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List Description
aaivmail Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Acl-ougl Faculty/Staff interested in OUGL Active Learning Classrooms
ACPB To inform people about ACPB events.
Activemindsatuw To contact members of the RSO Active Minds chapter at UW
Actuary_Club A forum for discussion for member of The Actuary Club at UW
Ad_club_uw Mailing List for Ad Club UW.
AFERM Alliance for Equal Representation in Medicine listserv
AFTA listserve for Advocates for the Arts, a UW Law RSO
Aimsuw Association of Information Managment Students Info List
Alc-ougl Faculty/Staff interested in OUGL Active Learning Classrooms
Allurban Communication with a campus-wide community in urban research
Alpine-info Alpine Discussion Forum
Amath-seminars Applied Mathematics Department seminar announcements
Amig-uwsom Academic Medicine Interest Group - Members
Amnestylist Amnesty International at the UW
amp-l Amputee Information Network
Anchors Anchor institutions
AnimalStudies Working group to discuss animal studies
Anthropology-undergrad Items of interest for Anthropology undergrads
APAFSUW UW Asian & Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association (APIAFSA)
Apalsamembers To promote the interests of API law students
APAMSAUW To distribute UW APAMSA event information to its members.
Aplsubs To distribute APL subs mail to the appropriate group.
APRA-NW An email listserv for APRA-NW members
Archivists To promote the study of Archives & Preservation
Arcuw Amateur Radio Club at UW
ARIE-L Discussion of the Ariel Document Transmission System
Arts-education-directors To serve communication needs of Arts Education Directors
Asa-alum Connect to Milgard School of Business accounting alumn
ASPGradStudents African Studies Program Interested Graduate Students
ASPUndergradStudents African Studies Program Undergraduate Students
Astro-colloquium Colloquium distribution list
Astro-public Public listserve for those interested in Astro Dept events
Asuw-pisc Safe discussion, support, and resources for Pacific Islander students.
asuw_sdc Official mailing list of the Student Disability Commission
ASUW_Senate_Notifier Opt-in list for automated messages regarding ASUW Student Senate
Asuw_women Womens Action Commission Message Board
Asuwswdc_list Official mailing list of the Student Disability Commission
asweb-users Arts and Sciences Web Framework users
AU-Fiction Mailing list for the AU Speculative Fiction Journal
awra_uw distribute AWRA UW student chapter information
Awsusers AWS users Group
Azure-announce List to announce Azure service updates
BahaiFaith To promote the unity of mankind
BAPUW Beta Alpha Psi - Delta Chapter
Bartiones Listserv to keep current UW Husky Band Baritones up to date
Bcba6 Special Education BCBA M.Ed. cohort students starting in Aut. 2013
BeesKnees Communicating with Farmers on the Bee Team
BevanSeries Bevan Series mailing list
Bfsuw Black Faculty and Staff at the UW
bh_minor BH Minors
Biocareers Notification of events held by Bioscience Careeers Seminar Series
Biochem-grads to notify biochem graduate students on upcoming seminars
Bioethics Information about bioethics events, lectures, etc.
Black_social_workers Discussion Group for Black Social Workers
Blackgrad List for the planning committee
Brazilianstudies To share information about matters related to Brazil
BRI-Series Biomedical Research Integrity Program announcements & updates (Bioethics & Humanities Dept)
Bsu_uw Black Student Union at University of Washington Mailman
bsu_uwt Send out emails to members of the BSU at UW Tacoma
Bunstable SCA at UW [Medieval Living History]
Business_law Building a community across UW schools for those interested
Busplancomp Communicate about the UW Business Plan Competition
C21_students For members of C21 in the College of Arts & Sciences
Cadu Core Academic Data Users
Campus_interviews_uw_resumes_due List of upcoming due dates for UW On-campus Interviews
CampusQ University of Washington Queer Interest Group
Cardiacresearch Provide easy access to refer patients for inclusion in clin
CareerDevelopmentLine To distribute information about Career Development at UWT
Cavity News about the University of Washington School of Dentistry.
