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List Description
aaivmail Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
AAPHIA Network of African Public Health Informatics Programs
Academyhealth_student_chapter UW Student chapter for AcademyHealth
AccessDL Designing accessible distance learning courses
Accessibleweb Discussions and events related to accessible web design
AccessWeb Discussion and technical assistance to accessible web
Acct1-wvhl Communications between UW Med ITS and UW Med Accounting
Acmsmajors ACMS Undergraduate Majors
Activemindsatuw To contact members of the RSO Active Minds chapter at UW
Activists Rabble Rousers
Actuary_Club A forum for discussion for member of The Actuary Club at UW
ADAI-L UW Alcohol/Drug Researchers
Advisers Academic Advising - University of Washington
AFERM Alliance for Equal Representation in Medicine listserv
Afia Network of African Public Health Informatics Programs
AFTA listserve for Advocates for the Arts, a UW Law RSO
Ag_list Annual Giving Officers Discussion and Announcements List
Agile09 Agile Cert Program 2009-2010 Email List
Aikidoclub Shin Ryu Aikido Club mailing list
AIM_Status Manatee/AIM Mailing List
Airpollutionepi Air Pollution Epidemiology Meetings - Environmental Health
Airsoft-uw List for people interested in airsoft
AISES American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Aismajors Distribution list for American Indian Studies majors.
Akpsialumni To manage AKPsi alumni contact information.
Alpine-announce Alpine announcements
Alpine-info Alpine Discussion Forum
Amath-seminars Applied Mathematics Department seminar announcements
Ambulatoryrnlist Ambulatory LPC communication
American_brahms_society Broadcast Events for the ABS
American_student_association This list is for a RSO club so that we can keep in contact.
AmericanRedCrossClubatUW Announcements about meetings and activities
Amnestylist Amnesty International at the UW
amp-l Amputee Information Network
Anchors Anchor institutions
Anesthesiologyresearch To disseminate research and collaboration opportunities.
AnimalStudies working group to discuss animal studies
Anthropology-undergrad Items of interest for Anthropology undergrads
Antimony-announce Announcements regarding the Antimony language
AP-InfoList UW Accounts Payable News and Information
APAFSUW UW Asian & Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association (APIAFSA)
Apalsamembers To promote the interests of API law students
APAMSAUW To distribute APAMSA event information to its members
Appdev UW Applications Developers List
appleuw To inform and update students that are a part of APPLE.
APRA-NW Communication between APRA-NW members
archery_targets Archery Club News & Info
Archivists To promote the study of Archives & Preservation
Arcuw Amateur Radio Club at UW
ARIE-L Discussion of the Ariel Document Transmission System
Artadvice Info for Prospective & Current Majors in the School of Art
Artnews Art News
Artslink information for undergraduates interested in the Arts
Asiatalk Asian Languages & Literature List
asistlist To share ASIS&T UW news, events & discussions
Askmcpaypractices Central place to inquire about Medical Center pay practices
ASPGradStudents African Studies Program Interested Graduate Students
ASPUndergradStudents African Studies Program Undergraduate Students
Astro-iya Astronomy International Year of Astronomy mailing list
Astro_observatory coordinate volunteers for public viewing at Jacobsen Observatory
Asuw_women Womens Action Commission Message Board
Asuwfilms Information about the ASUW A&E Film Series
AthletesInAction To unite athletes in Christian Community
awra_uw distribute AWRA UW student chapter information
Awwa-wef Amer. Water Works Assoc./ Water Environment Foundation Club - Announcements Only
B_GOODD Biology graduate student discussion on diversity issues
BahaiFaith To promote the unity of mankind
BallroomAtUW Ballroom at UW Club Announcements
BAPUW Beta Alpha Psi - Delta Chapter
Bartiones Listserv to keep current UW Husky Band Baritones up to date
Bcgrad2004 to notify biochem graduate students on upcoming seminars
Beactive Washington Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity - full membership/public list
BetYudBet Contacting group members
Bfsuw Black Faculty and Staff at the UW
bh_minor BH Minors
Bhi-alumni BHI Graduate Alumni list
Bidiscuss announcement list for UW's Bi discussion group
Biocareers Notification of events held by Bioscience Careeers committee
BioE_SAB [no description available]
Bioethics Information about bioethics events, lectures, etc.
bits_uw communication for members of BITS
Black_social_workers Discussion Group for Black Social Workers
Blackberry Blackberry at the UW -- Discussions for all things Blackberry
BMSD_all Email list of all students and faculty in the BMSD program
BMSD_faculty Commucation to faculty in the BMSD graduate program
BMSD_students Commucation to students in the BMSD graduate program
Boffing-announce Order of the Duct Tape Announcements
Boffing-general Order of the Duct Tape General Discussion
Bpc09 Will be used to communicate everyone interested in bpc
Brazilianstudiescenter A listserve for the Brazilian Studies Center
Bri-series Biomedical Research Integrity Program announcements & updates (Bioethics & Humanities Dept)
Bsmenews Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Students
Bsu_uw Black Student Union at University of Washington Mailman
bsu_uwt Send out emails to members of the BSU at UW Tacoma
Bunstable SCA at UW [Medieval Living History]
burke_museum_at_uw Updates on student events and exhibit openings at the Burke
burners_collective Member list for Burners Collective at the UW.
BusEcon_CampuResumesDue HuskyJobs Resumes Due for Upcoming Bus/Econ On-Campus Interviews
Busplancomp Communicate about the UW Business Plan Competition
Cadu Core Academic Data Users
Cafes cafe's student mailing list
CampusQ University of Washington Queer Interest Group
Capitalmarketdiscussion Information and handouts pertaining to the CMD
casg Central Asian Studies Seminar announcement list
CatalystWorkshops Announcement list for Catalysts Walk-In Workshops Program
Cavity News about the University of Washington School of Dentistry.
