director Sarena Seifer is giving an invited presentation on community-based participatory research.  For more information, contact CCPH board member Daniel Korin, 718-796-9546 or







4      November 2, 2005 ● Vanderbilt University ● Nashville, TN


CCPH executive director Sarena Seifer is giving two presentations: “Community-Engaged Teaching: What, So What and Now What?” and “Community-Based Participatory Research: Scientific Rigor + Community Participation = Better Research + Better Health.”  For more information, please contact Darcy Freedman at


4      November 12-17, 2005 The Network: Towards Unity For Health’s 2005 International ConferenceHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam


CCPH members are invited to attend this year’s conference on Making Primary Health Care Work: Challenges for the Education and Practice of the Health Workforce. CCPH administrative director Annika Robbins will be attending and exhibiting. Are you planning to attend the conference? If so, please email Annika at


4     November 13, 2005 Fifth Annual International Advances in Service-Learning Research ConferenceEast Lansing, MI


CCPH senior consultant Sherril Gelmon will be presenting a session entitled "Institutional Change to Support Community-Engaged Scholarship: Testing New Methods" on Sunday, November 13, from 1:45 - 3:15 PM. This presentation will focus on the assessment methods used by the Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health Collaborative and how they can be used by other institutions. 


 For more information on the Collaborative visit


For more information and to register, visit






4      December 10-14, 2005 CBPR Continuing Education Institute at APHA 133rd Annual Meeting  Philadelphia, PA


The ASPH/CDC Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research Group, for which CCPH is the coordinating agency, is offering a Continuing Education Institute (CEI) on community-based participatory research (CBPR) This CEI is the first part of a two-part CEI on CBPR.  Institute participants need not register for the whole conference.  For more information, click here. The CCPH Member Guide to the APHA Conference is your "cheat sheet" of sessions on community-campus partnerships, community-based participatory research, service-learning and related topics!  CCPH will also be exhibiting with the Community Health Scholars Program.  Stop by and visit us at booth #1717 (please note this is a NEW booth number).  


For more information and to register, visit



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Ř       Meet the Conference Cosponsors and Exhibitors! Click here for details!






Featured Keynote Speaker:

Angela Glover Blackwell


Ms. Blackwell is founder & chief executive officer of PolicyLink, a national nonprofit organization that is advancing a new generation of policies to achieve economic & social equity from the wisdom, voice, and experience of local constituencies.


Register Today!

Click here for details!


Join 500 colleagues who – like you – are passionate about the power of partnerships as a strategy for social justice. The program features pre-conference institutes, skill-building workshops, story sessions, community site visits, posters, exhibits and much more!


Exhibitor and Co-Sponsor Opportunities

Are Still Available!


For more information, visit




Please contact Annika Robbins, CCPH administrative director, at

or (206) 616-3472 with any questions.



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New Event Listings

For details on these new listings and all previously listed upcoming events, visit CCPH’s CONFERENCE PAGE


October 28, 2005 · Boston Medical Center Family Advocacy Program: Medical-Legal Collaboration 101 · Boston, Massachusetts


February 17-19, 2006 · 4th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference: Health, Economics, and Human Rights – The Value of Human Life · Portland, Oregon


March 11-12, 2006 · American Medical Association Women Physicians Summit · Washington, DC


April 26-29, 2006 · The Society for the Arts in Healthcare Annual Conference · Chicago, Illinois


April 28, 2006 · Boston Medical Center Family Advocacy Program: Medical-Legal Collaboration-A National Summit · San Francisco, California


June 7-9, 2007 · 2nd International Community-Based Research Conference Beyond the Crossroads: Transformations in Community-Based Research · Connecticut, USA


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Balancing Margin and Mission: Hospitals Alter Billing and Collection Practices for Uninsured Patients - In the wake of class-action lawsuits against several hospitals alleging overcharging of the uninsured, many hospitals have changed their billing and collection practices, according to a new Center for Studying Health System Change study, which was based on site visits to 12 communities. According to the study, it is common for hospitals in the 12 communities to provide charity care for uninsured patients with annual incomes under 200% of the poverty level and to offer discounts for those with higher incomes


Prison and Health Care - You can view the forum on prison health issues or read the transcript on the site. "In Need of Correction: The Prison Cycle of Health Care," was presented by the American Public Health Association and the Community Voices Initiative in Washington, D.C. and highlighted research that appeared in the October issue of The American Journal of Public Health. or


Factline: Tracking Health in Underserved Communities - Taking its structure from the federal government's Healthy People 2010, Factline is designed for journalists, students, community workers and policy makers to present solid facts from scholarly research on health disparities in a brief and understandable format. Each fact presented comes supplied with the reference from the literature where it is established; each page on the site is enhanced with Google and PubMed search mechanisms to allow the interested reader to go further on the subject in either the popular or the scholarly literature. Factline is a project of the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and Meharry Medical College.