CBPR_SPIG This list is a Special Interest Group (SPIG) for faculty and
Cbprjobs Job postings in CBPR
ccm_members Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine
CCPH_news CCPH E-News
cdsw-announce A list where people can subscribe to hear about future Community Data Science Workshops
Ceb_weekly_madness To weekly inform subscribers of upcoming events programmed b
CEE-Jobs jobs for civil & environmental engr graduates
CEI_Students Students interested in Clean Energy Institute events and activities
Central-file-storage-announce Anouncements about changes tto central file storage services
Chem-biochemugs Advising news for chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates
Chem162aj_au14 Class Discussion List
ChessClub The Washington Chess Club @UW
Chid_International_Programs_Info CHID International Programs Mailing List
China_Researchers Facilitate socio-behavioral/health/HIV research in China
Cirg-adm-alerts CIRG Computer Systems Alerts (private)
Cirg-adm-auto CIRG Systems Administrators Automated Notifications (private)
Cirg-core CIRG Core Members (private)
Cita-skagit_table_of_ten A way of communicating for Skagit County Table of Ten Member
Cita_news Court Improvement Training Academy Updates
Civeugs CEE Undergrads
Cl-announce Announcements/discussion re: UW compling lab
Classgrad Connect graduate students affiliated with CLASS
Classmatters This is the official mailing list for classMATTERS
Classnews Connect members of the CLASS community
ClickersUW UW faculty and staff using Audience Response Systems
ClimateUpdate Climate Impacts Group mailing list
Climbers UW Climbers
Clintrials Clinical Trials Discussion Group
Clue-News CLUE announcements
Cmclub-interest To help coordinate members of the UW Chamber Music Club
Cnet-seattle-admissions-alert Notify the AIS FileMover tool succeeded
CoEd_Funding_Opportunities Funding opportunities for Education graduate students
Coldroom-users Users of Henderson Hall Coldroom (HND 301)
Collaborators For Potential Collaborations Among APLers
Collective listserv of the Critical Cultural Studies Collective
Collective_List The Collective Subscriber List
Collegium_Seminars Communicate with members of the UW Collegium Semina
Community_SER mailing list for folks who want to keep in touch with SER
connectservicenews News and issues concerning Adobe Connect
ConsoleFreeplay For people in the Console Freeplay RSO
CPS-GIS Central Puget Sound GIS Users
Creating_Connections_Updates UW PBHJP Creating Connections Project
Criticalcare-uw Information and discussion regarding Critical Care at UW
CriticalDesign UW Critical Design Interest Group
Csauw-list Chinese Student Association Mailing List
CSNEnewsandevents Ongoing information about upcoming CSNE events and general news.
CSSS-seminar CSSS Seminar Series
CUSP_Students CUSP Student Enrolled in the current quarter
D_Center D Center outreach mailing list
Dasatalk Discussion of disability advocacy for DASA
DDD-Advisory Advisory Group for the Data-Driven Discovery Initiative
Deptheads APL Department Heads
Dermatologyuwsom Correspondence between members of the UWSOM Dermatology Inte
Desi-Dhamaka-All-Members Desi Dhamaka - All Members - General Mailing List
Dhsvm-users User Support list for DHSVM Model
Digimktg For web team specific communication.
Divelocker APL Divelocker
Diversity_research_institute To post announcements for DRI events
DLP_Friends Friends of Delta Lambda Phi: Psi Chapter.
domweek Department of Medicine weekly newsletter
Drama_alum To keep in touch with BA alumni from the UW
Drama_bas Advice and resources for drama undergraduates
Drupal For users and administrators of Drupal web sites on campus.
Drupal_uwtacoma Drupal users at UW Tacoma
dxarts-events Public dxarts events announcements
Eal-news East Asia Library Newsletter
EARCBytes News and announcements about upcoming EARC programs and events.
Earcbytes_alaska News and announcements about upcoming EARC programs and events in Alaska.
EARCBytes_Oregon News and announcements about upcoming EARC programs and events in Oregon.
ECC-T Ethnic Cultural Center
EcoLunch For those interested in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences EcoLunch Seminar Series
Econjobs Jobs & Internships for Econ Majors
Econmaj Announcements concerning economics department and students
Econmentorship Economics department mentorship program mentors and students
EcoReps-list Emailing EcoReps volunteers
Ed-Soc Ed-Soc Group List
Ed_lpc Keep ED updated on LPC current events
EdLife News and events for students in the College of Education
edlps_students This mailing list is for all current EDLPS students.
