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List Description
American_student_association This list is for a RSO club so that we can keep in contact.
AnimalStudies working group to discuss animal studies
Askmcpaypractices Central place to inquire about Medical Center pay practices
BetYudBet Contacting group members
bh_minor BH Minors
burners_collective Member list for Burners Collective at the UW.
Centc_sug_mentors_2010 For communication with mentors of undergradute researchers
Class-awards Yearly event organization list for MBA students
Clowescenter to communicate news and events of the clowes center
Coe_eltep_cohort_2009 For Elementary Master in Teaching students, faculty and TAs
Drama_alum To keep in touch with BA alumni from the UW
Eegmeg_autism Science of EEG and MEG with individuals with ASD
Engagescience Engage: The Science Speaker Series News and Information
Findb_info Tell members about changes to the findb database.
FosterEN Foster Entrepreneur Network
Genomedata-users Users of the Genomedata storage system
Germancisbtrack Students in German CISB Track
Global_business_society Global Business Society
Greendot2010 To share information about Green Dot at UW
Healthequitycircle Health Equity Circle Mailing List
Hmcspecimentransport Communication between Pathology and HMC labs/clinics
Hvzt-members Humans vs. Zombies Tag public updates
inmmuw Institute of Nuclear Materials Management student discussio
Int-10-44w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-44W
Int-10-45w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-45W
Int-10-46w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-46W
Math-club Math club news and info
MBAAofficers ListServ for all 2010-2011 MBAA Club Officers
MeetGreetTeach To invite people to PoEs Meet, Greet, Teach events.
Mindfulnesssw Forum for discussion of Mindfulness in Social Work
Mobiledev Discussion of all things related to mobile app development
Monitoring-announce important announcements about monitoring services
Monitoring-discuss discussion of computer system and application monitoring
Mortarbd_2011 To easily contact Mortar Board 2011 members
Muse_change_req notify hmc and uwmc stakeholders of changes on EKG system
Nedsnursing Facilitate communication among NeDS members
Ntuf_biacore Contact list for users of the Biacore at the NTUF
Odegaardlibraryexhibitions Requests for exhibition space in OUGL.
Preregistration Register & update patient records via email.
QFS Q Faculty & Staff Affinity Group OMAD
Qmedicine LGBTQ Medical Student Group at UWSOM
Qmentors Support and information forum for Q Center mentors.
QMGList Listserv for RSO Q Mens Group
QPOCA_LIST Queer People of Color Discussions RSO
Reecasnewsletter For those interested in subscribing to REECAS e-NL
Relig-interested UW Comparative Religion Announcements
Renohuskies Reno Huskies
Restoration UW restoration ecology listserv
RHELlanad Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW tech support
Rideshareuwb Share the commute to the Bothell Campus
Road-to-law-school Communicate with students in law school diversity events
Rosebowl Husky Football
rrc_active Active Members of RRC
Rsonews Student Org Events at UW
rt-uw [no description available]
Ruckusupdates announcements about the student-led newspaper Ruckus
Safety_training Mailing list for monthly safety training schedule
Safezones A program to provide a Safe Zone for GLBT persons at UW
Salsa_SCT To contact the UW and Seattle Salsa Community
Salsa_UW To contact the UW Salsa Club
Sanskrit_chaatra_varga Sanskrit study group
SASAUW-UW-Members SASA UW - UW Members - General Mailing List
SASAUW-Volunteers SASAUW - Volunteers - General Mailing List
SCAH AcademyHealth Student Chapter
Scholarships Local & national scholarship information for undergraduates
Sdbg Seattle Dev Biol Group
Sdsatuw Discussion and information for speech and debate team
searchuw Search working group
SeattleLactationJournalClub List for members of the Seattle Lactation Journal Club
SeattlePTC Distribution list for PTC trainings & resources announcement
Sexual_literacy Announcements of the Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy
Sfs_webcc Merchant Credit Card
Sharepoint_tech SharePoint Technology Discussion List
Sim_lecture_series Science in Medicine Seminar Series
Sisterhood A list of girls involved in Sisterhood at the UW
Sla-uw membership list for student SLA chapter
SLAP_pals General announcement list for the UW Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Administration and/or Republican spies need not apply!
SLUSeminars Seminar notices at SLU Campus
Smartgrid Coordinate Smart Grid research activity
Socioling Sociolinguistics Discussion Group
Soda_uwb Student Organizing Diversity Activities group list
SOMITS School of Medicine Information Technology Support
Sonea2 Early Adopters Application Test Group
Sonmoodle Mailing list for moodle users in the School of Nursing
Sows_students To give SOWS students access to each other
Spec UW Medicine Security Program Executive Committee
SSA-UW Somali Student Association
Sss-struggle For relaying news, information, and events
Stammtisch German in Seattle
StatCom [no description available]
Statgenannounce distribute information about statistical genetics events
Stonewallmed A GLBTA health professions association
Strategyclub Foster Strategy Club is a new club focusin on Strategy
Stray-poetry Logophiles and logophilesphiles.
