Administrative Resources


A copy code is required to use the department copiers (located in More 206). Department copiers are restricted to CEE faculty, staff and RA’s & TA’s. RA’s & TA’s can obtain their copy code at the Reception Desk in the Main Office. Copiers are also available in the Engineering Library as well as the Allen
Library and may be accessed with your Husky card.


Lost & Found

Lost and found in More Hall is located at the Reception Desk in the Main Office. While the HUB is under renovation the University lost and found will be located in Condon Hall, room 207.



A printer is located in the computer lab in the basement of More Hall. The printer is accessible with your Husky Card.



Graduate students are expected to procure their own materials to be used for their personal education. This includes: textbooks, writing utensils, paper, photocopying, and printing (as needed for thesis/dissertation preparation) etc.  However, graduate students who hold an RA or TA appointment may have related expenses that should be charged to a budget. As an RA, such charges might include supplies purchased for use in the lab, long-distance telephone calls when ordering lab supplies and research-related travel. Please obtain the budget number for approved expenses from your faculty advisor. TA’s may need to make copies or obtain certain materials to prepare for class. Please contact the Main Office for a copier code or for supplies needed for class.