Education Education graduate students
Edw-bi-sig EDW BI Special Interest Group
Eegmeg_autism Science of EEG and MEG with individuals with ASD
EHSSafetyNEWS Electronic newslwetter of campus-related safety information
ELDnet-l eldnet-l
Elearning Elearning development group for UW staff and faculty; closed to non-UW entities
eLearningUWMedicine Communication among eLearning professionals at UW Medicine
Els_minor To update ELS minor students and prospective students
Em_alumn Connecting Environmental Management Certificate grads
emailSEED Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED)
Employer_InfoSessions2 Upcoming Campus Employer Info Sessions
Encore_smes Encore Project Subject Matter Experts
Eng_Careerfair_Resumebook Marketing for the UW Eng and Science Fair and Resume Book
Englcareers Internship and career postings for UW English majors
Englmajors English major information
EngTech_CampuResumesDue HuskyJobs Resumes Due for Upcoming Eng/Tech On-Campus Interviews
Enrich-users Mailing list for users of the Enrich software package
Envhlthce University of Washington: Continuing Education in Occupational Health and Safety
eOutage UW Information Technology's email notification service regarding widespread outages
Epic_reoccurring_special_update support the reocurring Epic Special update packages
Epic_reporting Epic Reporting
Epicbiadmin Epic BI DW Cognos and BOE Admins
EpiModel Help and discussion list for the EpiModel R package
Equity-studies All people interested in the activities and colloquia of the
Erco-adt to maintain contact with the list of staff using Epic ADT
Erco-adt-hmc-inp ERCO MailMan list for HMC Inpatient ADT User
Erco-adt-lnd Mailman list to the ADT L&D; Stakeholders
ERCO-All_Prelude Delivery of communication to UW Medicine users of the Epic s
Erco-authcert Epic Auth/Cert across our UW Medicine Enterprise
Erco-cadence-referrals-epc Managers of ambulatory clinics
ERCO-Cadence_n_EPC_frnt_dsk Dissemination of Epic system updates and operational changes
ERCO-EME_clinic_managers Contacting EME clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-hall_health_managers Contacting Hall Health managers about Epic
Erco-hb-all UW Medicine Epic HB Training Notifications
Erco-hb-pfs UW Medicine Epic HB training notifications for PFS dept
Erco-hb-special UW Medicine Epic HB Training Special Distribution Messages
ERCO-HMC_clinic_managers Contacting HMC clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-Non_SCCA_Prelude Info about UW Medicines usage of Epic Health Records system
ERCO-NWH_clinic_managers Contacting NWH clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-NWH_expert_users Contacting NWH expert users about Epic
Erco-patient-access Contacting Patient Access staff
Erco-pharmacy-hmc-uwmc Communicating Epic changes to Pharmacy staff
ERCO-ReferralCoordinators Efficient dissemination of information needed by Epic system
ERCO-SCCA_contacts Contacting SCCA about Epic
ERCO-southside-radiology Contacting Southside Radiology about Epic
ERCO-UWMC_clinic_contacts Contacting UWMC clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-UWNC_clinic_managers Communicating with UWNC Clinic Managers about Epic
erco_adt-ed Users of Epic ADT who work in UW Medicine EDs
Erco_adt_unitstaff Disseminate training-related information to Epic system user
Erco_uwmcinp UWMC staff who have taken ADT 116
Ercobedboard To keep in contact with staff that use the Bed Board feature
ESC110 Environmental Science ESRM100
Escience-discussion eScience Topics for Discussion
Escience-news eScience News
ESS_GeoClub Undergraduate organization in the Earth & Space Sciences Department
Ess_outreach K-12 Outreach in ESS
Europa-l Announcements for those interested in all aspects of Europe
EvansLaborSIG Evans School Labor Discussion Group
EvansWorld Evans World - International Affairs Student Interest Group
Events_uw_employer_info_sessions Weekly list of upcoming Employer Info Sessions on UW campus
Ewb_cookstoves_project To communicate with the Cookstove members
Ewbuws-cac Engineers Without Borders Cultural Awareness Committee
FairTradeCoffee Fair Trade Coffee Coalition updates
Fallcommittee Notify Fall Prevention Committee member of minutes, meetings
Filemaker-uw filemaker support
Foquslistserv A way to keep info update within the group.
Fptimecardfix general email for staff to email time sheet questions to
Freezealert Mail alerts from freezer monitoring system.
Funcgen To communicate with the Functional Genomics User Group
FundingB Funding Information for Health Sciences Researchers
Fypupdate list for people who would like fyp updates about programmin
Gemba6 gemba6
Genomedata-announce Announcements about the genomedata storage system
Genomedata-users Users of the Genomedata storage system
Gensex-workgroup Global Health lgbtq issues
geogu-l Geography Advising News
Geriatrics_staff Geriatric Staff
Germancisbtrack Students in German CISB Track
Gero-group Listserv for the Gerontology Social Work Group
Gerontology_fellows Gerontology Fellows Email Group
Ghmph_2014 To communicate with admitted students
GHRC_jobs Global Health: Jobs and Internship postings
Gigss-alumni Geo-Institute Grad Student Society Alumni and Friends List
Gis4lib GIS for Libraries
Gis_cup_competitors Communicate updates to SIGSPATIAL GIS Cup 2012 Competitors
Globalhealthandarts To connect the Global Health and the Arts community
Globalhealthminor Information & resources relevant to the global health minor
Globalmba Quick Glimpse: MBA Global Opportunities
Globemed-volunteers globemed-volunteers
googlemaps-dev A mailing list for campus software developers to discuss use
GoSeattle GoSeattle
Got_delirium Delirium education research project.
gpss_diversity_committee GPSS Diversity Committee
GradStudentJobs Job opportunities for UW graduate-level students
graphicnovels Discussions of Graphic Novel Society
GreyHatGroup Grey Hat Group Mailing List
GreyHatGroup-announce GreyHatGroup Announce
GreyMatters Grey Matter's official email list
Gs-seminars Seminar announcements for Genome Sciences Seminar Series
Guild_SER mailing list for folks who are members of SER
Haggetnorthfloor4 Sending notice to residents on North Hagget Hall fourth floo
Hcsats_ed_forum Announces HCSATS Education Forums
health_and_society Social determinants of health interest group
Health_in_transition Health in Transition
Health_Research_Jobs HuskyJobs listing preview for UW community
HealthEquityCircle Health Equity Circle Mailing List
Healthequitycircle-spokane Provide information to members of the Health Equity Circle
Healthstudies To update Health Studies majors at UWB
Heart_failure_discharge_alert to inform pharmacists that a patient with heart failure wil
Hellenic-studies-program To keep students, faculty and the public aware of lectures,
HHPrimaryCareProviders email list for MD and ARNP primary care staff to send out in
Hikingclub To distribute email to all members of the badweather hiking
hinduyuva-all An email list for Hindu YUVA members
Histmaj Information for UW History majors
Historicalfencing Historical Fencing Club listserve
hksa-mail Hong Kong Student Association Mailing List
HLIB-NW Health Library NW List
HMC_Sepsis HMC Sepsis group communication
Hmcnursinginstructors For nursing school clinical instructors at HMC
Homelesshealth share info on providing health care to Seattles homeless
Homer-announce Announce Homer/Dante service changes
Homer-discuss Discussion of homer/dante services
Hospitaleducation HEC Committee
Hotspot Info for hotspot program for next-gen sequencing analysis
Hugforchildrens Send emails to HUG for Childrens members.
huiohana To send direct emails to the members of our club.
Husky_Masters Husky Masters Swim Team announcements
Huskycycling open listserv of the Husky Cycling Club
Huskyems-community To communicate with the interest community of Husky CERT
Huskysalesclub To communicate with members of the Husky Sales Club
HuskyTennis Husky Tennis Club Mailing List
Iansdomain C-Store correspondence
ICD-10-Program-Team Team communications for the ICD-10 Program at UW Medicine
Icd-replace A listserv interested faculty and staff can subscribe to to
Iconference2011 To organize and plan a student event at the
iDiversity Information School Diversity List
Iece1213 International Educators of College of Education
Ieeestudentbranchtacoma IEEE UWT Mailing List
IHI_open_school IHI listserv
IHILeadership Communication for IHI Leadership
IIRG Indigenous Information Research Group
IMAaquaticnews Provide news, updates, and alerts about the IMA aquatic program and facilities.
indigenous_studies UW Indigenous Studies Network
inmmuw Institute of Nuclear Materials Management student discussio
Inter-Arts Student art from all depts
Internships_and_summer_jobs Notification of available Internships and Summer Jobs
Intscimajors Announcements for Integrated Sciences majors
Iteam_info New workshop schedules, new workshops, and other iteam info
Itech-hrmanagement I-TECH HR managers for country offices and HQ
itechcofin Finance Network
Itechdistlearning class list for I-TECH distance learning
Itelist Distribution list for ITE members
Iths-members To distribute ITHS related Announcements
IWRI-List Information sharing list for the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute Community
J-Info Japan(ese)-Related Announcements posted by UW's Japanese Lang/Lit/Linguistics Programs
Japan_UW Japan at UW
Join_UW_CareerFair_Resume_Book Marketing for Resume Book related to upcoming UW Career Fair
Js-majorsminors Info for Jewish Studies majors and minors
JSA-members Japanese Student Association Member List
Jsstudentcommittee Email list for UW alumni who have been involved with the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies
Jstart_volunteer Jumpstart
keelboat Keelboat users of the Washington Yacht Club
Keyserver_info Announcements and discussion regarding STF campus keyserver
Keyws-support Support contact for Key Web Service
Keyws-users Communication for users of Key Web Service
KhSA [Khmer Student Association] Preservation/Promotion of Khmer culture and Educational Outreach
KingdomofHansee Updates about KoH
Kuwb-promotions Promotion coordination for KUWB
Lamarc-announce Announcements/Updates for the Lamarc program
Latino_social_workers Latino/a Social Workers
Law_Review Bring together members of the WULR
Legacyteam a forum for the recruitment team of CVP to communicate
Lib-Roots UW Libraries Family History Enthusiasts
Ling_undergrad_club Linguistics Undergraduate Club
Linux Linux/Unix Users Group at the UW
Linux-users For users of the linux operating system
Llsalaw Latina/o Law Students Association Listserv
Lolo-announce Announcements for the Lolo Storage Service
Longterm Long-Term Soil Productivity Studies
Lsumembers UW Latino Student Union
Maclanad Macintosh Systems Support - UW
Madisonclinicproviderlist Contact list for Madison Clinic providers
Madisonclinicstaff Contact list for non-provider Madison Clinic staff
Malengvascular communications between mgt & clinicians
Managedserver-announce Announcements regarding the Managed Server Service
Manic_mouth_congress Receive info and event updates from MMC
MAPSemail Minority Association of Pre-Health Students at the University of Washington email list
Masculinitiesresearch To facilitate conversations and event coordination.