LATAN Hurricane Katrina Equipment Distribution Program for People with Disabilities and Older People - People with disabilities and older people in Louisiana were forced to leave wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, canes, communication devices, and other types of medical equipment and assistive technology when they evacuated from the path of Hurricane Katrina. Others find themselves in need of such devices due to illness and injury resulting from the storm. The Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN), in partnership with New Horizons Independent Living Center, Southwest Louisiana Independence Center, Come and Help, United Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana, and other organizations in the state, are operating an Equipment Distribution Program to receive donated equipment and distribute it to the individuals who need the devices. They would appreciate any assistive technology devices you can send. At this point they have requests for wheelchairs, including oversized ones for people who weigh 300-600 pounds. They also have requests for walkers, canes, hospital beds, potty chairs, shower chairs, lifts. To donate funds for this operation online, go to or call LATAN at 225.925.9500.


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Community Collaborator - The Center for Community Service-Learning at California State University-Northridge - The Center is recruiting a Community Collaborator to join a dynamic, nationally recognized program.  The position identifies and builds partnerships with schools, non-profit, and public organizations and creates projects in which service-learning students will help address community needs.  Position requires graduation from a four-year college in job-related field and two years experience in a community, non-profit or public service oriented position-coordinating programs. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.  Master's degree in job related field highly desirable. To view a full description of the position, visit: and follow application instructions.


Scientific Lead - Program Initiatives California Breast Cancer Research Program University of California, Office of the President Oakland, California - The Program promotes, funds, manages, and widely disseminates research on breast cancer. They are seeking a scientific leader to create a coordinated, directive and collaborative project focused on the role of the environment on breast cancer and disparities in breast cancer.  Applying his/her knowledge of state-of-the-art science in numerous areas, the Scientific Lead of Program Initiatives will provide leadership, management and coordination of these long-term Program Initiatives. For more information, contact Janna Cordeiro:


Assistant Professor (Internship/Practicum Director) - Brooklyn College/City University of New York – Closing Date: Nov 1 - The Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences seeks an Assistant Professor with a background in public health practice and strong research experience to develop internship, research and service programs in public health for MPH graduate students and undergraduates.  The successful candidate will be expected to teach courses and develop curriculum in field of training and in qualitative and quantitative methods, conduct and involve students in research, disseminate research findings through professional publications and presentations, counsel students about academic programs and career opportunities, and serve the department, college, university, and professional communities through participation in committee and other assignments. Ph.D. and strong relevant research, and publications required.  A successful record in seeking external funding is preferred. See application information below.


Assistant Professor (Epidemiologist) - Brooklyn College/City University of New York - Closing Date: Nov 1 - The Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences seeks an Epidemiologist with strong methodological and quantitative skills to teach courses in field of training, research methodology and in statistics in the Department's MPH program and on the undergraduate level.  The successful candidate will be expected to conduct and involve students in research, disseminate research findings through professional publications and presentations, counsel students, and serve the department, college, university, and professional communities through participation in committee and other assignments. Ph.D. and strong relevant research, and publications required.  An Expertise in Maternal and Child Health preferred as well as a successful record in seeking external funding. 


For both job opportunities at Brooklyn College/CUNY, please send curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and writing sample or research plan(s) to: Michael T. Hewitt, Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Services, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11210-2889


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New Grants Alert announced in this newsletter are noted with an asterisk (*)


* Strategic Media Grants – Deadline: Oct 28 - The Threshold Foundation funds innovative non-profit organizations working to further the causes of social justice, environmental preservation, humane economic systems and the peaceful coexistence of individuals, communities and cultures.


