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List Description
Cirg-adm-auto CIRG Systems Administrators Automated Notifications (private)
Cirg-core CIRG Core Members (private)
Composites25 UW FSAE team new mailing list for similar tech groups.
East-7__ha_nt_pss_tr To email all of our HAs at the same time
EdLife News and events for students in the College of Education
Education Education graduate students
Englmajors English major information
Epiccm A list for Epic Change Management
ERCO-Cadence_n_EPC_frnt_dsk Dissemination of Epic system updates and operational changes
Erco-hb-all UW Medicine Epic HB Training Notifications
Erco-hb-pfs UW Medicine Epic HB training notifications for PFS dept
Erco-hb-special UW Medicine Epic HB Training Special Distribution Messages
Fmrn_pharmacists To coordinate the work of our networks pharmacists
GoSeattle GoSeattle
Gradepage-test Discussion of testing for GradePage testing
GreyHatGroup Grey Hat Group Mailing List
GreyHatGroup-announce GreyHatGroup Announce
Gs-seminars Seminar announcements for Genome Sciences Seminar Series
Hcsats_ed_forum Announces HCSATS Education Forums
Health_Research_Jobs HuskyJobs listing preview for UW community
hinduyuva-all An email list for Hindu YUVA members
Histmaj Information for UW History majors
Historicalfencing Historical Fencing Club listserve
hksa-mail Hong Kong Student Association Mailing List
HLIB-NW Health Library NW List
Hmc_vpntelerad For quick communication to and from VPN sites and HMC
Hmcnursinginstructors For nursing school clinical instructors at HMC
Homelesshealth share info on providing health care to Seattles homeless
Hugforchildrens Send emails to HUG for Childrens members.
Huskyems-community To communicate with the interest community of Husky CERT
HuskyTennis Husky Tennis Club Mailing List
Iansdomain C-Store correspondence
iDiversity Information School Diversity List
IHI_open_school IHI listserv
IMAaquaticnews Provide news, updates, and alerts about the IMA aquatic program and facilities.
iPhone iPhone at the UW -- Discussions for all things iPhone
ISAUW-HUSKIES Official Mailing List of ISAUW
Itechdistlearning class list for I-TECH distance learning
Itelist Distribution list for ITE members
Its-tpdc-support IT Services staff supporting Tierpoint DC
IWRI-List Information sharing list for the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute Community
J-Info Japan(ese)-Related Announcements posted by UW's Japanese Lang/Lit/Linguistics Programs
JSA-members Japanese Student Association Member List
Jstart_volunteer Jumpstart
keelboat Keelboat users of the Washington Yacht Club
KhSA [Khmer Student Association] Preservation/Promotion of Khmer culture and Educational Outreach
Lamarc-announce Announcements/Updates for the Lamarc program
Latino_social_workers Latino/a Social Workers
Law_Review Bring together members of the WULR
Legacyteam a forum for the recruitment team of CVP to communicate
LFSUW Latino Faculty & Staff Association
Lib-Roots UW Libraries Family History Enthusiasts
Ling_undergrad_club Linguistics Undergraduate Club
Linux Linux/Unix Users Group at the UW
Litgeeks_mailman Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society
Llsalaw Latina/o Law Students Association Listserv
LMSA_members The Latino Medical Association discussion list
Lns_users Resource for users of the Latino National Survey
Longterm Long-Term Soil Productivity Studies
Lsumembers UW Latino Student Union
Maclanad Macintosh Systems Support - UW
Magiclub Send email to members of the Society of Collegiate Magicians
Managedserver-announce Announcements regarding the Managed Server Service
MAPSemail Minority Association of Pre-Health Students at the University of Washington email list
Marinebiology marine biology opportunities for students
Math-club Math club news and info
Mathmajors Undergraduate Math Majors
Mba_tacoma Distribute information to UWT Tacoma MBA
Mba_tacoma_alumni Information Exchange with UWT MBA Alumni
MBAFinanceSociety General mailing list of the Foster MBA Finance Society
MCDM_Community This list is inactive
Medgrdrnds Dept of Med Grand Rounds
Medresgrads Communication with alumni who completed IM training at UW
MEdTacoma to disseminate information related to the M.Ed.
