The Greek Class of 1883 (Photo by Theodore Peiser)

Welcome to the Department of Classics

Welcome to the Department of Classics

The Department of Classics at the University of Washington, housed in historic Denny Hall, has a highly competitive graduate program and one of the most successful undergraduate programs in the country.  In addition to offering courses in Latin and Greek at all levels and a wide array of courses in translation, the Department also runs a program in Rome in the 16th century Palazzo Pio during the Spring Quarter every year and participates in a consortium of colleges that offers students the opportunity to excavate at Tel Dor in Israel.

Study of the Greek and Roman classics fosters the development of life-long skills in research, analysis, critical thinking and communication that prepare students for effective participation in a variety of careers and endeavors. Each term we offer courses open to majors and non-majors, on Classical archaeology, Classical literature and culture, Greek, and Latin.  Of those, our team-taught course Classics 210: Greek and Roman Classics in English, is offered in autumn, winter and spring. Classics 430: Classical Mythology is typically offered every term.

A beginning course in Latin or in ancient Greek is for many students a gateway to further language study, and for many more a one-time educational adventure in itself, opening a window on to other ways of constructing language and the world, and revealing codes which underlie much modern language and culture. It is possible to embark on the study of Latin in Autumn, Winter or Summer terms; students may begin the study of Greek in Autumn or Summer terms.

Click on Courses for a detailed list of present, past, and future offerings and the current year overview chart to see our planned offerings at a glance.  Courses offered in the Summer Quarter, including intensive, beginning courses in Latin and Greek, are described in our Summer Study section.

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Degrees offered: 4 BAs, 4 minors, 3 MAs, 1 PhD
Languages: Latin, Ancient Greek
Number of majors: 57
Total enrollment: 3,557
Number of faculty: 14
As of Autumn 2011