Building Community Amidst Diversity Small Grant Program – Deadline: Oct 31 - The Association for the Study and Development of Community ( is announcing a small grants and capacity building program, funded by the C.S Mott Foundation, to help understand and promote the value of diversity in neighborhoods or other communities. A copy of the RFP and application can be downloaded from


Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program Offers Support for Research and Education in Hemophilia - Deadline: Oct 31 (Letters of Intent) - Through grants provided to early career investigators, fellows in training, and other hemophilia care professionals, the program seeks to support the next steps for the next generation of care and treatment options for people with hemophilia worldwide. Additional information


* Tiger Woods Foundation Grants – Deadline: Nov 1 - The Foundation grants focus on providing opportunities to children who are underserved, focusing on programs and projects that enhance the learning process for children and transitional programs for young adults to become productive adults.   


* Toolbox for Education Program – Deadline: Nov 1 - Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Toolbox for Education program will award grants to parent-teacher organizations and parent-teacher associations for improvement projects at up to one thousand schools across the United States.


American Dental Association Foundation Seeks Proposals of Innovative Ideas to Foster a Stronger Dental Education System – Deadline: Nov 1 – Seeking innovative ideas to help strengthen America's dental education system. Additional information


National Library of Medicine (NLM) Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health - Deadlines: Nov 1 - The NLM Grants are awarded for the preparation of book-length manuscripts and other scholarly works of value to US health professionals, public health officials, biomedical researchers, and historians of the health sciences. For more information, click here.


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Developing Centers for Innovation in Services and Intervention Research – Deadlines: Nov 1 - NIH has made a program announcement to establish support for groups of researchers to develop intervention and services research studies that will directly address the missions of the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and to prepare these research groups to develop advanced centers. It also supports two of the three central themes of the NIH Roadmap initiative: developing interdisciplinary research teams for the future, including public-private partnerships; and re-engineering the clinical research enterprise. Additional information


* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Foundation and CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health Mini-Grants – Deadline: Nov 14 (letter of intent) - This program offers mini-grants to support physical activity or nutrition-related activities that are part of action plans developed using CDC School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide (SHI).


* Cluster Leadership of the US Health Resources and Services Administration Health Disparities Collaborative – Deadline: Nov 15 - Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-06-061 - The purpose of this federal funding opportunity is to provide cluster-level leadership for Health Disparities Collaboratives (HDC) training and technical assistance to health centers and to other community-based providers partnering with health centers in the HDC.


Community-Based Field Research Grants for Behavioral Hygiene and Global Health - Deadline: Nov 15 - The International Health Section of American Public Health Association (APHA) in collaboration with the Colgate-Palmolive Company is offering a grants program to support young faculty and students in schools of public health to carry out community-based field research in behavioral hygiene. These competitive grants will be awarded for community-based research projects investigating the role of hygiene (especially hand washing with soap) in personal and community health and infection control, including investigations about the knowledge of proper hygiene habits, hygiene motivation and behavior change. For additional information, contact: Paul Freeman or Henry Perry, co-chairs of the Working Group on Community-Based Primary Health Care of APHA’s International Health Section.


Advanced Research Cooperation in Environmental Health Research GrantDeadline: Nov 16 - The purpose of this initiative is to form a cooperative program that will augment and strengthen the research infrastructure and research capabilities of faculty, students, and fellows at minority institutions by supporting the development of new, and/or the enhancement of ongoing, basic science and translational research that focuses on topics deemed to be of high priority and significance because of their critical importance to environmental health.


Environmental Education Grants Program – Deadline: Nov 23Grants to support environmental education projects that promote environmental stewardship and help develop aware and responsible students, teachers, and citizens.


* Youth Garden Grants Program – Deadline: Nov 30 - 150 child-centered, outdoor garden programs will receive Home Depot gift cards. Program emphasis is on education, plant-to-food connections, environmental awareness, entrepreneurship, or social aspects of gardening. Maximum Award: $500 gift cards for the purchase of gardening materials and supplies. Eligibility: Schools, youth groups, community centers, camps, clubs, treatment facilities, and intergenerational groups throughout the United States.


GoGirlGo! Grant and Educational Program Offers Support for Girls Sports and Educational Program - Deadline:  Nov 30 -   The Program seeks to maximize the use of sport/physical activity as an educational intervention and social asset in order to enhance the wellness of girls as they navigate between childhood and early womanhood. Link to request for proposals.


Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) in Human Cancer for Year 2006 – Deadline: Dec 1 (Letter of Intent) - Funding Opportunity #: PAR-05-156 - Applicant institutions are to demonstrate their ability to conduct translational research in the prevention, etiology, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of lymphomas and breast, gastrointestinal (GI), brain, head and neck, and prostate cancers. Translational research, as defined by the Program, uses knowledge of human biology to develop and test the feasibility of cancer-relevant interventions in humans and/or determines the biological basis for observations made in individuals with cancer or in populations at risk for cancer. Additional information


Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Sustainable Community Projects Grant – Deadline: Dec 1 – This grant is intended for the development and delivery of educational programs that equip limited resource families and youth who are at-risk for not meeting basic human needs with the skills they need to lead positive, productive, contributing lives. Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service Office of Extramural Programs


Children, Youth, and Families at-Risk, New Communities Project Program – Deadline: Dec 1 - Grants to improve the quality and quantity of comprehensive community-based programs for children, youth, and families at-risk within the Cooperative Extension System.


Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Training ProgramDeadline: Dec 2 - Funding Opportunity #: HRSA-06-077-To promote the development of a culturally diverse and representative health care workforce by recruiting, training, and retaining students from under-represented minorities into maternal and child health professions.


Captain Planet Foundation – Deadline: Dec 31 - The Captain Planet Foundation funds hands-on environmental projects to encourage youth around the world to work individually and collectively to solve environmental problems in their neighborhoods and communities. Additional information


Call for Applications: 2006 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) / AcademyHealth Fellowship – Deadline: Jan 9, 2006 -  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's NCHS and AcademyHealth are seeking applicants for their 2006 Fellowship. This program brings visiting scholars in health services research-related disciplines to NCHS to collaborate on studies of interest to policymakers and the health services research community using NCHS data systems. Additional information can be found at and


National Institutes of Health Global Research Training in Population Health Funding Opportunity - Deadline: Jan 13, 2006 – This opportunity is to support advanced international research training in population health sciences. Additional information


* Youth Nutrition & Fitness Grant Program – Deadline: Feb 1, 2006 - General Mills Foundation Champions Youth Nutrition and Fitness grant program to encourage communities in the United States to improve the eating and physical activity patterns of young people, ages 2-20. Grants will be awarded to nonprofit organizations and agencies working with communities that demonstrate the greatest need and likelihood of sustainable impact on young people’s nutrition and activity levels through innovative programs.


Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) – Deadline: Feb 1, 2006 - PAR-05-132 - The IMSD program seeks to facilitate and promote, at research institutions with significant number of mentors with NIH or other extramural research support, the entry into biomedical or behavioral research fields of undergraduate and graduate students from groups underrepresented in these fields. Additional information


National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) Mentored Research Scientist Development Award for Underrepresented or Disadvantaged Investigators (K01) – Deadline: Feb 1, 2006 - PAR-05-135 - The NINR Award is one approach to increasing diversity of nurse investigators by providing additional research career development opportunities with financial support. NINR also recognizes the lack of diversity of qualified nurse scientists in research settings. Additional information


Health Services Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Deadline: Feb 1, 2006 - PA-05-139 - This Program Announcement solicits health services research on the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Additional information


Higher Challenge Grants Program – Deadline: Feb 2, 2006 - Grants to stimulate and enable colleges and universities to provide the quality of education necessary to produce baccalaurate or higher degree level graduates capable of strengthening the Nation's food and agricultural scientific and professional workforce.


Community Participation in Research – Deadlines: May 17, 2006, 2007 - A number of federal agencies, including NIH, CDC and AHRQ have collaborated in the release of program announcement PAR-05-026 on Community Participation in Research. The goal of this PAR is to support research on health promotion, disease prevention, and health disparities that is jointly conducted by communities and researchers. Click here for details.   To view the edited notes and audiofile from a technical assistance conference call for prospective applicants held on January 28, 2005, click here.


Developing Centers for Innovation in Services and Intervention Research (DCISIR) - Deadline: Multiple dates through 2008 - The ultimate goal of this program announcement is to establish support for groups of researchers to develop intervention and services research studies that will directly address the missions of National Institute of Mental Health and National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and to prepare these research groups to develop advanced centers. Additional information


Cancer Education (R25E) Grants Program – Deadline: Multiple - Funding Opportunity Number: PAR-05-065 - Educational and research dissemination activities are essential components of the National Cancer Institute's efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality due to cancer. The PHS 398 application instructions are available in an interactive format. For further assistance contact GrantsInfo, Telephone (301) 435-0714.  Link to Full Announcement


Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health – Deadline: Multiple - Funding Opportunity Number: PA-05-029 - The ultimate goal of this National Institutes of Health program announcement is to encourage the development of health research that integrates knowledge from the biomedical and social sciences. The PHS 398 application instructions are available online in an interactive format. For further assistance contact Link to Full Announcement.


