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Welcome to the Instructional Center Website.
The IC is a comprehensive academic support center.

To teach is to learn.

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What is a Comprehensive Learning Center?



Signup in person beginning April 15, 2013 for the Summer 2013 Professional Exam prep courses


See a sample of the Math placement exam. If you would like some practice try it here.

The IC has a website devoted to our students who are interested
in pursuing a career in medicine called Pre-Med Hub.

The Committee on Learning Skills Centers says that "it is a special place where students come for special instruction not usually included in 'regular' classrooms."  This means that the Instructional Center (IC) is a place where students can take their time to learn and where students are not afraid to ask questions. It is a place where students study together and develop support groups and lasting friendships. The IC is truly a special place at the University of Washington.

The Instructional Center is recognized as a model for learning centers at other universities.

In the spring of 2011 the IC conducted an online survey and this is how our students rated us:

Very Good
Math Tutors & Instructors

Established in 1970, you will not find a place like the Instructional Center anywhere else on campus. In fact, it is the first comprehensive learning center at the University of Washington.

Studies show that students who attend learning centers achieve better grades and are more successful during their college careers. The Instructional Center provides academic support for OMAD students.  By using the Instructional Center regularly you will:

  • Reduce study time by learning to study more effectively
  • Become better prepared for exams by learning concepts and mastering course material
  • Develop a more personalized approach to learning
  • Develop confidence in your academic abilities
  • Have the opportunity to study cooperatively in small groups

The IC is staffed by more than a several professional instructors and a multitude of tutors. You will find that they are enthusiastic and energetic people who like to teach and are interested in the welfare of the the students. There are instructors and tutors available for almost every academic discipline or major with an emphasis in Math, Science, Engineering and Technology.

In addition to extra instruction for your courses, the IC also offers:
  • A complete computer lab with up-to-date hardware and software, as well as access to the Internet 
  • Preparation Workshops for the DAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, OAT and PCAT
  • Study Skills Sessions and Assessments 
  • Courses in Critical Reading for Speed and Comprehension  
  • Assessments for Academic Achievement, Reading, Writing, Math, Learning Styles, and Affective Behaviors. 

Last Revised: June 7, 2013