Math-club Math club news and info
Mathmajors Undergraduate Math Majors
Mba_tacoma_alumni Information Exchange with UWT MBA Alumni
MBAFinanceSociety General mailing list of the Foster MBA Finance Society
MCDM_Community This list is inactive
Medgrdrnds Dept of Med Grand Rounds
Mediaamp_system_notices Provide technical updates for MediaAMP users.
Medicine_wheel_society_alumni Used for alumni
Medstudents4choice Communication between Med Students For Choice members
MEdTacoma to disseminate information related to the M.Ed.
MEgrads ME Grad Announcments
MercerA6 To distribute information to Mercer A 6 floor residents
Mercercde Mercer Court DE RA Staff
Mercerde Mercer Court DE CA Staff
Mfb-uw Global Microfinance Brigades UW Chapter Mailing List
Mghnotice To notify offices of notices from the MGH building coord.
mhcid2014 Class of 2014: HCI+d Master
Microphiles UW Microbiology Club
Miller_library_news News from the Miller Library at UW Botanic Gardens
Mindfulnesssw Forum for discussion of Mindfulness in Social Work
Miniaturecreations For use with the UW Miniature Creations Club
Miniworkshop UW/NOAA Fisheries Think Tank
Mobiledev Discussion of all things related to mobile app development
Molpathlab Center for Precision Diagnostics
Msca-announce MSCA announcements
Msim2012 Discussions for MSIM 2012 Exec Cohort
MsWinAdmins UW Windows Administration SIG
Mysql-dev Mysql help and general information
naaapuw-members National Association of Asian American Professionals @ UW
NAFSUW Native American Faculty & Staff @ UW
Namastekathmandu Namaste Kathmandu UW non-profit
NanoAssoc Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering Student Association
NativeResearch UW Native Research Group
Natural_science_illustration For advisory board, alumni, students, and instructors
Nbio-club neurobiology
Nebula-Announce Announcements for Nebula Managed Desktop service
Nedsnursing Facilitate communication among NeDS members
Nelc-persian News from the NELC Persian Program
NELClistserv News from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department
NEWLeadershipAlumnae NEW Leadership Puget Sound Alumnae
NHC Special Libraries Association Natural History Caucus
Nikola-condor-users Condor Users in the Nikola Research labs
nois_members Native Organization of Indigenous Scholars (formerly NASAA)
NSU Nikkei Student Union
Nwbiotrust_uw To manage NW BioTrust - University of Washington requests
Nwfsc Northwest Forest Soils Council
nwgcseqsub To coordinate external sample submission and billing for the
Nwsanet Distribution of announcements of South Asia related events
Oadept OA Dept Mailing List
oawashington stakeholders interested in ocean acidification
oceania_studies UW Oceania Studies listserv for like-minded individuals interested in sharing information and discus
Oed_equipment_pool [OE Equipment Pool]
Oedept Ocean Engineering Dept Mailing List
Oeep-administrator [Oeep-admin]
Online_implementation Social Sciences Online Degree Implementation Committee
Opd List for Ocean Physics Department
Opsmileuw Operation Smile UW
Os_imaging Deployment and Imaging machines at the UW
Osler_IMIG Osler Club IMIG general membership list
Otores to distribute material to all the residents in the program
OutLaws_UW Outlaws is Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, and Queer (G
P-3 Pre-school through 3rd Grade
Pacificborderlands Transpacific studies scholars
Paleo_lunch Informal forum for paleo papers and participants research
Parents_of_uw_advancement Employees in UWA who are parents or soon to be
Partnerships For individuals who facilitate cmu-campus partnerships @ UW
PathologyGrandRounds Pathology Grand Rounds
Pbposts PBIO Postdocs and visitors
Peds-surplus For labs to post equipment and chemicals to list before send
Periop An Electronic Forum for Perioperative/OR/Theater Nursing WorldWide
Perla_mail PERLA (Program in Education and Research in Latin America)
Peslist Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Announcements
Ph-assess Washington public health assessment coordinators
PH-INFO Discussion Forum for public health informatics
Phcolsteeringcomm Notifications to Pharmacology Faculty Steering Committee
PHNURSES Public Health Nursing Discussion and Information
PHNUTR-L Public Health Nutrition Discussion and Information Group
PhoneticsUW Phonetics at UW
Php-dev PHP users help and information
PHSW Public Health Social Workers Discussion Group
Physicsadmissions communicate with members of the admissions committee