Allen Foundation Grants for Nutrition Education– Deadline: Open – The Foundation supports educational nutrition programs, with priority given to training programs for children and young adults to improve their health and development. Maximum Award: Past grants have ranged from $2,000 to $1 million. Eligibility: Schools and school districts should partner with local nonprofits to form nutrition education programs. Additional information


The National Institutes of Health (NIH): Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research – Deadline: Open - Principal investigators holding specific types of NIH research grants (listed in the full announcement) are eligible for available funds for administrative supplements to improve the diversity of the research workforce by supporting and recruiting students, postdoctorates, and eligible investigators from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented. For details, click here. 


Common Counsel's Grantee Exchange Fund (GXF) – Deadline: Open - GXF provides discretionary small grants to build bridges between grassroots organizations throughout the United States to encourage social change organizations to seek technical assistance from one another, and to help build regional and national networks among organizations. Complete information.


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New Calls for Submissions announced in this newsletter are noted with an asterisk (*)


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Announces 2005-06 Scholars in Health Policy Research Program - Deadline: Oct 21 - The Program is intended to help develop a new generation of creative thinkers in health policy research within the disciplines of economics, political science, and sociology. Additional information


The First Community Indicators Awards Program - Deadline: Oct 25 - The Brookings Institution's Urban Markets Initiative is sponsoring the First Community Indicators Award Program to honor three community indicator projects that have demonstrated their ability to catalyze action and drive community change. CIC is using the awards program to highlight best practices and strengthen our knowledge of projects. Additional information


* Deadline Extended for President's Environmental Youth Program – Deadline: Oct 31 - Young people in all 50 states and the U.S. territories are invited to submit projects which demonstrate their commitment to the environment.


National Organization on Disability Invites Applications for Accessible America Award - Deadline: Oct 31 -   The purpose of the award competition is to recognize and promote replication of exemplary practices that communities use to facilitate the comprehensive involvement of citizens with disabilities in community life. Additional information


Call for Papers - 10th Biennial Symposium on Minorities, the Medically Underserved & Cancer: Committed to Eliminating Disparities - Deadline: Oct 31 – The conference will take place April 19-23, 2006 in Washington, DC. Additional information


Call for Papers - 19th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) in Melbourne, AustraliaDeadline: Oct 31 - The Program Committee invites submissions for symposia and posters from all those with an interest in research on human development. This includes ISSBD members, non-members, researchers, practitioners, and students.


Call for Papers: The International Journal of Public Sector Management Special Issue on Knowledge Management and Mobilization: Emergence, Experiments, Incentives, Infrastructure and Strategies - Deadline: Oct 31 - Issues of importance, addressed at an international, national, regional or provincial, or local level. Guest editor: CCPH Member Peter Levesque, Knowledge Exchange Specialist, Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada. Details


*Call for Abstracts: 4th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference – Deadline: Nov 1 A call for abstracts for poster presentation. Submissions should include a title and list of authors with institutional affiliation, city, state and country.  Research should be described using sections labeled "background," "methods," "results," and "conclusions." Abstracts should be no more than 1,950 characters or approximately 300-350 words, including title, authors, and abstract body (spaces not counted). Please provide all contact information for the corresponding author. Email the submission as a Microsoft Word file to:


* Call for Papers, Panels, Workshops, Performances and Poster Presentations for Society for the Arts in Healthcare Annual Conference – Deadline: Nov 1 – 2006 SAH annual conference "Vision and Voice" will be held April 26-29, 2006 in Chicago, IL on the following topics: Leadership Arts in Action, Evidence Based Research and Evaluation, Skill Building, Sustainability: Fundraising and Advocacy Patient Centered Healthcare Facility Design Community Health and Healing New Frontiers


Call for Applications: Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program - Deadline: November 1, March 1, June 1 - This Fellowship Program of the National Academies is designed to engage graduate and postdoctoral students in science and technology policy and to familiarize them with the interactions among science, technology, and government.  As a result, students in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, business, and law develop essential skills different from those attained in academia, which will help them make the transition from being a graduate student to a professional.


