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Center For Statistics And The Social Sciences

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences promotes collaborative interdisciplinary research on statistical methods for the social sciences, and teaches a rich menu of courses for social science students.


CSSS Researchers develop a new method for projecting population
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Working Paper no. 126 (329K bytes)

"Regional Probabilistic Fertility Forecasting by Modeling Between-Country Correlations"
Bailey Fosdick and Adrian E. Raftery
December 2012

Working Paper no. 125 (329K bytes)

"Latent Demographic Profile Estimation in Hard-to-Reach Groups"
Tyler McCormick and Tian Zheng
November 2012

Working Paper no. 124 (409K bytes)

"Separable Factor Analysis with Applications to Mortality Data"
Bailey K. Fosdick and Peter Hoff
November 2012

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