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Natalie Mizik
Natalie Mizik, associate professor of marketing, finds that a strategy of artificially timing—or “ratcheting”—the introduction of innovations yields stock market gains at the expense of revenue growth.
Department of Marketing & International Business

Marketing is one of the largest areas of employment in business employing an estimated one-quarter of the workforce.

Marketing consists of advertising, consumer behavior, marketing management, product development, social media, retail and sales management. The field integrates economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics. At Foster students learn how to think strategically and make a difference in any industry.

International business
Every major industry has been affected by international business trends, innovations, and trade. Foster's international business curriculum prepares students for careers in export and import firms, international banking, multinational business, government agencies, international organizations, and more.

Undergraduate students can concentrate their international studies through the Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) program. Students can also take advantage of Foster global programs such as studying or working abroad, business competitions and more while at the Foster School.

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Foster team wins Intercollegiate Marketing Competition for third time
Jordan Barr, Marnie Brown, Elliott Klein, and Leta BeardJuniors Jordan Barr, Marnie Brown and Elliott Klein impressed the judges with their professionalism and ability to “understand the total picture” of the problem.
Douglas MacLachlan, emeritus professor of marketing, retired after 42 years at Foster. In his career, he published over 100 articles, served as department chair for five terms, and taught many courses. Read about his illustrious career.
Nidhi AgrawalGuilt v. Shame
Nidhi Agrawal's research shows public service announcements do more harm than good when they evoke shame.
Marketing Careers
Undergraduates can tailor their elective courses to prepare for a variety of careers in marketing such as advertising, consulting, sales, or retail management. Learn more.