John I. Clark, Ph.D., Chair

The department of Biological Structure is a modern anatomy department which studies structural organization ranging from molecules to the  human body.


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Congratulations to Dr. Kate Mulligan for being voted Medical Student Year  1 Professor of the Year (2012-13). This is the second consecutive year  that she has been so honored by the first year class. Dr. Andy Farr was  also recognized with an Honorable Mention.

Dr. Mo Li has been appointed an Acting Instructor in the lab of Dr. Liquo Wang, effective Jan. 1.

Dr. Zhihong Cheng has been appointed Acting Instructor in the lab of Dr. Wenqing Xu effective Jan. 1.

New Grant Awarded:

David Raible has been awarded a Competitive Renewal for his grant "Genetics of Zebrafish Hair Cell Toxicity".  The goals of the grant aim to facilitate development of therapeutic agents to prevent hearing loss through understanding the cellular pathways and molecular identities of potential therapeutic targets that regulate death and survival of inner ear hair cells.

Ajay Dhaka, Ph.D. has been awarded a new R01 titled: "A genetic screen for modulators of nociception".  Dr. David Raible is a Co-investigator on the project.

The research is focused on the molecular mechanisms that underlie the perception of pain.  The zebrafish system will be used to conduct a genetic screen to determine the fundamental properties of the neural circuits required for the sensation of pain.  It is hoped that the screen may provide targets for potential therapies for debilitating and painful conditions.




Adam Kohn, Ph.D., Associate Professor
"Coordinated neuronal activity and its role in corticocortical signaling"
September 3, 2013, 10:00 am, T-747, HSB










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