Cayac_alumni Children and Youth Advocacy Alumni list
CBPR Community-Based Participatory Research
Cbprjobs Job postings in CBPR
Cbr-biomed Case-based reasoning in the health sciences research group
CCPH_news CCPH E-News
Ccprime_tot ways to connect all training participants
Cedamembers Committee for Eating Disorder Awareness mailing list
CEE-Jobs jobs for civil & environmental engr graduates
Centc_sug_mentors_2010 For communication with mentors of undergradute researchers
Centrobiodiesel A discussion forum for biodiesel efforts and developments in Central America.
CEPoutreach CEP Outreach Committee contacts
CFARMailing Mailing list for UW CFAR
Chem-biochemugs Advising news for chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates
Chessclub UW Chess Club
ChiefResidents Info for all Chief Residents in UW GME Programs
Chrjnews Human Rights at UW School of Law
CIDResource CIDR teaching and learning resources
cis-network External CIS mailing list
cis-uw Center for Information & Society news and discussion board
Cita_news Court Improvement Training Academy Updates
Civeugs CEE Undergrads
Cl-announce Announcements/discussion re: UW compling lab
Class-awards Yearly event organization list for MBA students
CLEJ_group Center for Labor and Employment Justice mailing list
climateupdate Climate Impacts Group mailing list
Climbers UW Climbers
Clintrials Clinical Trials Discussion Group
Clowescenter to communicate news and events of the clowes center
Clue-News CLUE announcements and schedule updates
CMclass_2011 Mailing List for the CM Class of 2011
Cmclub-interest To help coordinate members of the UW Chamber Music Club
Coe_eltep_cohort_2009 For Elementary Master in Teaching students, faculty and TAs
Coe_tep_cohort_2008 For College of Education TEP Students in 2008 Cohort
CoEd_Funding_Opportunities Funding opportunities for Education graduate students
Coenv_careers Environmental volunteer, internship & job opportunities
Collective listserv of the Critical Cultural Studies Collective
Collective_List The Collective Subscriber List
Commdiversitycommunity Dept. of Communication Student Diversity Community
Commission Community-Engaged Scholarship in the Health Professions
community_opportunities Community Volunteer Opportunities
Complabs UW Comp. Labs
CompNeuro Events and seminars relating to computational neuroscience
Computer_clusters People Interested in Computer Clusters
ConsoleFreeplay For people in the Console Freeplay RSO
Cooksboard Cooking Club
Cpgnetworking CPG Networking Announcements
CPS-GIS Central Puget Sound GIS Users
Criticalcare-uw Information and discussion regarding Critical Care at UW
CRNAgroup UWMC Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
Csauw-list Chinese Student Association Mailing List
Cse403-busview Mailing list for busview group for CSE 403 Winter 2008
CUEnews Catalyst/ User Engagement Team news
CUH-Outreach Continuing Education for the Gardening Public
Cusp_students CUSP Student Enrolled in the current quarter
D-biomech Biomechanics Discussion List
Dance_majors Dance Major Announcements
Dance_minors Dance Minor Announcements
Dasamembers Meeting Annoucments for the Disabilty Student Advocacy Alliance
Dasatalk Discussion of disability advocacy for DASA
Dawgalum Discussion List Young Alumni Husky Marching Band
DAWGnet Developer Architecture Working Group
Ddstudy-listserv Newsletter listserv for research participants
DeceptaconUltimate A mailing list for pickup games of ultimate frisbee.
Desi-Dhamaka-All-Members Desi Dhamaka - All Members - General Mailing List
Det910alumni To send messages to alumni of AFROTC Det 910
Dhsvm-users User Support list for DHSVM Model
DigitalHumanities Simpson Center outreach about the digital humanities
DigitalWell-UW UW DigitalWell User Group
Diversity_Career_Events Notices of Career Events targeting Diversity
Diversity_research_institute To post announcements for DRI events
Diversityminor_info Diversity Minor
DLP_Friends Friends of Delta Lambda Phi: Psi Chapter.
Drama_alum To keep in touch with BA alumni from the UW
Drama_bas Advice and resources for drama undergraduates
Drupal For users and administrators of Drupal web sites on campus.
DSAuw Undergraduate Dance Student Association at UW
dxarts-events Public dxarts events announcements
Eal-news East Asia Library Newsletter
EARCBytes News and announcements about upcoming EARC programs and events.
ECC-T Ethnic Cultural Center
Econjobs Jobs & Internships for Econ Majors
Econmaj Announcements concerning economics department and students
ECSUW A mailing list for the club ECS UW
Ed-soc Ed-Soc Group List
EdLife News and events for graduate students in the College of Education
Edlps_alumni connecting EDLPS program graduates to current activities
edlps_students This mailing list is for all current EDLPS students.
