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The Ethnic Cultural Center


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Welcome to the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center. The ECC has a wealth of resources and opportunities available to students including student advising, organizational development, personal growth, and referrals to different departments and programs.

We are reminded daily by how students of color and their political and social activism have changed the university landscape. Dating back as far as 1917, students of color have continuously challenged this institution to provide underrepresented and minority students an equal social and educational opportunity.

The Center represents a “home away from home” to many of our ECC students. The Center has been a place where students can find familiar faces similar to themselves, staff that care about their academic and personal well-being, and where students can meet, interact, hang out, and build community. ECC is also a place where you can learn leadership development skills, share and understand different cultural perspectives, and become future leaders of tomorrow.