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Teaching Faculty

Jeffrey Bissey,  MD, MHA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
Associate Medical Director for Primary Care, Everett Clinic
(Strategic management of healthcare organizations)

Brian Bresnahan,  PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Radiology
(Radiology; health economics)

Douglas A. Conrad,  PhD, MBA, MHA
Professor, Health Services
(Vertical integration in health services; integrated health systems; impact of financial incentives on physician behavior)

Scott Coplan,  MPA
Affiliate Instructor, Health Services
President, Coplan and Company
(Project management; health information management)

William L. Dowling,  PhD, MA, MBA
Professor, Health Services
Director, Certificate Program in Medical Management
(The relationships between the changing environment of health care, the strategic and structural responses of health care organizations, their management, and their performance; management practice in health care organizations; physicians in management and leadership roles; the medical home model of primary care; rural health care)

Paul A. Fishman,  PhD, MA, MA
Affiliate Associate Professor, Health Services
Scientific Investigator, Group Health Cooperative
(Cost analysis; risk adjustment)

Mary Beth Foglia,  PhD, MA
Clinical Instructor, Health Services
Health Care Ethicist and Ethics Evaluation, National Center for Ethics in Health Care, Department of Veterans Affairs

Louis P. Garrison,  PhD
Professor, School of Pharmacy
(Health economics)

Stephen A. George,  MD, MBA, AMP
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
President, Medvice, Inc.
(Entrepreneurship; business strategy; merger and acquisition; high-stakes negotiations; new venture development)

David Grembowski,  PhD, MA
Professor, Health Services
(Design and performance of health care systems; prevention; technology diffusion; program evaluation; survey research)

Phillip J. Haas,  MBA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
(health care delivery and finance (US and international); managed care)

Christian Helfrich,  PhD, MPH
Research Assistant Professor, Health Services
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System
(Organizational behavior; organizational culture; innovation implementation; change management)

Kathryn Hinsch,  MS
Clinical Instructor, Health Services

Thomas L. Jackson,  PhD, MBA, JD
Clinical Associate Professor, Health Services
(Lean management; total quality; A3 process)

Christopher E. Johnson,  PhD
Associate Professor, Health Services
(Organizational theory; healthcare quality; long-term care; veteran's care; information technology)

Aaron Katz,  CPH
Principal Lecturer, Health Services
(Health policy; health sector leadership; social/political determinants; health system market change; health care costs and access)

Larry Kessler,  ScD
Professor and Chair, Health Services
(Cost-effectiveness and diagnostic value of medical technology in screening for cancer and other diseases)

Branko Kopjar,  MD, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Health Services
(Prevention effectiveness; outcomes research; international health; health care reforms; quality of care)

Patricia C. Kuszler,  JD, MD
Professor and Associate Dean, Law
(Health law)

David Masuda,  MD, MS
Lecturer, Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education
(Medical informatics; information management)

Thomas D. McWhinnie,  MAT, MHA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
Deputy Director for Education and Development, Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System
(Organizational dynamics; systems thinking; leadership)

Daniel J. Merlino,  MBA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
Principal, ECG Management Consultants
(Organizational structures and provider alignments within healthcare)

Diane Miller,  MBA
Clinical Instructor, Health Services
Vice President, Virginia Mason Medical Center
Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute

(Organizational change)

Ada Mohedano,  MHA
Clinical Instructor, Health Services
Manager, Enterprise Project Management Office, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
(Management of health care organizations)

Thomas E. Norris,  MD
Professor and Chair, Family Medicine
(Medical management; health services; continuing medical education; telehealth services; biomedical informatics)

Kurt O'Brien,  MHROD
Clinical Instructor, Health Services
Director, Organization Development and Training, UW Medicine
(Team Leadership)

Henry O. Otero,  MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
Physician Faculty, Virginia Mason Medical Center
(Process improvement; organizational effectiveness)

Dennis D. Pointer,  PhD
Clinical Professor, Health Services
President, Dennis D. Pointer & Associates
(Factors affecting healthcare organization governing board performance; Market structure/dynamics and its impact on the competitive advantage of healthcare organizations; Factors that affect performance of the managerial role.)

Sallie Sanford,  JD
Assistant Professor, Law
(Health law; payment and delivery system reforms; global health; medical ethics)

Jeffrey Sconyers,  JD
Clinical Instructor, Health Services
Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Seattle Children's Hospital
(Emergency preparedness and response; institutional conflicts of interest)

Dennis Stillman,  MHA
Senior Lecturer, Health Services
(Health care financing; project management)

Jack Thompson,  MSW
Principal Lecturer, Health Services
Director, NW Center for Public Health Practice
Faculty Associate, Health Analysis Program

(Public health organization and financing; workforce development; integration of health and health care services)

Edward Walker,  MD, MHA, MM
Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
(Integration of mental health into primary and specialty care medical settings)

William E. Welton,  DrPH, MHA
Senior Lecturer, Health Services
Director, MHA Programs
(Organization of health care markets and relationship to overall per capita costs)

Kenneth D. White,  PhD, MHA
Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Services
(International health status assessment; patient satisfaction)

Brenda K. Zierler,  PhD
Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems
(The influence of care delivery systems on patient outcomes; clinical effectiveness)

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