Education Education graduate students
EE501 Radar Remote Sensing
EE572 Intro to EE Graduate EM
Ee599sahr mailing list for independent study projects for John Sahr
Eegmeg_autism Science of EEG and MEG with individuals with ASD
EHSSafetyNEWS Electronic newslwetter of campus-related safety information
ELDnet-l eldnet-l
eLearningUWMedicine Communication among eLearning professionals at UW Medicine
Els_minor To update ELS minor students and prospective students
emailSEED SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication)
Employer_InfoSessions1 Eng/Tech/Sci Employer Information Sessions
Employer_InfoSessions2 UW Business and/or Econ Employer Info Sessions
eMSIM2010 Executive MSIM 2010 Candidates
Engagescience Engage: The Science Speaker Series News and Information
Englchat English Major Discussions
Englist A Listserv for the English Graduate Community at UW
Englmajors English major information
EngTech_CampuResumesDue HuskyJobs Resumes Due for Upcoming Eng/Tech On-Campus Interviews
Enroll_evansuw send enrollment information to prospective students
Envhlthce University of Washington: Continuing Education in Occupational Health and Safety
Enviro_policy Organize Environmental Policy Seminar
EnvironmentalCom Communication theory and research on the environment
Environmentalstewards FM, Treasury & OSM staff office sustainability news and tips
Envirosci-premajors Newsletter for enviro, bio & undecided pre-majors
eOutage UW Technology's email notification service regarding widespread outages
Epi583seminarlist Epi 583 Seminar List
Epilepsy email set up for q&A for the public to staff
ESC110 Environmental Science ESRM100
Esc110email ESC110 email list testing
Esc510 CFR507 Soils and Land Use Arboretum Project
ESS_geoclub Undergraduate organization in the department of Earth & Space Sciences
Ess_outreach K-12 Outreach in ESS
Ethnography-of-learning-class This is a course list for EDPSYCH 582b for Dr. Philip Bel
Europa-l Announcements for those interested in all aspects of Europe
Evansparents Networking list for student/parents in the Evans School
EvansWorld Evans School International Gateway Information
Evemba2011_social Extracurricular communications for Evening MBA class - 201
Eventmanagers Event Managers Network
ExpandingFrontiers Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium newsletter
Fa-proposal Fa-proposal
FairTradeCoffee Fair Trade Coffee Coalition updates
Filemaker-uw filemaker support
Findb_info Tell members about changes to the findb database.
Foodplanning urban planning and food systems
Forsoils Forest Soils
Fostercasecompetitions Provide central point of communication for case competitions
FosterEN Foster Entrepreneur Network
FosterSportsBusinessClub Mailing List for the Foster MBA Sports Business Club
Frenchgrads French and Italian Grads
FundingB Funding Information for Health Sciences Researchers
Gamma_Theta GammaKKYTheta
Gemba6 gemba6
Generalbrazilnews General news regarding Brazil
Genomedata-announce Announcements about the genomedata storage system
Genomedata-users Users of the Genomedata storage system
Geogb open to all geography graduate students for informal discuss
geogu-l Geography Advising News
GeriatricPharmacy Geriatric Pharmacy Program Listserv
Geriatrics_staff Geriatric Staff
Germancisbtrack Students in German CISB Track
Gerontology_fellows Gerontology Fellows Email Group
GHRC_jobs Global Health: Jobs and Internship postings
Gis4lib GIS for Libraries
Global_business_society Global Business Society
Globalhealth Department of Global Health listserv of activities, events, opportunities at UW and beyond
Globalhealthrt Global Health Round-Table Undergraduate Student Group
Globalsupport_news News about administrative resources for UW global activities
GMEPAs Program Administrators of UW graduate medical education training programs.
GMEPDs Program Directors of UW graduate medical education training programs.
Go-map_alumni Created to keep GO-MAP alumni connected and informed.
GO-MAPListserv Diversity news for UW grad students, faculty and staff
golfuwb Golf Club at UWB Correspondence
GOMAP-Students Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program
Gomap_students Listserv for students interested in GO-MAP events and info.
GradStudentCareerEvents UW Grad Student Career Events
GradStudentJobs Job opportunities for UW graduate-level students
Graduateglobalyouth For members of the Graduate Global Youth Studies Group
Graduateyouthstudies For members of the Graduate Youth Studies
Graphicnovels Discussions of Graphic Novel Society
GreekVoice Students/parents to receive GreekVoice newsletter
Greencomputing Discussion list for Green Computing SIG
Greendot2010 To share information about Green Dot at UW
GreyHatGroup Grey Hat Group Mailing List
GreyHatGroup-announce GreyHatGroup Announce
Gs-seminars Seminar announcements for Genome Sciences Seminar Series
GSAUWB Gay Straight Alliance at UW Bothell
Hag3-4south INFOOOOOOOO.
Haggettpc Haggett People's Council
Hallprogramming Residence hall programming directors
Hallpublicity Residence hall publicity directors
HallSenators To maintain communication between hall senators
Hardheads UW Dentistry Mineral Research Team List
Hbauw HBSA announcements
Hcde-aut_instructors Communicating to instructors of HCDE classes per quarter
Hcde-winter_instructors Communicating to instructors of HCDE classes per quarter
HCTF Husky Capture the Flag
Health_and_Wellness_events This list provides updates about Student Health and Wellness
Healthequitycircle Health Equity Circle Mailing List
HealthySchoolsWA Information and resources to support healthy schools in WA
Hhh99-00 Humprhey Fellows 1999-2000
hinduyuva-all An email list for Hindu YUVA members
Histmaj Information for UW History majors
Historicalfencing Historical Fencing Club listserve
hksa-mail Hong Kong Student Association Mailing List
HLIB-NW Health Library NW List
Hmc_intranet_owners HMC Intranet content owners
Hmc_workplace_alerts Alerts regarding potential workplace issues
Hmcnursinginstructors For nursing school clinical instructors at HMC
HMCNursingStudents For Harborview nursing students and clinical instructors.
Hmcspecimentransport Communication between Pathology and HMC labs/clinics
Hoffmanlab List of members of the Luke Hoffman laboratory
Holistic Organization for Holistic Medicine Student Interest Group.
