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Know what you want to do, but not sure how to do it? Find out here.

Cloud Computing

Get Started with Amazon Web Services
Learn about Amazon Cloud Computing services, including how to set up and launch an instance, set up an S3 account, download and configure the Firefox S3 organizer, and more.

Use Shibboleth with EC2
Many eScience simulations are going to run on various clouds, especially Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Rather than re-implement authentication for each service, it would be helpful to allow users to access existing accounts. Learn how here.

Deploy an Application on Microsoft Windows Azure
Simple instructions to getting your application deployed on Windows Azure.

Get Started with SciDB
SciDB is a new open-source data management and analytics software system (DMAS) that is organized around a multi-dimensional array data model, a generalization of conventional relational databases that can provide orders of magnitude better performance for certain applications. 

Parallel Computing

Run Pleasingly Parallel Computations in the Cloud
Learn what constitutes a pleasingly parallel job and explore three possible implementations for running such a job in the cloud.

SQL and SQLShare

Getting Started with SQLShare
How to upload your data and work with queries in SQLShare.

Accessing SQLShare from R
An example of using the SQLShare API from within the R language

Accessing SQLShare from Python
How to use the SQLShare API from within the Python language

Configure Linked Microsoft SQL Servers
Simple instructions for configuring linked SQL servers.

Run Microsoft SQL Server in the Cloud
We will create an Amazon Instance that runs SQL Server.

Virtual Machines

Create a virtual machine for software bundling or reproducible research
Learn what you can do with virtual machines, and find instructions for creating a virtual machine to distribute course-specific software.