Greg Miller

Message from the Chair

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of world-class innovation in civil and environmental engineering, and our department benefits from and contributes to this ongoing tradition. We also have the advantage of being surrounded by a stellar natural environment and of being neighbors to a diverse set of world-leading companies driven by engineering development. It's simply a great place to be involved in civil and environmental engineering.

Civil engineering is among the oldest of the engineering disciplines, but it continues to be among the most critical for addressing fundamental human needs, and offers boundless opportunities for innovation. Shelter, transportation, water supply, environmental management, and energy lie at the heart of any civilization, and our mission is to provide education and research to address these fundamental societal needs, driven by the fact that each generation must face these challenges with new kinds of constraints, new kinds of tools, and new kinds of partnerships.

To this end, we offer degrees at all levels, BSCE to PhD, with opportunities for coursework and research in construction, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structures, transportation, and water resources. Our faculty and students are engaged in a variety of publicly and privately sponsored projects investigating a broad array of important problems and engineering solutions, and our alumni can be found around the world designing and building systems and infrastructure to enhance people's quality of life.

The Department Civil and Environmental Engineering program is well into its second century of contribution at the University of Washington, and we look forward to continuing our leadership and partnering in education and discovery.

- Greg Miller