UW Information Technology

Clarice, Business Continuity Project Manager

What the title really means

Keeping us safe

The job

I work with TBC, which stands for Technology Business Continuity. Some people jokingly ask if it means “to be continued” and I respond, “Yes!” TBC strives to make UW-IT robust and resilient through emergencies and disasters. My daily role is to make sure our staff are personally safe and ready to respond to whatever may come our way. I run our building evacuation program (plan and direct drills, manage evacuation wardens and distribute disaster support kits, among other duties). I also support the health and safety committee, and manage our Unit Response Center facility.

When things get interesting, I’m part of a team that responds to our department and campus emergencies.

A typical day

I respond to emails, go to meetings and work on multiple projects. But when an emergency hits—large campus network outage, building flooding or some other serious situation—I drop everything to join the emergency response.

Career tool box essentials

In the emergency management world, our motto is, Semper Gumby or always be flexible. You never know what kind of emergency or disaster is around the corner. While we do our best to be prepared, we have to be flexible and roll with whatever comes our way. You need to be able to stay calm, function in the midst of uncertainty and make decisions on the fly—often with little information.

I Love the UW because

It is like a big city and I love being involved behind the scenes to help things run smoothly and safely. It’s fun working with people from all over campus, whether it’s coordinating with UW Facilities to install an outdoor alert tower, helping UW Engineering with its mapping project, or being on a conference call with UW Media Relations, UW Police Department and UW Emergency Management to respond to a potential crisis on campus.

I truly enjoy working with a wide range of people on different kinds of projects and the UW provides a lot of opportunities for me to do that.

Life/work balance, you say?

I like to cook and gather friends together for an intimate dinner or a large themed party at our home, or plan a group activity like dining out, going to a show, kayaking, or anything fun, new and different.

I like to say that I take the “grand buffet” approach to life, dabbling in different things such as hula dancing, building a human powered airplane, Krav Maga (look it up!), Hospice volunteering, Red Cross volunteering and yes, learning Italian, for a year or two and then moving on to something else.

I’ll try most things at least once or do it occasionally, such as skydiving, tandem hang gliding, African dancing, rappelling off the Rainier Tower and trapezing.

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