Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering focuses on human impacts on the world around us, in particular our air and water, down to the microbial level. Students can choose to study air resources engineering, environmental and water quality engineering, environmental chemistry and science, or combinations thereof.

Air Resources Engineering

Recent legislation, including the Federal Clean Air Act amendments, significantly expands the scope of air pollution control and will provide challenges to the engineering profession for years to come. Our program emphasizes control technology at the source, including removal of both gaseous and condensed phase air pollutants, source emission assessment, and both measurement and modeling of downwind air quality.

Environmental & Water Quality Engineering

The challenges faced by environmental engineers include environmental management and the design of facilities to provide safe water supplies, minimize pollutant releases, and better use our water, air and soil resources to maintain a sustainable environment. This area has expanded dramatically in recent years to encompass the identification of chemical and biological contaminants which may be present in the water, air, soil, or solid waste at only trace concentrations; understanding the sources, movement, and transport of these contaminants in natural systems; and developing engineered processes to minimize the impacts of these contaminants on humans and sensitive environments.

Environmental Sciences

Students interested in the chemistry and biology of lakes, streams, and estuaries and the determination of effects of pollutants in such waters, concentrate their work in Environmental Science. The processes involved in eutrophication, emphasizing nutrient cycling, plankton dynamics and sedimentation, as well as restoration effectiveness, are stressed in courses and research.

Explore Environmental Engineering

  • Microbial Ecology Lab
  • Stuart Strand Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Chemical Processes Lab
  • Hydrogeochemistry Research Group

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