UW Information Technology

Strategic Plan

The UW-IT 2014 Strategic Investment Plan outlines a three-year strategy on how best to leverage current and emerging technologies and resources to support students, faculty and staff while managing risk and delivering services in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

UW-IT Strategic Goals

Graphical Overview of Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan overview; click to enlarge.






  • Provide Access to Excellent Infrastructure: Deliver highly functional, reliable and invisible infrastructure that just works—and doesn’t get in the way.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Provide excellent productivity tools, and enable easy, secure collaboration with partners at the UW and beyond.
  • Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning: Provide technology to support and improve the teaching and learning experience.
  • Support World-Class Research: Support UW research with up-to-date tools and resources.
  • Modernize Information and Business Systems: Provide modern, flexible and integrated business information systems to support a complex, global research institution and access to better business information for planning and analysis.
  • Reduce Enterprise Risk: Support UW’s risk management objectives by promoting privacy, security, business continuity and compliance.
  • Better IT Management: Improve the operational efficiency and transparency of UW-IT.