PIHengage Global health and social justice student group
Pine-info Pine Discussion Forum
PipelineListServ Pipeline Project updates for K-12 tutors
PL-PNW Physician liaison/relations professionals in the PNW
Planetarium Events, programs, news, and updates from the UW planetarium
Planetary or communicating with planetary scientists within UW
PLUUW Free Radicals & Phi Lambda Upsilon
Pnig_members Communication for the UW Psych & Neuro Interest Group
PnPGA-announce Pen and Paper Gaming Association Announcements
Pnwcsc_community Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Community list
pnwyoungnaturalists Young Naturalists Society email listserv
Policy_and_procedure_committee notify the committee of meeting, changes in procedures, send
Pophealth Population Health Forum
Portfoliouw cross-collaborative discussion and sharing of best practices
PostDocParents Post-Docs who are parents or soon will be
Postdocseminar For the seminar series by and for biomedical postdocs
PPE_UWT_club ListServ for the PP&E club at UW Tacoma
PPPA List serve for the Division of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs
Pppagrads Keep in contact with alumni of our Division
Pre-arch For pre-architecture majors to receive news and information
Pre-law Information, tips & events for UW pre-law students & alumni
Pre-nursing Information for UW pre-nursing students
Precollege_programs To connect with pre-college programs accross the UW
Preservenw Pacific Northwest Collections Preservation
ProcurementServicesNews News and Information from UW Procurement Services
Projmgmtstudy Project Managment Study Group
Proteomics List for discussion of proteomics related research and events
psa-uw PSA
Psych_research Rsch opportunity information for Psychology faculty
Psychdiversity Psychology of Diversity
PTCI Program on Technology Commercialization Speaker Announcements
Public_Service_Law public service news, events, trainings, internships, jobs and pro bono service opportunities
Puppet Puppet Configuration Management
Python-dev Computing mailing list for python scripting
Pythonusers User group for the Python programming language.
QFS Q Faculty and Staff Affinity Group OMAD (QFSUW)
Qmedicine LGBTQ Medical Student Group at UWSOM
QSA Queer Straight Alliance at UW Tacoma
Qsc_asuw sending info / opportunities to QSC members & affiliations
QualityCenter Notify Quality Center users of proposed & planned downtimes
Quantitativeliteracy Quant Lit issues in the S. Puget Sound higher ed. community
Queerpublics For Queer/Public/Pedagogies Reading Group
Radiology_research_fellows Communication with Radiology Research Fellows
Radoncrn email anouncement
RainbowGrads LGBTQ Graduate & Professional Student Listserv
Ravenii List for users of the Raven-II research surgical robot
Rcm-news Robotics, control and mechatronics news and information
realestateclub UW Real Estate Club
Recmgmtinfo Records management information
Renohuskies Reno Huskies
Reproducible Mailing list for the reproducible research group.
Republicans Stay updated on activities of College Republicans
research_lab_devs for software developers in research labs
RHELlanad Red Hat Enterprise Linux for UW tech support
RHSAlist RCSA (Residential Community Student Association) Events, Minutes & Announcements
Rosebowl Husky Football
RotaractAM Rotaract Active Members
Route197 Commuters who ride Metro Route 197 to UW
RS-SIG MS Reporting Services SIG discussion
Rsochoicegroups A listserv for leaders of reproductive rights and choice gro
rsonews Student Org Events at UW
RSTA-RN Email distribution list to members of the Resource Team
rt-uw UW Request Tracker
Saber10 connect faculty doing undergrad bio ed research
Safezones A program to provide a Safe Zone for GLBT persons at UW
Safs_quantitativeseminar School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Quantitative Seminar List
Sales_program mailing updates, job offers, and other useful information
Salsa_UW To contact the UW Salsa Club
SameClub SAME club member discussion
Sampe_info General Email Contact
Sampl Seattle Area Model Plant Labs
Scholarships Local & national scholarship information for undergraduates
Sculpture A forum for sculpture majors, and others intersted in the sculptural arts and CMA activities.
Sdbg Seattle Dev Biol Group
sdi-24x7-csi UW-IT's 24x7 Service Desk Continual Service Improvement
Sdsatuw Discussion and information for speech and debate team
SEAC-grad The Southeast Asia Center's graduate student email list.
