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Tips for Accessing Print Reserves

Tips and policies for physical course reserves


  • Procedures for finding physical reserve materials vary from library to library.
    • Many units have open reserves where you can find the materials on the shelves yourself.
    • Other units have closed reserve shelves where you need to write down the call number(s) and present them to the reserve desk staff along with your UW Husky Card.
  • Loan periods also vary.

If you have questions, check with the library you are using.


  • Reserve materials cannot be renewed.
  • Some units will allow users to check out reserve materials again immediately if no one is waiting for them. Ask about this at the library you are using.


  • Reserve fines accrue at a rate of $2.50 per hour.
  • The maximum fine is $50.00 per item.
  • When the fine reaches the maximum, you will be billed for $50.00 plus the replacement cost of the material ($150 or more).
  • All days or hours are counted for fining purposes whether the library unit is open or closed. Any part of a day or hour is computed as a full day or hour.

Returning reserve material

  • Reserve materials must be returned to the library where they were checked out.
  • If the library is open, they must be returned to the circulation/reserve desk.
  • If the library is closed, they may be placed in the book drop of the library where they were checked out.
  • Items returned to anyplace other than where they were checked out are not counted as returned until they reach the original checkout library. This may take several days. During this time, fines will be charged.

Library users checking out reserve materials are responsible for:

  • All reserve materials checked out on their card.
  • Knowing when reserve items are due, and returning them on time.
  • Understanding the Libraries' fine and circulation policies.
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