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Community-Based Participatory Research and Research Ethics

Institutional Review Boards were designed to protect the interests of individuals, but what about the interests of communities? Our Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) & Research Ethics Program seeks to address this issue through training, technical resources, and open dialogues between communities, academics, research ethics review boards, funders and other key stakeholders.

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NEW In August 2012, we received NIH funding for the National Collaborative Study of Community-Based Processes for Research Ethics Review.  The study seeks to understand the role of community IRBs and research review boards in ensuring the ethics and integrity of research conducted in their communities.   Click here for an overview of the study and information about the dynamic team that is conducting it.

NEW In June 2012, we released the report Community IRBs and Research Review Boards: Shaping the Future of Community-Engaged Research in collaboration with The Bronx Health Link and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  Click here for details!

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Interested in joining the discussion on how communities, academics, IRBs and others can work together to develop innovative and collaborative ways to address the ethical challenges of CBPR? Do you want to network with others, and share resources, as well as promising practices with others? If so, please join our listserv.

CBPR and Research Ethics Listserv: This listserv was established to continue the dialogue initiated by the Educational Conference Call Series on Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and Ethical Issues in Research. Participants are invited to pose questions and share information or resources related to ethical issues that arise in CBPR and challenges encountered in the process of research ethics review.

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