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AskUW - Send us a question via text message

cellphone with a text message example - ASKUW - purpleTEXT the UW @ 66746, keyword askuw

To send a question via text messaging from your cell phone:

  • Text us at 66746
  • Start your message with the keyword ASKUW (lower case also ok) followed by a space
  • Type your question and press send
    • Example: askuw Guns germs and steel dvd – available?

What happens when you send your first question?

You'll receive an automated, generic response required by the cell phone providers. This is the only time you'll receive an automated response.

What is the text service?

This service enables you to send a text question from your cell phone to the UW Libraries and then receive answers from the UW Libraries.

When is the service available?

Questions will be answered:

  • 9am - 5pm, Monday - Fridays
  • 1pm - 5pm, Saturdays - Sundays
  • and we are often able to respond during the evening and other times on the weekend as well.


We will respond as soon as we can. For immediate service, use our 24/7 chat service.
We are unable to respond to text messages during interim and holidays when the Libraries are closed.

What kind of questions can I ask via texting?

Although you can ask any question, the service works best for simple, quick questions (up to 160 characters). However, we can easily move your question to email and will ask for an email address in order to follow up, so don't hesitate to ask any question.

What if my question is too complicated?

If we determine that your question will require a lengthy answer and needs the attention of one of our subject librarians, we'll ask you for your email address. Your question will then be referred automatically to an expert and you'll receive a response via your email.

What does the service cost?

The UW Libraries does not charge for this service, but charges from your cell phone provider may apply. These charges vary among plans and providers. The UW Libraries does not take any responsibility for any charges your mobile phone provider may assess you for sending or receiving messages while using this service.

Does ASKUW always need to be included at the beginning of questions, and does it need to be included in a reply?

No – the askuw keyword only needs to be included in the first question you send.

What about privacy?

The service is private and secure. The service (Mosio) assigns a random User ID number to each user, and the phone number is never visible to or accessible by the Libraries at any time.