UW Information Technology

Enterprise Information Services

The Enterprise Information Services (EIS) unit provides database administration, quality assurance and data management services to the UW, with the mission to increase the usefulness and reliability of the University’s strategic Institutional Data assets.

This unit is responsible for:

Database Administration Services

The Database Administration (DBA) department ensures optimum usability of enterprise-level database systems underlying critical business applications for the UW. Database administrators provide consulting on the planning, designing and implementing of core database solutions. They also perform on-call and troubleshooting support in resolution of production database issues. Key services include:

  • Database server installation and configuration for high-availability and fault tolerance
  • Database creation, configuration and change management for consistent deployments
  • Database security, encryption and access control for improved privacy and compliance
  • Data loading, integration and replication across systems for data availability and consistency
  • Data backup, archive, restore and purge operations for risk management and compliance
  • Data integrity, quality and performance monitoring for enhanced performance

Quality Assurance Services

The Quality Assurance (QA) department ensures the confidence and integrity of Institutional Data by verifying that enterprise software meets business requirements. QA staff provide consulting and augmented staffing services to application development teams around quality assurance and test management.  Key services include:

  • Developing testing standards and best practices for growing QA competencies
  • Augmented staffing for test planning, creation and execution for major systems and projects
  • Assisting with business process improvement and data quality initiatives, by documenting processes and requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining shared test environments, test tools and test libraries for flexible software development life cycles
  • Supporting centralized tools and services for periodic and ongoing load and stress testing of systems

Data Management Services

The Data Management Services (DMS) department ensures high utility of Institutional Data by enhancing it with foundational services around data governance and distribution. The department supports the Enterprise Integration Platform in rationalizing and streamlining the UW’s complex data exchange ecosystem. DMS staff provide consulting for “Cloud” and “Big Data” data management technologies. Support is provided for a variety of technologies including enterprise middleware software for messaging, workflow and access control. Key services include:

  • Building and implementing data governance solutions for classifying data sensitivity and controlling access and use policies
  • Developing and evangelizing “Cloud” and “Big Data” data management solutions for enhanced distributed data processing architectures
  • Configuring and supporting enterprise integration and Web services delivery across system boundaries
  • Designing and administering data synchronization solutions to keep core data consistent and timely across system boundaries


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Executive Director
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