Honorsfaculty Instructors teaching in Honors
HSL-News UW Health Sciences Libraries News
Hswpsychpagers HMC Inpt Psych Email to Pager list
humanrights A newsletter for human rights information
Humanrightsgrads Organizing among graduate students working on human rights
husky-runners UW Running Club
Husky_Paintball Husky Paintball Club
HuskyDharma Information and events about Tibetan Buddhist study
Huskyems-community To communicate with the interest community of Husky EMS
HuskyTennis Husky Tennis Club Mailing List
Hvzt-members Humans vs. Zombies Tag public updates
I-coalition Internship Coalition at UW
Iai Research group in computational biosystems and intelligence
IAIS Seattle arts and events for law students
Iansdomain C-Store correspondence
iccl Internet Collegiate Chess League
iDiversity Information School Diversity List
Idl-users Help requests and community email list for campus IDL users
Imaarchers IMA Archery Club members
Injurypreventionnetworkmapping To connect injury prevention, community and health advocates in Seattle
inmmuw Institute of Nuclear Materials Management student discussio
Inpt_hcs Inpatient Healthcare Specialist admin communications
Int-09-2b Participants in INT program INT-09-2b
Int-09-3 Participants in INT program INT-09-3
Int-10-44w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-44W
Int-10-45w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-45W
Int-10-46w Participants in the INT workshop INT-10-46W
Int_09-1 Participants in INT program INT-09-1
Int_subscribers INT news list
International2010 International students in the Full time MBA class of 2010
iPhone iPhone at the UW -- Discussions for all things iPhone
iPortfolio For MLIS students to have discussions around the portfolio.
Iranianstudies Distributes information related to the Iranian Studies Program at UW
Isc-announce Announcement list for Internet and Society Center
iSchoolResearch iSchool Research
ISOnews-H Transmitting H-1B visa news to the UW Community
ISOnews-J Transmitting J visa news to the UW Community
Itelist Distribution list for ITE members
Ithscoredirectors ITHS Core Directors List Only
Its-wvhl-cds-h1 List of the owners of VMs hosted on ITSVH-CDS-H1
Its-wvhl-devtest01 List of the owners of VMs hosted on ITSVH-DEVTEST01
Its-wvhl-prod01 List of the owners of VMs hosted on ITSVH-PROD01
Its-wvhl-prod02 List of the owners of VMs hosted on ITSVH-PROD02
Its-wvhl-stage01 List of the owners of VMs hosted on ITSVH-STAGE01
Itsweb UW Medicine IT Services Enterprise Web Services
Itswin-gi Membership for users using ITS TSO-Windows OS Gold Image
IVA_alumni Interdisciplinary Visual Art Alumni
IVArts Interdisciplinary Visual Art Majors
IWRI-List Information sharing list for the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute Community
iWriteUW To inform iWrite members about events and relevant news
J-Info Japan(ese)-Related Announcements posted by UW's Japanese Lang/Lit/Linguistics Programs
Japan_UW Japan-related UW-sponsored academic, business, local event information and job listings.
Japanstudytour2010 Japan Study Tour 2010
Jlhr_mail Journal of Law and Health Research Committee
Jontest3 Jonthatn test
JSA-members Japanese Student Association Member List
Jssa-members An easy way for JSSA officers to connect with JSSA members
Jstart_volunteer A list for Volunteers signed up with Jumpstart
Juggle To communicate within the Jugglers at UW club
Jumpstart_seminar For students enrolled in a seminar with Jumpstart
Kaiwatable Kaiwa Table, a club promoting Japanese language and culture
KappaSigma Kappa Sigma - Beta Psi Chapter
keelboat Keelboat users of the Washington Yacht Club
KhSA [Khmer Student Association] Preservation/Promotion of Khmer culture and Educational Outreach
Khsadance Modern and Traditional Dancers of KhSA
KhSAnys KhSA New Year Show Mailing List
Lamarc-announce Announcements/Updates for the Lamarc program
Las_lasa Latin American Studies Association
Lasassociation Communiques for members of the LAS Association
LASevents UW Latin American Studies information and events list
Latino_social_workers Latino/a Social Workers
Law_Review Bring together members of the WULR
Ledgerads authorized ledgerads users
Legacyteam a forum for the recruitment team of CVP to communicate
LFSUW Latino Faculty & Staff Organization
Lgpsa-list Latina/o Graduate and Professional Students Listserve
Lib-Roots UW Libraries Family History Enthusiasts
Libertarians Announcements for the libertarian RSO
Libsup-l library support staff
LifelongLearningStudents UW Women's Center's Continuing Education Classes
Ling_undergrad_club Linguistics Undergraduate Club
Linux Linux/Unix Users Group at the UW
Litgeeks_mailman Sigma Tau Delta Honors English
Llc-list Language Learning Center discussions
Llsalaw Latina/o Law Students Association Listserv
Lmsa_med This list is for LMSA members in Medical School
LMSA_members The Latino Medical Association discussion list
Lns_users Resource for users of the Latino National Survey
LocalSocAlumni local Sociology Alumni
Longterm Long-Term Soil Productivity Studies
Lso_uwt LSO club information and questions
Ltest2 Test list
Mac-users-discussion Discussion list for the Mac User Group
Macs-students communicate program information to students
Mailuwyouth To communicate with the Our American Generation organization
MAPSemail Minority Association of Pre-Health Students at the University of Washington email list
Marinebio Journal club for students interested in marine bio
Marinebiology marine biology opportunities for students
Math-club Math club news and info
Mathmajors Undergraduate Math Majors
Matsmats-test1-public steve test public list on mm1
Matsmats-test2-public steve test public list on mm2
Mba_tacoma Distribute information to UWT Tacoma MBA
Mba_tacoma_alumni Information Exchange with UWT MBA Alumni
MBAAofficers ListServ for all 2010-2011 MBAA Club Officers
Mbafinancesociety General mailing list of the UW MBA Finance Society
Mbarunners Running group for MBA students
Mcdm_community Educational, professional and community partners of MCDM.
Med_humanities A list for all those interested in the medical humanities
Medgrdrnds Dept of Med Grand Rounds
Medicatuw Communicate to Students on Medical Ethics Discussion Group
MEdTacoma to disseminate information related to the M.Ed.
MeetGreetTeach To invite people to PoEs Meet, Greet, Teach events.
MEgrads ME grads
MELSAW Group List for Middle Eastern Law Students Association of Washington
Mercere3 RA for my residents
MESHlist Sustainability issues/efforts in healthcare
Mhe_minor BH Minors
micro_seminars departmental seminar announcements
Microphiles UW Microbiology Club
Microsoftuw Communicating with students about Microsoft events
Miller_library_news News from the Miller Library at UW Botanic Gardens
Mindfulnesssw Forum for discussion of Mindfulness in Social Work
Miniworkshop UW/NOAA Fisheries Think Tank
Mnurs07 Information for entering 07 MN students
Mobilecomm Discuss issues related to mobile devices, tech and uses
Mobiledev Discussion of all things related to mobile app development
Mobileweb discussion and communication about mobile web design at uw
Monitoring-announce important announcements about monitoring services
Monitoring-discuss discussion of computer system and application monitoring
Mortarbd_2011 To easily contact Mortar Board 2011 members
Msswsubscribe To send email to all of our club members on campus
MsWinAdmins UW Windows Administration SIG
MUGUW A mailing list for the Mac Users Group at the University of Washington.
Muse_change_req notify hmc and uwmc stakeholders of changes on EKG system
Museoalumni Museology Alumni Discussion List
Muses Museology Students (past & present) list-serve
MusicClubUWB a place to appreciate music
Musicstudents To communicate the activities of the MSA to the students
NAFSUW Native American Faculty & Staff @ UW
Nano_newsletter Newsletter from the Center for Nanotechnology
Nanoassoc Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Student Association
Nanocantrain Institute of Advanced Materials & Technology
Nat_Issues UW Native Issues and Events
NativeResearch UW Native Research Group
Natural_history_club Weekly Plant & Animal Natural History Talks
Naturecollaborative Nature, Culture & Public Scholarship Research Collaborative
Naturetracker Data Collection Software for NatureMapping
NBEClist Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits & Philanthropy
Nedsnursing Facilitate communication among NeDS members
NELClistserv Departmental email list to distribute news & announcements.
Neuro_club Distribute information regarding the Neurobiology Club
New-Directions Network of Informal Ed Evaluators in Seattle
newgirlsclub NEW Leadership Alumnae
NHC Special Libraries Association Natural History Caucus
Niben Northwest International Business Educators Network
Nicole31maismaillist share MAIS info
niculcs network for lactation consultants working in NICUs
Nikkeisa Mailing list for the UW Nikkei Student Association. Open to anyone who is interested in Japanese/Jap
Ntuf_biacore Contact list for users of the Biacore at the NTUF
Nudgearts Need a buddy for your artistic endeavors? Have one.
Nurseeducators academic and career development for Nurse Educators
Nwfsc Northwest Forest Soils Council
Nwsanet Distribution of announcements of South Asia related events
Obgynresident Information for residents in Ob/Gyn
Odegaardlibraryexhibitions Requests for exhibition space in OUGL.
Ofcrs UWPD Officers & Detectives
Or_wag Office of Research Web Advisory Group / Tactical Leadership
Organic2 Organization for Integrative Care Students
OrthoBioMech Orthopaedics and Biomechanics Researchers Forum
osa-uw Oromo Students listserver
Otores to distribute material to all the residents in the program
Outreach_eval Discussion of evaluating health information outreach
Pacadvisor PACURH Adviser Communcations List
Pacificborderlands Transpacific studies scholars
Pacs-coders Discussion of programming related issues in PACS
Pacurh PACURH Listproc
Pacurhnrhh NRHH Communications List
Painmedicineresearch To disseminate research and collaboration opportunities.
Paleo_lunch Informal forum for paleo papers and participants research
Pbposts PBIO Postdocs and visitors
PCAhelp Project Cost Accounting (PCA) discussion listserv for UW peers
Periop An Electronic Forum for Perioperative/OR/Theater Nursing WorldWide
Peslist Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Announcements
Pfschgs_respcare_hmc HMC Resp Care charge entry group
Pfschgs_respcare_uw UW Resp Care charge entry group
Ph-assess Washington public health assessment coordinators
PH-INFO Discussion Forum for public health informatics
Phieta the Phi Eta Sigma list
PhilippineStudies Philippine Studies for graduate and professional students
PHNURSES Public Health Nursing Discussion and Information
PHNUTR-L Public Health Nutrition Discussion and Information Group
PhoneticsUW Phonetics at UW
Photoclub Student organization that supports and promotes photography
PHSW Public Health Social Workers Discussion Group
Phtn-l Distance Learning Coordinators
Phytograds Plant biology journal club
PILAlist PILA discussion
Pine-announce Pine Announcements
Pine-info Pine Discussion Forum
PipelineListServ Pipeline Project updates for K-12 tutors
Piplabdata Lab Data-Partners In Prevention
Pjag Come to plan teach-in events (peace & justice advocacy group)
Planetarium Events, programs, news, and updates from the UW planetarium
PLUUW Free Radicals & Phi Lambda Upsilon
Pnpga-announce Pen and Paper Gaming Association Announcements
Pnw-invasive-plant-council-group To gather information on research and control for invasives
Pnw-irn Communications hub for UW-UBC-SFU Indigenous
Pnw_center_for_ncs_updates updates on the PNW Center for the National Childrens Study
Pnwcsc_community acific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Community list
PNWHEALTH Pacific Northwest Health Educators
Pocketmedia Discuss issues related to PocketMedia creation, festival
PolicyJournal UWB policy journal editorial board correspondence
Polmajors UW Political Science Majors
PolyPhred-announce New version and other announcements for PolyPhred users
Pophealth Population Health Forum
PostDocParents Post-Docs who are parents or soon will be
Pre-law Information, tips & events for UW pre-law students & alumni
Pre-nursing Information for UW pre-nursing students
prehealth_students Information for Prehealth Students
Preregistration Register & update patient records via email.
Preservenw Pacific Northwest Collections Preservation
ProcurementServicesNews News and inforrmation from UW Procurement Services
ProjectEarth student organizational business
Prostaff News for and about professional staff at Univ. of Wash.
Proteomics List for discussion of proteomics related research and events
psa-uw PSA
Psych_research Rsch opportunity information for Psychology faculty
Psychdiversity Psychology of Diversity
public_service_intern Public Service Internship Opportunities
Purgands Goods & Services buying group in Purchasing Services dept.
Purn_list Plant Urban Response Network
Q_leaders To allow leaders of various q groups communicate.
QFS Q Faculty & Staff Affinity Group OMAD
QGrad Listserv for RSO QGrads
Qmedicine LGBTQ Medical Student Group at UWSOM
Qmentors Support and information forum for Q Center mentors.
QMGList Listserv for RSO Q Mens Group
QPOCA_LIST Queer People of Color Discussions RSO
QSA Queer Straight Alliance at UW Tacoma
Qsa2008 To contact members of the Queer-Straight Alliance at UW.
Qshare queer event and information sharing
Quidditch Communication of events and info for IQUW and the IQA
QWIIG Queer Women and Transgender Individuals Interest group
Racquetball Help rball players at the IMA connect and setup matches
Radiology_fellows Communications for the Radiology Department Fellows
Rainydawg Listener Email List
Ras-slg_scholarship to inform students of scholarship opportunities
Rcm-news Robotics, control and mechatronics news and information
realestateclub UW Real Estate Club
Recmgmtinfo Records management information
Reecas-events Weekly Announcements about Events at The Ellison
Reecas-nw REECA Studies in the Pacific Northwest
Reecasnewsletter For those interested in subscribing to REECAS e-NL
Reecasuw Visitors and students interested in the REECAS region
Relig-interested UW Comparative Religion Announcements
Renohuskies Reno Huskies
Restoration UW restoration ecology listserv
RHELlanad Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW tech support
Rhsalist RHSA Minutes & Announcements
Rideshareuwb Share the commute to the Bothell Campus
Road-to-law-school Communicate with students in law school diversity events
Rosebowl Husky Football
Rotcaas USAF ROTC Arnold Air Society
rrc_active Active Members of RRC
RRSL-announce Radar Remote Sensing Laboratory
RS-SIG MS Reporting Services SIG discussion
Rsngroup Regional Scale Observatory Planning Office Staff List
Rsonews Student Org Events at UW
rt-uw [no description available]
Ruckusupdates announcements about the student-led newspaper Ruckus
Rugbyfan To Communicate With UW Mens Rugby Fans only.
Ry-writers-group Reconnecting Youth Writers Group
s_e_h Students for Equal Health - Members Listserv
SAF_Public SAF Public Mailing List
Safety_training Mailing list for monthly safety training schedule
Safezones A program to provide a Safe Zone for GLBT persons at UW
Safs_quantitativeseminar School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Quantitative Seminar List
SalesClub to email our members of the University Sales Club
Salsa_SCT To contact the UW and Seattle Salsa Community
Salsa_UW To contact the UW Salsa Club
SAML-mechanism SAML and GSS/SASL/TLS mechanisms
SAMlist Sustainability and Medicine (SAM) discussion list
Sanskrit_chaatra_varga Sanskrit study group
Sas-hmc improve comunication between surgery and anesthesia service
SASAUW-UW-Members SASA UW - UW Members - General Mailing List
SASAUW-Volunteers SASAUW - Volunteers - General Mailing List
SCAH AcademyHealth Student Chapter
Scholarships Local & national scholarship information for undergraduates
SCMFA Faculty Council for Multicultural Affairs
Sculpture A forum for sculpture majors, and others intersted in the sculptural arts and CMA activities.
Sdbg Seattle Dev Biol Group
Sdsatuw Discussion and information for speech and debate team
searchuw Search working group
SeattleLactationJournalClub List for members of the Seattle Lactation Journal Club
SeattlePTC Distribution list for PTC trainings & resources announcement
secularstudentunion Secular Student Union mailing list
Segtools-announce Announcements for Segtools: tools for exploratory analysis of genomic segmentations
Segway-announce Announcements about the Segway genomic segmenter
Sexual_literacy Announcements of the Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy
sfs-all Department Email
Sfs_webcc Merchant Credit Card
Sgteachers Science news for K-12 teachers
Sharepoint_tech SharePoint Technology Discussion List
Sikh_Students_Assoc Sikh Student's Association
Sim_lecture_series Science in Medicine Seminar Series
Simgroup Social & International medicine interest group
Sisterhood A list of girls involved in Sisterhood at the UW
SJP-UW A list for members of Students for Justice in Palestine, UW Chapter.
Sla-uw membership list for student SLA chapter
SLAP_pals General announcement list for the UW Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Administration and/or Repu
Slav-events Slavic-related campus and community events
slavic-uw Discusses issues of the Department of Slavic L & L
SLUSeminars Seminar notices at SLU Campus
Smartgrid Coordinate Smart Grid research activity
Snma_uw Student National Medical Association of UW
Soa-arch SOA-related issues: Design, Implementation, Support
Soasiastudents For UW students interested in the study of South Asia
Socialsoftware Discussion for all things social software on campus
Socioling Sociolinguistics Discussion Group
Socstudents Email list for members of the Sociology Student Association
Soda_uwb Student Organizing Diversity Activities group list
SOMITS School of Medicine Information Technology Support
Sonea2 Early Adopters Application Test Group
Sonmoodle Mailing list for moodle users in the School of Nursing
Sonsac School of Nursing Staff Advisory Council
SONTAC School of Nursing Technology Advisory Committee
SONTIER School of Nursing Technology Innovations in Education and Research
Soso Distribute training opportunities to system owners
southasiaforum Forum for South Asia Scholars
Sows_students To give SOWS students access to each other
SP-Trainer Standardized Patient Trainer Listserv
SPARX SPARX students
Spec UW Medicine Security Program Executive Committee
SPHA_list UW Student Public Health Association
SSA-UW Somali Student Association
SSIS This is the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services list.
