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Will Afghanistan Take Central Asia Down with It?

With the 2014 deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan looming, various players and analysts are warning of the potential for spillover into Central Asia. In an August 1, 2013 article in The National Interest, Ellison Center Director Scott Radnitz and Marlene Laruelle, director of the Central Asia Program, Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University caution that this alarmism is based on faulty assumptions advanced by strategists with a tendency to fall victim to “mappism”. Read their commentary to find out why they don’t buy the spillover narrative and what they see as the greatest threat to Central Asian states. Read the article here.



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STARTALK brings Russian out of home, into real world
By Indra Ekmanis

"While tens of thousands of Russian heritage speakers live in Washington State, few have many opportunities to learn the language outside of the home and community schools. STARTALK, a language program at the University of Washington, is helping to change this. The summer program offers a chance for high school students and community teachers to improve their skills in a government-funded initiative geared toward promoting sustained language education.”

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