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"CCPH is about the principle of inclusion. More than inclusion - about the leading voice of people whose voices have been systematically excluded. In a small way, the scholarship fund asserts the principle of inclusion. It is expensive to attend conferences and meetings. The scholarship fund will, in some small way, allow individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend these events, to participate, contribute their voice, and share in the exciting exchange. I hope others who have resources will contribute to the fund and extend its reach so that it has more than a symbolic effect on CCPH events."

~ Bobby Gottlieb, 2008-2009 CCPH Board Chair

Bobby's reaction upon learning of the CCPH board's decision to establish a scholarship fund in her name

In January 2010, the CCPH Board of Directors established the Bobby Gottlieb Scholarship Fund in recognition of Bobby Gottlieb's exemplary leadership as 2008-2009 CCPH board chair and her unparalleled commitment to ensuring that CCPH be an inclusive organization that breaks down financial and other barriers to participation. The Fund provides scholarships for those otherwise unable to participate in CCPH events and programs. All donations are fully used for this charitable purpose; none are used for administration.

To learn more about Bobby, click here.

To make a donation, mail a check made payable to CCPH and indicate on the check or in an accompanying note that the donation is to be used for the Bobby Gottlieb Scholarship Fund. CCPH is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization, tax ID # 94-3285533. All donations will be acknowledged in writing with a receipt and are tax-deductible in the US to the extent allowable by law.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of these donors to the Fund.

Anonymous donor
Jennifer Audette
Renee Bayer
Suzanne R. Cashman
Stephanie Farquhar
Sidney Gottlieb
Susan Gust
Jean M. Hess
Daniel Korin
Dennis Magill
Alex Pirie
Eric Wat
Daniel Weinstein
2010 CCPH conference participants

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