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Browse Health Sciences Guides

  • Airlift Northwest by Amy Harper
  • AMA Style Guide by Terry Jankowski
  • Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine by Joanne Rich
  • APA Style Guide by Janet Schnall
  • Basic Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Resources by Joanne Rich
  • CINAHL Plus Help Guide by Joanne Rich
  • Clinical Nursing eBooks by Kathleen Turner
  • Clinical Pharmacy: Evidence-Based Practice Information Sources by Joanne Rich
  • Community Health Nursing by Joanne Rich
  • Connect from Off-Campus to UW-Restricted Resources by HSL Liaisons
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) by Sherry Dodson
  • Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) by Sherry Dodson
  • Data Resources in the Health Sciences by Joanne Rich
  • Dissertations & Theses by HSL Liaisons
  • DOI (digital object identifier): What is it? by Joanne Rich
  • eBook Collections by HSL Liaisons
  • EndNote by Amy Harper
  • EndNote Web by Joanne Rich
  • EndNote Web and RefWorks by HSL Liaisons
  • Environmental & Occupational Health by Sarah Safranek
  • Ethics by HSL Liaisons
  • Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) by Janet Schnall
  • Evidence-Based Practice by HSL Liaisons
  • Evidence-Based Practice Tools by HSL Liaisons
  • Family Medicine Systematic Review Workshop (May 2013) by Leilani St. Anna
  • Find NIH-funded Works: NIH RePORTER by Joanne Rich
  • Finding Drug Information by Terry Jankowski
  • Finding Qualitative Research Articles by Joanne Rich
  • Gerontology by Joanne Rich
  • Getting Started with HS Library Resources by Janet Schnall
  • Global Health by Sarah Safranek
  • Grant Resources by Janet Schnall
  • Grey Literature by Janet Schnall
  • HaPI: Searching the Health and Psychosocial Instruments database by Janet Schnall
  • Health Care Quality & Safety by Amy Harper
  • Health Care Reform (UW Libraries, Gov Pubs) by HSL Liaisons
  • Health Information Resources for Developing Countries by Sarah Safranek
  • Health Services / Health Policy & Administration by Sarah Safranek
  • How to Improve Database Search Results by HSL Liaisons
  • Impact Factors by Janet Schnall
  • Improving Patient Care Through Locating and Using Library and Internet Resources by Janet Schnall
  • Lab Protocols and Resources by Diana Louden
  • Library Services for Paramedics by Amy Harper
  • Life After the U by Janet Schnall
  • Measurement Tools/Research Instruments by Joanne Rich
  • Medical History by HSL Liaisons
  • Medical Student Tools by Leilani St. Anna
  • Mendeley by HSL Liaisons
  • Mobile Resources by Ann Gleason
  • Multimedia Resources by Joanne Rich
  • MyNCBI by HSL Liaisons
  • NIH Public Access Policy Help Guide by Joanne Rich
  • Nursing Information Case Scenario by Janet Schnall
  • Nursing Student Tools by Joanne Rich
  • Nutritional Sciences by Sarah Safranek
  • Ophthalmology by Janet Schnall
  • Papers 2 for Mac by Amy Harper
  • Podcasts in Medicine & Public Health by Sarah Safranek
  • Psychiatry by Sherry Dodson
  • Public Health by Sarah Safranek
  • PubMed at the UW by HSL Liaisons
  • RefWorks at UW by HSL Liaisons
  • Research & Information Services at HMC by Amy Harper
  • Scholarly Publishing by Terry Jankowski
  • SciVal Experts and SciVal Funding by Diana Louden
  • Scopus by Janet Schnall
  • Social Work by Ann Gleason
  • Specialties and Health Sciences Schools by Leilani St. Anna
  • Statistics Sources: Health Sciences by Sarah Safranek
  • Surgery by Amy Harper
  • Systematic Reviews by Leilani St. Anna
  • Translational Researcher Tools by Diana Louden
  • Unrequired Reading by Lisa Oberg
  • What Journal Should I Submit To? by Joanne Rich
  • Writer's Guide by Terry Jankowski
  • Zotero by HSL Liaisons

Course Guides

  • Advanced Search Techniques: MEDEX by Sarah Safranek
  • BH 460: Responsible Conduct of Research by Leilani St. Anna
  • CIPCT (Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies) by Janet Schnall
  • Community Health Nursing by Joanne Rich
  • Effective Database Searching & Use of Library Resources by Leilani St. Anna
  • ENVH 583: Using Library Databases and Tools for Research by Sarah Safranek
  • MEDEX 2013 Introduction to the Health Sciences Library by Sarah Safranek
  • Medical Student Tools by Leilani St. Anna
  • MIDM Session 2: Resources by Leilani St. Anna
  • NCLIN 556: Case Scenario by Janet Schnall
  • NMETH 403 Finding Research and Evidence-Based Health Information by Joanne Rich
  • NMETH 520: Evidence-Based Practice Resources and Activity by Janet Schnall
  • NMETH 533: Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Resources by Janet Schnall
  • NURS 303 Foundations of Professional Nursing: Library Resources by Joanne Rich
  • NURS 304: Using the Library by Joanne Rich
  • NURS 309: Drug Information Resources by Janet Schnall
  • NURS 410: Finding Bioethics Resources by Janet Schnall
  • NURS 415 Nursing of Families Childbearing and Childrearing: Finding and Identifying Research by Joanne Rich
  • NURS 499c: Finding Health Information Online by Janet Schnall
  • NURS 511 - Library Tips by Joanne Rich
  • NURS 560 Dynamics of Community Health Practice: Library Resources by Joanne Rich
  • NURS 593: Search for Evidence for Preventive Therapeutics by Janet Schnall
  • Nursing Student Tools by Joanne Rich
  • RHB PO 583 Evidence Based Practice I by Terry Jankowski
  • SPH 491 - 492: Public Health Capstone by Sarah Safranek
  • SPH 493: Public Health Capstone by Leilani St. Anna



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