In Memoriam

Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington has a long history of producing world class alumni, who make great contributions to a variety of industries and in academia. Our faculty have changed the lives of countless students, through their teaching, mentoring, and contributions to the study of chemical engineering.

We would like to pay tribute to the outstanding alumni and faculty members who have helped change the department, University, and the world.


March 2012 | Chemical Engineering

Montrose remembered as "eternally upbeat"

Alumnus and former AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Class President Donald “Don” Montrose (BS ‘04) passed away on March 26, 2012 due to a pulmonary embolism. A department fund has been established to honor this "stellar student" and "eternally upbeat" alum.


April 2011 | Chemical Engineering

Himmelblau: "A True Gentleman"

Alumnus David Himmelblau ( M.S. '56, Ph.D., '57) served as professor of chemical engineering at the University of Texas, Austin for 42 years. During this time, he penned eleven books and over 200 articles. For his contributions, Himmelblau was named Distinguished Alumnus by the department in 1995. He passed in April 2011.


December 2010 | Chemical Engineering

Pope: "Driven by humanitarian incentives"

Bill Pope is a ChemE original. He served as professor and chair of Chemical Engineering at Brigham Young University and acting president at Iran's Abadam Institute of Technology. He also made contributions to the synthetic diamond industry. For these efforts, he was named 2011 Distinguished Alumnus in Industry.


September 2010 | Chemical Engineering

University benefitted from Garlid's 40 years of service

Prof. Kermit Garlid had many roles at the UW during his 40 year career. In addition to professor of chemical engineering, Garlid served as associate dean of the college of engineering, vice provost of the university and chair of nuclear engineering. He passed away in September 2010.

Alumni Obituaries

Ivor John James, Jr. (BS '43), who passed in November 2011, served as head of the Patent Counsel Nuclear Group and worked at General Electric Patent Department.

Joseph McCarthy (BS '34), who passed in May 2000, was professor emeritus of chemical engineering and forest resources at UW.

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