Visiting CEE

Our main offices are located in Suite 201 of More Hall, in the south central area of campus.
Some faculty offices and labs are located in Wilcox Hall and Wilson Ceramics Lab.

Prospective undergraduates are invited to attend an information session about the program and take a tour.
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About More Hall

More Hall More Hall was built for the Civil Engineering Department in 1946. Hastened by WWII's engineering needs, the design for the Civil Engineering Department was developed by Bebb & Jones. It expressed the modern architectural philosophy of function over form and incorporated lighting from large windows to convey the feeling of spaciousness. During 1993-96 a remodel of the infrastructure of More Hall occurred. Structural and geotechnical research laboratories were remodeled to accommodate new equipment and to improve the use of the existing space. Research facilities continue to be upgraded to meet present needs.

See Research Facilities for more information on CEE labs and facilities