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A Service-Learning Partnership that Focuses on Shaping Policy and Decision-Making Skills

In anticipation of our 2004 annual meeting, which will have an international focus, we are pleased to feature another one of our international members. The CCPH Featured Member is the Drug Use Management and Policy Research Residency Program at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, represented by Patricia Conrad. The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation/Canadian Health Institutes of Health Research/Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation are partners in the funding of this program. The Canadian Health Research Foundation was established in 1997 to facilitate evidence-based decision-making throughout Canada‚Äôs health care system. Under the leadership of Chair Ingrid Sketris, Patricia explains how this unique community-university partnership sharpens the skills of residents while improving drug use policy at various levels of decision-making. This is particularly important because pharmaceuticals are one the fastest growing components of health sector expenditures in Canada. Continued growth is anticipated due to the aging of Canada’