American Psychiatric Foundation's Awards for Advancing Minority Mental Health Seeks Applicants - Deadline: Nov 1 -The program, now in its third year, provides four awards to honor psychiatrists, other mental health providers, mental health programs, and other community organizations that increase public awareness of mental health care, increase access to mental health services, and enhance the quality of care for underserved minorities, especially those who suffer from severe mental illness. Additional information


Call for Applications- Lancet International Fellowships 2006 - Deadline: Nov 1 - The aim of these fellowships is to help doctors to work in a country very different from their own. The differences may lie in a country's delivery of health care, research or health priorities, or educational facilities. To be eligible, you must be a medical graduate but there are no age limits. Additional information


Foundation for Child Development Young Scholars Program – Deadline: Nov 1 – The program aims to stimulate basic and policy-relevant research focused on the early education, health, and well-being of immigrant children from birth to age 10, particularly those who are living in low-income families. Given the limited research on young immigrant children, proposals focused on children from birth to age eight are highly encouraged. Additional information


Do Something BRICK Awards – Deadline: Nov 1 - The Awards honor 6 outstanding youth leaders who develop projects to improve their community.  Maximum Award: $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant. Eligibility: Students age 18 and under. Additional information


Call for Papers: Action Research Special Issue: Insider Action Research - Deadline: Nov 1 - Seeking contributions from people who have undertaken action research in their own organizational systems (organization, association, community, family). Seeking contributions from across organizational sectors including business, education, healthcare, nursing, social work, voluntary, aid and development, arts, public service, community development, and from any position on a hierarchical ladder. Details


Call for Nominations: Gleitsman Foundation – Deadline: Nov 4 – The Gleitsman Foundation is seeking nominations for its $100,000 Citizen Activist Award for 2006. For more information, and the nomination form, visit:


* New Leaders for New Schools – Deadline: Nov 15 - New Leaders for New Schools is a national organization promoting high levels of academic achievement for every child by attracting, preparing, and supporting the next generation of outstanding leaders for our nation’s urban public schools. New Leaders is currently accepting applications for candidates who meet their 10 selection criteria and want to lead change for children in low-income communities by becoming urban public school principals. Eligibility: applicants must have a record of success in leading adults, an expertise in K-12 teaching and learning, a relentless drive to lead an excellent urban school, and an unyielding belief in the potential of every child to achieve academically at high levels.


Call for Proposals – The University & Civil Society: Autonomy & Responsibility Conference – Deadline: Nov 15 - The first major international conference hosted by the University of Denver/University of Bologna International Center for Civic Engagement. This conference calls for global dialogue on the role of the university in serving the public good.  The conference will take place May 17-19, 2006 in Bologna, Italy. Additional information


Call for Manuscripts on Service-Learning - Deadline: Nov 30 - Academic Exchange Quarterly's annual feature published every Spring issue. This special issue invites researchers and practitioners to submit articles and essays on service-learning in higher education with a special focus on the individual and institutional impacts of established service-learning programs. For more information, contact feature editor Judith Hope Munter, or visit


Call for Papers for Special JET Issue on Human Rights and Human Enhancement - Deadline: Dec 1 - How will emerging technologies challenge the paradigm of human rights? Do we need a new post-human rights model to understand the challenge of our emerging transhuman polity? Does the idea of equal rights for humans, posthumans and machines make any sense? How can we preserve political equality for both humans and posthumans? For the Human Rights issue JET wants submissions from thinkers willing to point out and analyze unrecognized challenges, or lay out proactive, preventative plans for neutralizing threats to freedom before they become real. Contact: JET editor J. Hughes at


The CDC Experience - A One-Year Fellowship in Applied Epidemiology – Deadline: Dec 2 – Eight competitively selected medical students will come to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a 10-12 month fellowship in applied epidemiology, beginning in August (August start date begins in 2006--previously the fellowship started in September). The fellowship is for third or fourth year medical students sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer Inc., through the CDC Foundation. Additional information


Call for Presentations – How Class Works, 2006 – Deadline: Dec 15 - A Conference at SUNY Stony Brook June 8-10, 2006. The Center for Study of Working Class Life is pleased to announce the How Class Works 2006 Conference, to be held at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, June 8 - 10, 2006. Proposals for papers, presentations, and sessions are welcome until December 15, 2005. For more information, visit


* Nominations for 2006 Civic Change Award – Deadline: Dec 31 - The Civic Change Award, established in 1995, honors individuals and organizations that by word and deed enrich the nation's civic life.


