Amazon Web Services

Service Description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a public cloud platform that provides solutions and services such as virtual machines, database instances, storage, and more.  AWS is offered under the Internet2 NET+ service agreement through a third party vendor DLT Solutions, Inc., an authorized reseller for AWS.

A “UW-IT AWS Account,” managed under the DLT AWS Portal, allows UW employees (faculty and staff) to create and manage their own AWS account, receive a discount (3-5%), provides access to a Data Egress Waiver, and provides compliance for sensitive and confidential UW data that is regulated by laws such as HIPAA*, FISMA and FERPA.

Research usage is eligible for the Indirect Cost F&A Waiver, eliminating any Indirect Costs related to the UW-IT AWS service for sponsored research.

*NOTE:  The UW HIPAA BAA is currently in legal review.

Service Options

  • Migrate existing AWS Accounts to the UW-IT AWS Service
  • Establish a new AWS Account under the UW-IT Service
  • Data Egress Waiver, which effectively eliminates the standard charges for moving data out of the AWS Service.
  • Support from DLT, with a 10% surcharge on usage, on a monthly basis. (Support option is enabled by default, and a waiver for support must be requested and approved. This can be done at the time an account is established, or at any time thereafter.)
  • Monthly billing options include using a UW eProcurement Blanket PO, or charging directly to a UW ProCard.


UW faculty; UW staff; UW researchers; UW clinicians; UW academic units; UW administrative units; UW affiliated organizations; UW Medical Center; Harborview Medical Center; Any group with an approved UW blanket PO or UW ProCard.

NOTE: UW students are not eligible for this service.

How to Order

For a new account, more information, or to migrate existing accounts, contact the UW-IT Service Center  (include "AWS Account" in the subject line).  The DLT AWS Portal will be available soon, which will provide a self-service mechanism for requesting and managing UW-IT AWS Accounts.


Availability for AWS services is substantially dependent on Amazon. Specific information for the AWS service is available from Amazon Service Level Agreement and the AWS Service Health Dashboard.


Prices for AWS services are set by Amazon and are based on usage. Estimates can be built using the Amazon Web Service Calculator. A nominal discount (approximately 3-5%) is provided, based on the aggregated volume of all universities participating in the Internet2 NET+ AWS Service through DLT.

Service Level Description

AWS services are subject to the Amazon service level agreements, and restrictions, and may depend, in part, on the specific options and configurations in use.  See Amazon Service Level Agreements.

Additional Information

Information on security, privacy, and compliance can be found here:

  • Amazon Cloud Security Center
  • Amazon Cloud Compliance Overview

To test or trial AWS directly from Amazon, try the free AWS Trial Tier.

NET+ AWS by DLT and AWS Direct Comparison:























**NOTE:  The UW HIPAA BAA is currently in legal review.

AWS - HIPAA Whitepaper

DLT - AWS Account Request Form

DLT - Business Level Support Package Overview

Support Information

For general questions, contact the UW-IT Service Center (include "AWS Account" in the subject line) or call 206-221-5000.

For accounts with a fee-based support package, the DLT Support Center is available 24x7x365 at 888-358-7658 or


Last Review Date: 8/10/2015