Office of Academic Personnel

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel (AP) serves as the institutional portal for academic personnel administration. In partnership with schools, colleges, and campuses, AP works to fulfill the University’s mission, vision, and values by supporting the:

  • Recruitment, appointment, on-boarding and reporting of the best, most diverse and innovative academic personnel from around the world;
  • Retention, advancement, and career transitions of the University’s world class academic personnel; and
  • University’s efforts to hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and compliance with institutional policy and regulatory obligations.

The AP team, with its subject matter expertise, brings an institutional perspective to the oversight and guidance it provides to academic personnel administration, which complements the discipline specific context provided by schools, colleges, and campuses.


Vice Provost Cameron has been a member of the University of Washington faculty since 1979 and is currently a professor of Oral Health Sciences in the School of Dentistry and an adjunct professor in the College of Education.

Cheryl A. Cameron
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

Laura Wood
Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

Rhonda Forman 
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

Shelley Kostrinsky
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel