UW Information Technology

Enterprise Data & Analytics

Enterprise Data & Analytics (EDA) is focused on efforts to deliver high-value enhancements to the UW by transforming raw data into valuable information. We combine data from around the University into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), the University’s major repository of institutional data. That data feeds institutional reporting and analytics, which surface trends and patterns, improve efficiency and provide insights to guide strategic decision making.

This unit is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and support for UW academic and administrative units to deliver institutional data for decision-making.
  • Managing the EDW, business intelligence systems and data management solutions that support effective, secure access to and use of institutional data.
  • Developing and providing enterprise business intelligence and analytical tools, data, and training, available through the UW Data & Analytics portal.
  • Partnering with UW data owners to transform raw data into valuable information used to guide strategic decision-making and improve the effectiveness of the University community.


Anja Canfield-Budde
Email | 206-221-6998
UW Mailbox: 359565