Tuition Components

Required Fees

  1. Student Technology
    The Student Technology Fee is used to provide funds for the improvement of technology used by the students at the University of Washington campuses. The Student Technology Fee Committee determines the expenditure of this fee. The student led committee allocates money for technology resources for general student use pursuant to RCW 28B.15.051 and the agreement between the ASUW, Graduate and Professional Student Senate, and the Board of Regents.

  2. Services & Activities
    Used to fund student activities and programs such as ASUW & GPSS Activities, Student Publications, Student Loan Fund, Hall Health Primary Care Center, recreational sports programs, childcare, student legal services, Ethnic Cultural Center, Student Union facilities and UW CARES

  3. Facilities Renovation Fee
    The Student Facilities Renovation Fee, approved in May 2009 by the Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC), covers some of the costs associated with the renovations of the Husky Union Building (HUB), the Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC), and the Hall Health Primary Care Center (HHPCC).

  4. IMA Bond
    The $35 IMA Bond Fee is used to fund expansion of the Intramural Activities (IMA) building and improvements to recreational sports programs facilities including: construction of a synthetic-turf, night-lighted, multi-activity sports field, and renovation of the golf driving range.

  5. U-Pass
    The U-Pass fee is mandatory for all registered and enrolled UW Seattle students who pay a Services and Activities Fee.

Students who withdraw may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the U-PASS fee for a given quarter according to the tuition refund schedule.

Note that UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, and Professional and Continuing Education students have different fee requirements and different return/refund policies apply. For specific information regarding the U-Pass program at each campus, please visit one of the following websites:

  • Seattle students:
    • UW Seattle Commuter Services
  • Bothell students:
    • UW Bothell Transportation Services website
  • Tacoma students:
    • UW Tacoma Getting to Campus website
  • Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) students

Optional Fees

  1. Student Insurance
    Enroll, sign up or change selection:
    Eligible students must sign up, change, or cancel the insurance selection onMyUW, or in person at the Student Fiscal Services Office by the third Friday of the quarter. If you do not cancel or change the plan, you will be considered enrolled in it and will be required to pay the premium for the plan selected. You may not cancel your insurance by not paying the premium.
    Payment of premium:
    The premium is billed with your tuition and must be paid by the tuition due date. Failure to pay the premium by that date will result in subsequent notices being sent and may result in a hold being placed on your records. Financial Aid will pay the insurance premium automatically in most cases.

  2. WashPIRG
    In 1976 students formed the Washington Student Public Interest Research Group (WashPIRG) to investigate problems, educate the public about solutions, and lobby for reforms on issues of general public interest.

  3. WSA Washington Student Association
    The Washington Student Association pursues affordable, accessible, and quality higher education for students in the State of Washington.

Related Fees

Charge Cost Reason for charge
Late Registration $25 you registered for the first time between the 1st and10th day of the quarter
Late Registration $75 you registered for the first time after the 10th day of the quarter
Change of Registration $20 for any add, drop, or change of registration processed after the 7th calendar day of the quarter - only one change of registration fee is charged per day
Late Payment $50 past due tuition and mandatory fee balances between $50 and $249.99
Late Payment $120 past due tuition and mandatory fee balances of $250 and above
Check Replacement Fee $25 request for a replacement financial aid check due to loss or misplacement of the original check
Returned Items $25 for any check returned from your bank as unpaid

More student fee information is available on the Office of Planning & Budgeting website.

Over 18 credit surcharge

If you are an undergraduate, graduate or law student and are registered for more than 18 credits, you are charged additional tuition (a surcharge) for each credit over 18. If you make changes to your class schedule after the first week of the quarter which lowers your credit load below 18 credits, you will be charged a forfeiture of one-half the cost of the surcharge. The surcharge for each credit above 18 will not be reduced for classes dropped after the 30th day of the quarter.

See tuition rates for surcharge amounts.

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