Ssnet_list Science Studies Network Announcements
Sss-struggle For relaying news, information, and events
Stammtisch German in Seattle
stand-list STAND - A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition
Standmc Distribution list for Stand Management Cooperative
StatCom [no description available]
Statgenannounce distribute information about statistical genetics events
Statuschanges To change inpatient admit status
Steamplus to send e-mail to the Steam Group
Stocks DDFA - Dow Dawgs Finance Association
Stonewallmed A GLBTA health professions association
Straightgrain College of Forest Resources mailing
Strategyclub Foster Strategy Club is a new club focusin on Strategy
Stray-poetry Logophiles and logophilesphiles.
Student-parents_at_uw_members To moderate the list of members for UWSPO RSO
studyarch Listserv for prospective Architecture students
Studycaup for those interested in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Community and Environmental Planning,
Studycm Listserv for prospective CM students
Suppliersgroup Email list of the group of suppliers that will bid on RSN
Suresupport Configuration, administration and problems with SURE
Sustainability UW community for environmental sustainability
Sustainabilityinfoshare Share sustainability information between MBA students
Sustainablerehab Discuss issues related to Sustainable Rehabilitation
Svenska Mailing list for Swedish Club members
SWEDE-L List for those interested in things Swedish
Swiauw [no description available]
sws-client-app-dev Notification of events affecting the Student Web Service
SYDS The Seattle Yosakoi Dance Society announcements
Symantec-firewall UW Medicine Sygate/Symantec firewall discussion
Synthesis The UWT Library Collaboration Listserv
Systems-control To co-ordinate student collaborations in systems and control
Tablefrancaise A list for Table Francaise participants
Tacoma586 For UW Faculty, Staff & Students commuting from Tacoma by 586
Tarwars For students participating in the Tar Wars program
TASCHA-UW [no description available]
Teachers-without-borders-club Facilitate discussion and send information concerning TWB OC
Tentering0910 To provide incoming transfer students with UW information
Thai_int The Thai International club's mailing list
The_jacob_lawrence_gallery Mailing List for the Jake
TheUWfarm UW Student Farm Listserv
Thezoo Scorpions Mailing List
Tipsy Information for users of TIPSY
Tmmba2009 Allow TMMBA Class of 2009 to interact socially
Tmmba8studytrip TMMBA Class 8 International Study Trip
toastmast UW Toastmasters
tobaccointerest For sharing UW and local tobacco control info and events
Transfer_students A listserve for transfer students to network and connect
TransferNews Distribution List for The Quarterly UW Transfer eNewsletter
Transformers Inform people of Trans Discussion Group activities
Tribetauw Biology Club/Tribeta member list
Tscgc To notify representatives in the Terry Student Council
Ttclist Husky Table Tennis Club announcements
tuition-team UW Tuition Team
Tweeters Northwest birding e-mail
Tweeters-Alerts Current sightings of noteworthy birds in Washington State
Uaa_web UAA Web Publishing and Development News and Information
Ukc-all UKC All Members
Undergradsquash Squash Team
Unleashed Unleashed! A Cappella Group
Urb-alum Urban Studies Alumni information line
Urplistserv A Moderated List for Undergraduates in Research
usability UW Usability Discussion List
UW-CPE UW Continuing Pharmacy Education
UW-CTE-Conference Info on the UW Communicating The Environment Conference
UW-Employer_HuskyNews UW Recruiting News for Employers
UW-Gerontology Communications channel for UW community interested in all aspects of gerontology
Uw-gis-l UW - GIS Discussion & Support
UW-MUN Listserv for Model United Nations at the UW.
Uw-videoconferencing UW videoconferencing administrators discussion.
Uw_cigr Center for Interdisciplinary Geriatric Research
UWabsa Contacts and Members of the Asian Business Student Association
UWAndroid Android at the UW -- Discussions for all things Android
Uwangio to send information to the group
UWant communication and collaboration with all UW analysts
Uwb-boeinginternship Students interested in the Boeing Business Internhips
UWB-cyclists Bicyclists at UW Bothell.
UWB-gardeners For home gardeners at UW Bothell to trade plants, etc
Uwb-wastatelegislatureinternship Students interested in WA State Legislature Internship
UWB_Linux Linux Users at Bothell Campus
uwbFrisbee to keep in contact with all the frisbee players at the UWB
Uwbioe10 For New PhD, MS, and BS/MS students in Bioengineering
UWBrian Email notifications from
UWBTempest To keep in contact with UWB frisbee club
uwcc UW and Community College Info Exchange
uwcfd_enews Electronic newsletter for UWCFD donors
Uwcinema UW Cinema Studies List
uwcms Content Management System working group
UWCOEAlumni UW College of Education Alumni
Uwcr-list Curriculum Office List
uwdesi-all uwdesi Members
UWDiversity Promote understanding and awareness of diversity at the UW
Uwds [no description available]
UWEIChallenge To communicate with students interested in the EIC
Uweiga A Resource for Japanese Film in Seattle
Uwengl_alum Alumni of the UW Department of English
Uwesl UW ESL Faculty and Staff Discussion List
UWFiscalSupport Forum for discussion of UW fiscal related topics
Uwfoodcoop To aid in the organizing and operating of a student food cooperative
Uwfsaealum UWFSAE Alumni
UWgradEvents Career related services for UW graduate students
UWHealthLaw Student Health Law Org general membership list
Uwhistory Information about the UW History Department
UWHSRotaract Rotaract Club Members & Supporters
Uwimagingdept to send information
Uwimagingsupervisors to send information
Uwkendo Kendo Club at UW Mailing List
UWLAX This is the email list for the Husky Lacrosse team.