Migrant Clinicians Network Announces a Call for Applications – Deadline: Dec 31 - Migrant Clinicians Network seeks applications for the 2006 New Provider Practicum in Migrant Health. The Practicum provides a four-month working and learning experience in a Migrant Health Center for new health care professionals. The purpose of the Practicum is to increase the understanding of migrant health care issues for the participants as they consider careers working with underserved populations. A stipend of approximately $15,000 is paid for this experience. Applications are available at Contact: Candace Kugel at 814-238-6566 or


2006-2007 Commonwealth Fund/Harvard University Fellowship in Minority Health Policy- Deadline: Jan 3, 2006 - This fellowship is designed to prepare physicians, particularly minority physicians, for leadership roles in formulating and implementing public health policy and practice on a national, state, or community level. Fellows will complete academic work leading to a Master of Public Health degree at the Harvard School of Public Health, and, through additional program activities, gain experience in and understanding of major health issues facing minority, disadvantaged, and underserved populations. Additional information


Call for Applications: 2006 NCHS/AcademyHealth Fellowship - Deadline: Jan 9, 2006 - This program brings visiting scholars in health services research-related disciplines to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) to use NCHS data systems and collaborate on studies of interest to policymakers and the health services research community.  Additional information  Questions?


Call for Abstracts: 11th World Congress on Public Health and the 8th Brazilian Congress on Collective Health – Deadline: Jan 20, 2006 – The conference will take place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 21-25, 2006.


Applications Invited for Medical Student Summer Research Training in Aging Program – Deadline: Feb 7, 2006 - Students participate in an eight- to twelve-week structured research, clinical, and didactic program in geriatrics, appropriate to their level of training and interests. Additional information


Call for Abstracts, International Society for Equity in Health - ISEqH Fourth International Conference – Deadline: March 1, 2006 – The conference theme is Creating Healthy Societies through Inclusion and Equity. Additional information


Call for Papers: Academic Exchange Quarterly Special Issue for Fall 2006 - Deadline: August 31, 2006 – The Fall 2006 issue will focus on the implementation of Problem Based Learning at all levels of the curriculum, including medical programs. Additional information


Call for Papers: Academic Exchange Extra, a Monthly Peer-Reviewed On-Line Forum - Deadline: Ongoing Submissions are invited from undergraduates, graduates, and educators. AEE presents ideas, research methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level, subject or context. They also seek cogent essays, poetry and fiction. Contact Elizabeth Haller with questions. Details


Call for Papers for the National Civic Review - Deadline: Ongoing – The journal publishes essays and reports written by civic activists, community practitioners, theorists, and scholars in the fields of public administration, community building, political reform, government, and social problem solving. Additional information  


Call for Papers for COMM-ORG – Deadline: Ongoing - COMM-ORG is the On-Line Conference on Community Organizing and Development. Are you writing a paper, thesis, or dissertation on: community organizing, community development, community planning, community-based research, and/or a related area? COMM-ORG is looking for papers to post on the COMM-ORG Papers page.  To submit a paper, contact the editor, Randy Stoecker. You can also find out more by clicking here.


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Report on Cultural Competency Curriculum for Public Health Staff


The University of California, San Francisco Center for the Health Professions has completed a report that outlines a cultural competency curriculum specifically for public health staff. The report, Cultural Competency for California Public Health Staff: Train-the-Trainer State Partnership Project, was written for the California Department of Health Services, Office of Multicultural Health. To view the report, visit:



A New Issue of the Bulletin of the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice - The Link - is Available


CCPH is a member of the Council, with CCPH board member Diane Downing our representative to the Council. This issue focuses on emerging public health worker shortages. It includes an interview about how the teaching field has addressed teacher shortages. In addition, there are profiles of three academic/practice partnerships that received Linkages Awards for their collaborative efforts to strengthen recruitment and retention.


View the issue at  


To learn more about the Council, visit


Academic Medicine’s October Issue


The October issue of Academic Medicine presents articles on a variety of topics in academic medicine. Two are free to non-subscribers: "Validity of the Medical College Admission Test for Predicting Medical School Performance" and "Clinical Myths of the Cultural 'Other': Implications for Latino Patient Care."  


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