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Tuition, Estimated Expenses and Financial Resources

Tuition and Estimated Expenses

Financing Details and Payment Process

  • MHA
  • Executive MHA

Types of Support

The types of support available to students depend upon a number of things, including residency, whether the student is enrolled in a fee-based program (as opposed to state-supported) program, and whether the program is classified by the university as full- or part-time.

The MHA and Executive MHA programs are fee-based, not state-supported. Typically, the types of aid available to fee-based students include:

  • Federal grants
  • State grants (not funded by state tuition revenue)
  • Loans
  • Work Study
  • Scholarships
  • Assistantships

Fee-based students are not eligible for tuition exemption or university grants (institutional money).

International Students

International students should be mindful that in addition to paying higher tuition rates, other requirements will impact total degree cost and are not accounted for in the estimated expense worksheets linked above.

  • Federal law requires international students to be registered for a full-time course load (minimum 10 credits) in every quarter of enrollment except their final quarter. Even in quarters when the MHA Program requires fewer than 10 credits, international students must maintain a 10-credit minimum course load and must pay for the additional credits, accordingly.
  • In accordance with F-1 VISA regulations, international students must register and pay for at least one Curricular Practical Training (CPT)-related academic credit for every quarter during which they have an internship. This credit is often taken as an independent study.

Complete information for international students is available through the Office of International Student Services (ISS). When speaking with ISS advising staff, always begin by introducing yourself as being enrolled in (or considering enrollment in) a fee-based program so they can guide you accurately.