MEgrads ME Grad Announcments
micro_seminars departmental seminar announcements
Microphiles UW Microbiology Club
Miller_library_news News from the Miller Library at UW Botanic Gardens
Miniworkshop UW/NOAA Fisheries Think Tank
MsWinAdmins UW Windows Administration SIG
Musicstudents To communicate the activities of the MSA to the students
NAFSUW Native American Faculty & Staff @ UW
NanoAssoc Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering Student Association
NASAA See NOIS (formerly NASAA - Native American Students in Advanced Academia)
Nat_Issues UW Native Issues and Events
NativeResearch UW Native Research Group
Nedsnursing Facilitate communication among NeDS members
NELClistserv News from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department
NHC Special Libraries Association Natural History Caucus
Niben Northwest International Business Educators Network
niculcs network for lactation consultants working in NICUs
Nwfsc Northwest Forest Soils Council
nwgcseqsub To coordinate external sample submission and billing for the
Nwsanet Distribution of announcements of South Asia related events
Otores to distribute material to all the residents in the program
Pacificborderlands Transpacific studies scholars
PacTrans-EAB PacTrans External Advisory Board
Paleo_lunch Informal forum for paleo papers and participants research
Pbposts PBIO Postdocs and visitors
Peds-surplus For labs to post equipment and chemicals to list before send
Peslist Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Announcements
Ph-assess Washington public health assessment coordinators
PH-INFO Discussion Forum for public health informatics
Phcolsteeringcomm Notifications to Pharmacology Faculty Steering Committee
PHNURSES Public Health Nursing Discussion and Information
PHNUTR-L Public Health Nutrition Discussion and Information Group
PhoneticsUW Phonetics at UW
Php-dev PHP users help and information
PHSW Public Health Social Workers Discussion Group
Pine-info Pine Discussion Forum
PipelineListServ Pipeline Project updates for K-12 tutors
PL-PNW Physician liaison/relations professionals in the PNW
Planetarium Events, programs, news, and updates from the UW planetarium
PLUUW Free Radicals & Phi Lambda Upsilon
Pnpga-announce Pen and Paper Gaming Association Announcements
Pnw_center_for_ncs_updates updates on the PNW Center for the National Childrens Study
Pnwcsc_community Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Community list
PNWHEALTH Pacific Northwest Health Educators
Po2013 List for P&O; students class of 2013
Pocketmedia Discuss issues related to PocketMedia creation, festival
Polmajors UW Political Science Majors
Pophealth Population Health Forum
PostDocParents Post-Docs who are parents or soon will be
Pre-law Information, tips & events for UW pre-law students & alumni
Pre-nursing Information for UW pre-nursing students
Preservenw Pacific Northwest Collections Preservation
ProcurementServicesNews News and Information from UW Procurement Services
Prostaff News for and about professional staff at Univ. of Wash.
Proteomics List for discussion of proteomics related research and events
psa-uw PSA
Psych_research Rsch opportunity information for Psychology faculty
Psychdiversity Psychology of Diversity
QSA Queer Straight Alliance at UW Tacoma
Rcm-news Robotics, control and mechatronics news and information
realestateclub UW Real Estate Club
Recmgmtinfo Records management information
Reecas-events Weekly Event Announcements from The Ellison Center
Reecas-nw REECA Studies in the Pacific Northwest
Reecasuw Visitors and students interested in the REECAS region
Relig-interested UW Comparative Religion Announcements
research_lab_devs for software developers in research labs
RHSAlist RCSA (Residential Community Student Association) Events, Minutes & Announcements
Rosebowl Husky Football
RS-SIG MS Reporting Services SIG discussion
Saber10 connect faculty doing undergrad bio ed research
Safezones A program to provide a Safe Zone for GLBT persons at UW
Safs_quantitativeseminar School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Quantitative Seminar List
Salsa_UW To contact the UW Salsa Club
Scholarships Local & national scholarship information for undergraduates
Sculpture A forum for sculpture majors, and others intersted in the sculptural arts and CMA activities.