Student-parents_at_uw_members To moderate the list of members for UWSPO RSO
studyarch Listserv for prospective Architecture students
Studycaup for those interested in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Community and Environmental Planning, Urban Design and Planning, and Construction Management
Studycm Listserv for prospective CM students
Sustainablerehab Discuss issues related to Sustainable Rehabilitation
Svenska Mailing list for Swedish Club members
Swiauw [no description available]
sws-client-app-dev Notification of events affecting the Student Web Service
Symantec-firewall UW Medicine Sygate/Symantec firewall discussion
Systems-control To co-ordinate student collaborations in systems and control
Tarwars For students participating in the Tar Wars program
TASCHA-UW [no description available]
Teachers-without-borders-club Facilitate discussion and send information concerning TWB OC
Tentering0910 To provide incoming transfer students with UW information
The_jacob_lawrence_gallery Mailing List for the Jake
Tipsy Information for users of TIPSY
Tmmba2009 Allow TMMBA Class of 2009 to interact socially
Tmmba8studytrip TMMBA Class 8 International Study Trip
Transfer_students A listserve for transfer students to network and connect
TransferNews Distribution List for The Quarterly UW Transfer eNewsletter
Tscgc To notify representatives in the Terry Student Council
tuition-team UW Tuition Team
Tweeters-Alerts Current sightings of noteworthy birds in Washington State
Unleashed Unleashed! A Cappella Group
Urplistserv A Moderated List for Undergraduates in Research
UW-CPE UW Continuing Pharmacy Education
UW-CTE-Conference Info on the UW Communicating The Environment Conference
UW-Employer_HuskyNews UW Recruiting News for Employers
UW-Gerontology Communications channel for UW community interested in all aspects of gerontology
Uw-gis-l UW - GIS Discussion & Support
Uw-videoconferencing UW videoconferencing administrators discussion.
UWabsa Contacts and Members of the Asian Business Student Association
UWAndroid Android at the UW -- Discussions for all things Android
Uwangio to send information to the group
UWant communication and collaboration with all UW analysts
Uwb-boeinginternship Students interested in the Boeing Business Internhips
Uwb-wastatelegislatureinternship Students interested in WA State Legislature Internship
uwbFrisbee to keep in contact with all the frisbee players at the UWB
Uwbioe10 For New PhD, MS, and BS/MS students in Bioengineering
UWBrian Email notifications from
UWBTempest To keep in contact with UWB frisbee club
Uwcinema UW Cinema Studies List
UWCOEAlumni UW College of Education Alumni
UWDiversity Promote understanding and awareness of diversity at the UW
Uwds [no description available]
UWEIChallenge To communicate with students interested in the EIC
Uweiga A Resource for Japanese Film in Seattle
Uwengl_alum Alumni of the UW Department of English
UWFiscalSupport Forum for discussion of UW fiscal related topics
Uwfoodcoop To aid in the organizing and operating of a student food cooperative
Uwfsaealum UWFSAE Alumni
UWHSRotaract Rotaract Club Members & Supporters
Uwimagingsupervisors to send information
uwlib-rcboard UW Libraries Research Commons Advisory Board
Uwlib-tutorials librarians sharing ideas for information literacy tutorials
Uwmakingthedifference Listserv for UW students/alumni interested in federal jobs
uwmc_hospitalists UWMC Hospitalist Attending Physicians
Uwnucmed to send information to the group
UWPA_list University of Washington Post Doctoral Association
uwpoetry Informing about RSO, Poetry Slam Collective at UW
Uwpoolclub A list proc for all the members of the UW Pool Club
Uwradrecords to send information to the group
Uwradtranscript to send information to the group
uwrecognition Information to enhance UW departmental recognition programs
Uwsail UW Sailing Team Info
Uwsec contact information of all engineering societies
Uwser for SER UW guild members
Uwsps-qft QFT Seminar Mailing list
Uwt-urban Current academic information for Urban Studies majors.
Uwt_cru Campus Crusade for Christ at UW Tacoma!
Uwt_international_students Announcements for UWTs international student population.
Uwt_naso Native American Student Org at UWT
Uwtadvisers UW Tacoma Academic Advisers
uwtaichi-list Mailman list for Chen Style Tai Chi Club at UW
UWTappi UW Student Chapter of TAPPI
Uwtechacm UW Tacoma ACM Student Chapter Mailing List
Uwtechgrad [no description available]
Uwtechstudentworkers Maintain Institute Student Workers updated
Uwtechvisitor This list will be used to send info to Visiting Guests
Uwtenviroseminar Announcements for UW Tacoma environmental science seminars
Uwtfiscal UWT fiscal staff supporting one another
Uwus to send information to the group
Uwvascularlab to send information to the group
UWWaterski For anyone interested in joining the Washington Water Ski Team
UWweb A place for UW Web folks to collaborate
Uwwebmetrics Discussion forum about UW web stats usage and metrics.
Velociraptor Velociraptor Appreciation Society
VSA The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Washington
WA-AWRA_water_jobs advertise water-related jobs to students and staff
Watchdawg North of 45th Safety Info
Wednesday_mindfulness_sangha Mindfulness Meditation Practice & Support Group
WGResearch Research Strategy and Support Service Model Team (WG II)
Wii_friday To inform UW Tech staff interested in Wii Friday events
wocc_uw University of Washington Women of Color Collective
WomenInGS [no description available]
Womenofhuskycycling Networking among the female members of the Husky Cycling Team
Womens_lax To serve as an efficient means of communication for the Washington Womens Lacrosse team
WS-Alums [no description available]
Ws-certificate WS Certificate Student departmental information
Wwuwmc Folks interested in WW@Work at the Medical Center
Xisigmapi for Xi Sigma Pi members
YALUW Announcements and meeting information for members of YAL-UW

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