uwlib-rcboard UW Libraries Research Commons Advisory Board
Uwlib-tutorials librarians sharing ideas for information literacy tutorials
Uwmakingthedifference Listserv for UW students/alumni interested in federal jobs
uwmc_hospitalists UWMC Hospitalist Attending Physicians
UWMed-EDS-Patch End Device Services - Patch Notification List
Uwmedievalists UW medievalists
Uwmri to send information to the group
Uwnucmed to send information to the group
UWPA_list University of Washington Post Doctoral Association
uwpoetry Informing about RSO, Poetry Slam Collective at UW
Uwpoolclub A list proc for all the members of the UW Pool Club
uwpsych-news News and events from the UW Psychology Department
Uwr2radiology to send information to the group
Uwracing Scheduling and information for UW bike racing
Uwradcode to send information to the group
Uwradfrontdesk to send information to the group
Uwradiology to send information to the group
UWRADIT to send information to the group
Uwradnurse to send information to the group
Uwradrecords to send information to the group
Uwradsupport to send information to the group
Uwradtranscript to send information to the group
uwrecognition Information to enhance UW departmental recognition programs
Uwsail UW Sailing Team Info
Uwsailnewmemebers Email list of potential new UW Sailing Team
uwscuba-l UW Scuba Club list
Uwsec contact information of all engineering societies
Uwser for SER UW guild members
UWSkiteam UW Alpine Skiteam
Uwsps-qft QFT Seminar Mailing list
Uwt-urban Current academic information for Urban Studies majors.
Uwt_civitas Easy flow of communication between our org and our members
Uwt_cru Campus Crusade for Christ at UW Tacoma!
Uwt_international_students Announcements for UWTs international student population.
Uwt_naso Native American Student Org at UWT
Uwtadvisers UW Tacoma Academic Advisers
uwtaichi-list Mailman list for Chen Style Tai Chi Club at UW
UWTappi UW Student Chapter of TAPPI
Uwtbiz Milgard School of Business Information
uwtdrc Campus and community diversity events & resources for all culturally diverse populations.
uwtech-svn-announce UW Technologies Subversion Service Announcements
Uwtech_advisory_board Institute of Technology Advisory Board
Uwtechacm UW Tacoma ACM Student Chapter Mailing List
Uwtechalgearoundtable Algea Round Table Members
Uwtechalumni Institute of Technology Alumni Discussion
Uwtechctc Community College CS Instructors
Uwtechgrad [no description available]
Uwtechmentors CSS Mentor and TA discussion
Uwtechstaff Staff of the UWT Institute of Technology
Uwtechstudentworkers Maintain Institute Student Workers updated
Uwtechundergrad Institute of Technology Undergrad Students
Uwtechvisitor This list will be used to send info to Visiting Guests
Uwtenviroseminar Announcements for UW Tacoma environmental science seminars
Uwtfiscal UWT fiscal staff supporting one another
Uwtgarden Distribution List for Garden Volunteers and Coordinators
UWTQSA Queer-Straight Alliance of UW Tacoma
uwtWebChat Informal discussion among UWT webmasters
uwtWebInfo Announcements to UWT webmasters
Uwtwics Women in Computing Sciences mailing list
Uwus to send information to the group
Uwvascularlab to send information to the group
UWWaterski For anyone interested in joining the Washington Water Ski Team
UWweb A place for UW Web folks to collaborate
Uwwebmetrics Discussion forum about UW web stats usage and metrics.
Velociraptor Velociraptor Appreciation Society
VSA The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Washington
WA-AWRA_water_jobs advertise water-related jobs to students and staff
WA-State-RC-WR Professional Committee for Washington State Registrars
Wamig Map librarians and map collections in WA State
Wash-at Statewide forum on assistive-technology issues
Washingtonwaterski For anyone interested in joining the UW Water Ski Team
Watchdawg North of 45th Safety Info
WCAdmin Writing Center Administrators List
Webcourse AccessIT Web Curriculum List
Wednesday_mindfulness_sangha Mindfulness Meditation Practice & Support Group
Welldawg to encourage online distribution of the WellDawg and Wellpup
Wetwatersurf UW Student Organization dedicated to Surfing and Environment
WGResearch Research Strategy and Support Service Model Team (WG II)
WIBMBAAlumni Women in Business Alumni
WIBMBAOfficers WIB MBA Officers
Wii_friday To inform UW Tech staff interested in Wii Friday events
Windows-imaging Windows Imaging at UW
wocc_uw University of Washington Women of Color Collective
WomenInGS [no description available]
Womenofhuskycycling Networking among the female members of the Husky Cycling Team
Womens_lax To serve as an efficient means of communication for the Washington Womens Lacrosse team
WomensCenterUpdates Current events, happenings, and items of interest at the UW Women's Center
Worklife_Seminars Notification of Work/Life seminars.
WS-Alums [no description available]
Ws-certificate WS Certificate Student departmental information
WULR_mail Washington Undergraduate Law Review
Wwuwmc Folks interested in WW@Work at the Medical Center
wyc Washington Yacht Club Members
Xisigmapi for Xi Sigma Pi members
YALUW Announcements and meeting information for members of YAL-UW
yoga_service Yoga and Service Club announcements

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