Sdbg Seattle Dev Biol Group
Sdsatuw Discussion and information for speech and debate team
SeattlePTC Distribution list for PTC trainings & resources announcement
SecularStudentUnion Secular Student Union mailing list
Segway-announce Announcements about the Segway genomic segmenter
SEHI-LED for EDSPE students in the SEHI-LED program
Sexual_literacy Announcements of the Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy
sfs-all Department Email
Sgteachers Science news for K-12 teachers
Sharepoint_tech SharePoint Technology Discussion List
Sisterhood A list of girls involved in Sisterhood at the UW
SLA-UW membership list for student SLA chapter
SLUSeminars Seminar notices at SLU Campus
Snma_uw Student National Medical Association of UW
Soasiastudents For UW students interested in the study of South Asia
Socioling Sociolinguistics Discussion Group
SolidState Solid State!
Som_training_grant_resources Announcements about Training Grant Resources
SOMITS School of Medicine Information Technology Support
Soso Distribute training opportunities to system owners
SPHA_list UW Student Public Health Association
Ssnet_list Science Studies Network Announcements
Stammtisch U District German speaking group.
stand-list STAND - A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition
Standmc Distribution list for ESRM414/CFR514
Statgenannounce distribute information about statistical genetics events
Steamplus STEAM + Barbara + LuAnn + Assistants
Stocks DDFA - Dow Dawgs Finance Association
Student-parents_at_uw_members To moderate the list of members for UWSPO RSO
Suresupport Configuration, administration and problems with SURE
Sustainability UW community for environmental sustainability
Sustainabilityinfoshare Share sustainability information between MBA students
Svenska Mailing list for Swedish Club members
SWEDE-L List for those interested in things Swedish
sws-client-app-dev Notification of events affecting the Student Web Service
Synthesis The UWT Library Collaboration Listserv
Tacoma586 For UW Faculty, Staff & Students commuting from Tacoma by 586
Thescauw_core UW Chapters Student Conservation Association
Thezoo Scorpions Mailing List
toastmast UW Toastmasters
Tribetauw Biology Club/Tribeta member list
Ukc-all UKC All Members
Undergradsquash Squash Team
Unleashed Unleashed! A Cappella Group
Urb-alum Urban Studies Alumni email list
Urplistserv A Moderated List for Undergraduates in Research
USPHA To bring together undergrad public health students
Uw-gis-l UW - GIS Discussion and Support
UW-MUN Listserv for Model United Nations at the UW.
Uw-tableau-users Communication tool for UW users of Tableau software
UWABSA Contacts and Members of the Asian Business Student Association
UWAndroid Android at the UW -- Discussions for all things Android
Uwangio to send information to the group
Uwb-boeinginternship Students interested in the Boeing Business Internhips
UWB-cyclists Bicyclists at UW Bothell.
Uwb-wastatelegislatureinternship Students interested in WA State Legislature Internship
UWB_Linux Linux Users at Bothell Campus
Uwbbapalums Communicate with alumni of UW Bothell Beta Alpha Psi
uwcc UW and Community College Info Exchange
uwcfd_enews Electronic newsletter for UWCFD donors
Uwcr-list Curriculum Office List
Uwesl UW ESL Faculty and Staff Discussion List
UWHealthLaw Student Health Law Org general membership list
Uwhistory Information about the UW History Department
Uwimagingdept to send information
UWKendo Kendo Club at UW Mailing List
UWLAX This is the email list for the Husky Lacrosse team.
UWMCrecognition UWMC Recognition Program & Events news and information
Uwmri to send information to the group
Uwnucmed to send information to the group
Uwpdevidence UWPD Evidence
Uwr2radiology to send information to the group
Uwradcode to send information to the group
Uwradfrontdesk to send information to the group
Uwradiology to send information to the group
Uwradnurse to send information to the group
Uwradsupport to send information to the group
uwscuba-l UW Scuba Club list
Uwtbiz Milgard School of Business Information
uwtdrc Campus and community diversity events & resources for all culturally diverse populations.
UWTWiCS Women in Computing Sciences
Wash-at Statewide forum on assistive-technology issues
Webcourse Web Curriculum List
WIBMBAAlumni Women in Business Alumni
Womprov group email for women's providers at HMC
wyc Washington Yacht Club Members

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