Seattlemesatutoringprogram General mailng list for the Seattle MESA Tutoring Program
SeattlePTC PTC Training and Announcements
SecularStudentUnion Secular Student Union mailing list
Sefs_socialscience Forestry graduate social science lab
Segway-announce Announcements about the Segway genomic segmenter
SEHI-LED for EDSPE students in the SEHI-LED program
Sexual_literacy Announcements of the Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy
Sfoea Human Centered Design and Engineering
Sfs_webcc Merchant Credit Card
Sgteachers Science news for K-12 teachers
Sharepoint_tech SharePoint Technology Discussion List
Shop_users Users of the APL Shop
Sisterhood A list of girls involved in Sisterhood at the UW
SLA-UW membership list for student SLA chapter
Slav-access Notify Access students of courses, events of interest
SLUSeminars Seminar notices at SLU Campus
Smartgrid Coordinate Smart Grid research activity
smt-announce Announcements for Service Management Tools
Soasiastudents For UW students interested in the study of South Asia
Socioling Sociolinguistics Discussion Group
Som_training_grant_resources Announcements about Training Grant Resources
SoM_Training_Grants SoM Training Grants Listserv
SOMITS School of Medicine Information Technology Support
SPA-UW Statistics + Probability Association list
SpanishConversationClub information for members of the RSO Spanish Conversation Club
SPHA_list UW Student Public Health Association
Spokanewwami Notify UWSOM students about upcoming events, meetings or activities.
Ssnet_list Science Studies Network Announcements
StageNotes Information about the Stage Notes musical theater group
Stahl-lab Stahl Lab information
Stahllabjournalclub Stahl Lab Journal Club information
Stammtisch U District German speaking group.
Standmc Distribution list for ESRM414/CFR514
StartupUW The listserv for all of those interested in hearing about St
Steamplus STEAM + Barbara + LuAnn + Assistants
Stemwomen Collaboration for women in STEM
Steps-mentors Listserv for all UWT STEPS Mentors
Steps-team UWT STEPS Management Team list
Stew-list topics of interest to donor stewardship staff
Stmath UWB Math Majors
Stocks DDFA - Dow Dawgs Finance Association
STR2013-14 Seattle Teacher Residency 2013-14 cohort
Strategicplanningattendees Alert members of upcoming info about quarterly mini-retreats
Student-parents_at_uw_members To moderate the list of members for UWSPO RSO
Suppliers_uw To communicate with University suppliers
Susp To communicate with members of the SUSP team
Sustainabilityinfoshare Share sustainability information between MBA students
Svenska Mailing list for Swedish Club members
SWEDE-L List for those interested in things Swedish
sws-client-app-dev Notification of events affecting the Student Web Service
Synbiodiscussiongroup This list will be used to provide announcements about future
Synthesis The UWT Library Collaboration Listserv
Tavr_team_members ensure all members are getting pertinent correspondence
tdat-discuss Discussion list for TDAT modelers
Teachersstudio Teachers' Studio Workshop Series
Team-ACceSS Group email for Team ACceSS
Tellurium-discuss Discussion list for Sauro lab Tellurium project
Thescauw_core UW Chapters Student Conservation Association
Thezoo Scorpions Mailing List
Tipsy Information for users of TIPSY
Tobaccotalk To allow program participants an opportunity to opt in/out t
TransferNews Distribution List for The Quarterly UW Transfer eNewsletter
Transfix Communication to HIM Transcription
Tribetauw Biology Club/Tribeta member list
Ukc-all UKC All Members
Ukrcom Enable informal dialogue of people of Ukrainian descent
Underdawgs Dive plans/information for UW Underdawgs Scuba Club
Undergradsquash Squash Team
Unleashed Unleashed! A Cappella Group
Urb-alum Urban Studies Alumni email list
Urplistserv A Moderated List for Undergraduates in Research
USPHA To bring together undergrad public health students
UTS_UW Inform students about opportunities and events with UTS.
UW-GHG Medical Student Global Health Group
Uw-gis-l UW - GIS Discussion and Support
uw-hiphop Hip Hop Student Association at UW
Uw-mirg-gig MIRG Graduate Student Interest Group
UW-MUN Listserv for Model United Nations at the UW.
Uw-tableau-users Communication tool for UW users of Tableau software
uw-tops Trends in Optimization Seminar
UW-WiFi-alerts Alerts about issues and work on UW Wi-Fi
UWAA-Runners Distribution list for UWAA Running Club
UWABSA Contacts and Members of the Asian Business Student Association
UWAndroid Android at the UW -- Discussions for all things Android
Uwangio to send information to the group
Uwataros collaboration between researchers on the ATAROS project
UWB-cyclists Bicyclists at UW Bothell.
