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Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance (HLDA)
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Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance

The mission of the UW Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance is to transform our region's healthcare system one leader at a time

These are challenging times for those who work in healthcare. Physicians and senior leaders face increasing demands on their time, declining revenues, and the difficult choices involved in balancing career and personal needs. Despite making personal sacrifices for their work, many are experiencing significantly decreased career satisfaction, and some are even reconsidering their commitment to healthcare as a profession.

There are many paths back to a satisfying career. For some, it is the search for coaching and guidance to develop a new personal and professional identity. For others, it is the recognition of the need for a wider range of professional skills and training, or the desire to make a difference by stepping up to lead. Still others are uncertain how to deal with the stress, burnout, and life balance problems that are now an increasing part of their lives.

The UW Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance exists to support physicians and senior healthcare leaders in developing and maintaining competent, satisfying, and productive careers. We do this by engaging them in a strengths-based career development process that helps them understand the sources of their career dissatisfaction while providing practical solutions and personal development plans that restore professional satisfaction and balance.

Understand who you are, and reclaim your initial enthusiasm for your professional career.

We can help.