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A Partnership with a Passion for Serving the Underserved

The CCPH Featured Member is William Cody. William is Professor and Chair of the Family & Community Nursing Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). He is also the Executive Director of UNC Charlotte's Nursing Center for Health Promotion, which is an academically based free clinic serving women and children. William is passionate about healthcare that is community-based and truly centered on the needs of persons and families in communities. He communicates this vision to his students every chance he gets. He is proud that the Nursing Center is part of the solution and offers a demonstration of what is possible by providing healthcare effectively to some of the most underserved people in the United States. In the spring of 2003, William was selected for the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Executive Nurse Fellow Program, a prestigious three-year advanced leadership program. He plans to leverage this fellowship to further community-campus partnerships and expand his work with underserved communities.

Briefly, what is the mission of your organization?
What do you most want people to know about the work that you do and the unique characteristics of your organization?
What are you passionate about in your work? What has motivated you to become involved in community-university partnerships?
What is your dream for the future of your organization and/or community-campus partnerships you're involved in?
What wisdom would you like to communicate to others in this field? What advice would you give to a student or professional just e