Uwbbapalums Communicate with alumni of UW Bothell Beta Alpha Psi
uwcc UW and Community College Info Exchange
uwcfd_enews Electronic newsletter for UWCFD donors
Uwchoicegroups Connect pro-choice groups on campus
Uwcinema UW Cinema Studies List
Uwcm_comm Curriculum Committee on Policy and Process
Uwcr-list Curriculum Office List
Uwdivcal To promote diversity events on the University of Washington
UWDPinterest For people interested in learning more about the UWDP
UWEIChallenge To communicate with students interested in the EIC
Uweisa For members of the Evans International Student Association
Uwesl UW ESL Faculty and Staff Discussion List
UWFiscalSupport Forum for discussion of UW fiscal related topics
uwGlobeMed Weekly updates for GlobeMed events
UWHealthLaw Student Health Law Org general membership list
Uwhhf Husky HOPE Foundation at the UW
Uwhistory Information about the UW History Department
UWHSRotaract Rotaract Club Members & Supporters
Uwimagingdept to send information
Uwimagingsupervisors to send information
UWKendo Kendo Club at UW Mailing List
UWLAX This is the email list for the Husky Lacrosse team.
uwMA_members Members of UW Material Advantage
UWMCrecognition UWMC Recognition Program & Events news and information
uwmedicinenews UW Medicine News
Uwmoms A group for working moms at the university of Washington.
Uwmri to send information to the group
UWMWebUpdates For updates on website
Uwnaspa For those involved in the NASPA (Student Affairs Association
Uwnucmed to send information to the group
uwpa_discussion For postdocs at UW to discuss postdoc-y issues.
UWPA_list University of Washington Post Doctoral Association
Uwpub Discussion group for UW governance
Uwr2radiology to send information to the group
Uwradcode to send information to the group
Uwradfrontdesk to send information to the group
Uwradiology to send information to the group
Uwradnurse to send information to the group
Uwradrecords to send information to the group
Uwradsupport to send information to the group
Uwradtranscript to send information to the group
UWRFC Husky Real Food Challenge
UWRun UW Run
Uwsail UW Sailing Team Info
uwscuba-l UW Scuba Club list
Uwstepcts Cooperating Teachers for the UW Secondary Teacher Education
UWsustainability UW Sustainability Information List
Uwt-sud Current academic information for Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) majors.
Uwt-urban Current academic information for Urban Studies majors.
Uwt_msgt For current graduate students enrolled in Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies - UW Tacoma
uwt_psych Psychology Majors on UW Tacoma campus
UWT_Veterans UW Tacoma Veterans
Uwtadvisers UW Tacoma Academic Advisers
Uwtbiz Milgard School of Business Information
uwtdrc Campus and community diversity events & resources for all culturally diverse populations.
uwtech-svn-announce UW Technologies Subversion Service Announcements
Uwtestleaders To stay in contact with members- not for leadership.
Uwtgeospatial For prospective students interested in Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies - UW Tacoma.
Uwtorientation UW Tacoma Orientation updates to campus stakeholders
UWTPrezline ASUWT Announcements
UWTWiCS Women in Computing Sciences
Uwus to send information to the group
Uwvascularlab to send information to the group
UWweb A place for UW Web folks to collaborate
VADCoordinators vad coordinator clinical sharing
Vessel_users Users of the APL Research Vessels
VOSA The Vietnamese Overseas Student Organization at the University of Washington.
Vs-uwt For Volunteer Services members
VSA Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Washington
Vultures Vultures@UW
WA-AWRA_water_jobs advertises water-related jobs for students and professionals
Wa-health-impact-assessments To connect HIA-related resources and activities in WA.
Wash-at Statewide forum on assistive-technology issues
Washington_p-3 To connect people interested and involved in P-3 who live in
WCS_events Women in Chemical Sciences at UW: events and news
WCS_members Women in Chemical Sciences at UW: members mailing list
Webcourse Web Curriculum List
Webpub-announce Announce Web Publishing service changes and outages
Webpub-discuss Discussion of Web Publishing services
WIBMBAAlumni Women in Business Alumni
wocc_uw University of Washington Women of Color Collective
Womens_lax To serve as an efficient means of communication for the Washington Womens Lacrosse team
Womprov group email for women's providers at HMC
WoofOutreach Used to coordinate activities of a project within the WOOF3D
WordPress WordPress Users at the UW
Wrihc-planning To keep in touch with the planning committee for the WRIHC
Writeaway Mailing list for the Write Away
wyc Washington Yacht Club Members
XNAT-USERS A mailing list for users of the XNAT data management system

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