UW Information Technology

IT Strategy Board Charter


The purpose of the IT Strategy Board is to:

  • Review key developments in information technology for potential impacts to, and adoption by, the University of Washington.
  • Recommend critical opportunities and actions that will best position the UW to adopt strategic information technologies to support and advance its teaching, learning, research, and service missions.
  • Review the breadth and scope of the University’s information technology (IT) portfolio to recommend appropriate investments in new capabilities to support the UW’s core missions, and to realize efficiencies and cost savings in its business operations.
  • Make recommendations to the President and Provost about strategic plans, policies, and funding priorities for information technology at the University.


The scope of the IT Strategy Board encompasses all activities of UW Information Technology (UW-IT), including oversight of major IT projects, service improvements, and infrastructure investments. In addition, the IT Strategy Board makes recommendations about university-wide IT strategies, investments, projects and initiatives.


The IT Strategy Board is one of three IT governance boards:

  • IT Strategy Board provides strategic direction on information technology at the University.
  • IT Service Investment Board makes recommendations about services provided by UW-IT, including priorities and funding levels for major UW-IT projects.
  • IT Service Management Board ensures alignment of UW-IT services with institutional IT strategy and priorities, as identified by the other two governance boards, and optimizes the design, delivery, operation and sourcing of those services.

The IT Strategy Board identifies high-level strategic direction, opportunities and policies to be used in making decisions about UW-IT services and projects. This strategic direction is used to guide the recommendations of both the IT Service Investment Board and the IT Service Management Board.  Similarly, the IT Strategy Board considers issues and recommendations brought forth by the IT Service Investment Board.


An Enterprise Risk Management review determined that maintaining the central IT organization’s focus on strategic priorities is especially difficult in times of diminishing resources. The IT Strategy Board’s primary purpose is to ensure that UW-IT, as the University’s central IT organization, remains focused on providing the most important services to the University and making critical investments in future technologies. The IT Strategy Board’s recommendations should reflect broad trends in technology and computing.

The establishment of three boards to govern IT at the strategic, project and service levels is intended to make decision-making about information technology across the University more comprehensive and holistic. It also recognizes that investments in IT are to a certain degree fungible between funding for new projects and capabilities, and for enhancements to existing services.

This governance structure, established in 2012, builds upon previous governance efforts and provides greater clarity in roles and responsibilities:

  • The IT Strategy Board was established to focus specifically on the most strategically important IT issues facing the University.
  • The IT Service Investment Board replaces the IT Costing Oversight Group, which in turn replaced the President’s Working Group on Information Technology. This governance structure broadens the role of the IT Service Investment Board to include the entire UW-IT project portfolio.
  • The IT Service Management Board formalizes a role for both University IT staff and administrators in reviewing and making recommendations about the provisioning, delivery and management of UW-IT services.


The IT Strategy Board is made up of UW faculty and administrators who broadly represent the University’s key missions of education, research, healthcare and service, as well as the University’s administrative operations. The membership should not be thought of as roles-based, but instead as reflecting ‘thought leaders’ across the institution, encompassing teaching, basic and applied research, and healthcare. The membership includes:

  • Faculty from across the institution reflecting disciplines such as data intensive science.
  • College administration concerned about the impact of IT on teaching, learning and research.
  • Healthcare and biomedical researchers involved in planning and support.
  • Administrators concerned with the ability of the University to drive administrative efficiencies throughout the institution.

The IT Strategy Board is advisory to the President and Provost. The term of appointment is indefinite, or as agreed upon by the President and Provost. The Chair of the IT Strategy Board is the Vice President for UW-IT and CIO.


The IT Strategy Board meets three times annually, or as needed, and may participate in other activities as needed. Meetings of the IT Strategy Board are scheduled and supported by the Office of the Vice President for UW-IT and CIO.