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Student Handbook


Academic Calendar
Official UW quarter start and end dates
Business Cards
How to order personal business cards with the SPH logo
Computer Proficiency and Computing Resources
Computer Proficiency self-assessment and computer training resources
Course Materials—MHA; Executive MHA
Course syllabi, textbooks, reading packs, and e-reserves; course web sites; scheduling
Degree Request
When and how to apply for graduation
Financing the MHA
Estimated expenses, financial aid availability and sources
Address changes; food; transportation and parking; etc.
Pre-Orientation Checklist for New Students—MHA List; Executive MHA List
Registration; computer access; paying tuition; etc.
Organizational Chart of Program
Shows how the MHA Programs fit in and relate to the department, school, etc.
Registration Resources
Everything needed to register for courses, including information about mandatory fees, financial aid, and other requirements of registration.
Time Schedule
Course schedule information
UW Student Guide
Academics; student life; University policies; grievance procedure
Healthcare organizations, professional organizations, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.


UW Academic Integrity Policies
Academic misconduct; procedures in cases of academic misconduct
Culture of Excellence and Professionalism
Standards of academic integrity
Advising Guidelines
Objectives; student and faculty expectations; procedures for program advising
Audit Policy
Procedure to audit a course; definition of “audit”
Full-Time vs. Part-Time Student Status
Explanation of “full-time” and “part-time” status
Certificate of Health Management (CHM) - Enrollment and Tuition Policies
Policies on enrollment and tuition
GNM and NM status
Department of Health Sciences general policy and procedures for taking individual courses as a GNM/NM student
GNM policy
MHA Program policy and procedures regarding GNM application, tuition, and enrollment
Grading Policy
Standards for grading; requirements for incomplete, etc.
Missing Class Policy
What to do if you miss class or anticipate missing class
Waiver Policy
Process and requirements to waive an MHA/EMHA course


Career Development Program
Career development program description and policy
Fellowship Resources
Information and strategies for pursuing fellowship opportunities
Internship Program
Internship program description and policy
Mentor Program
Mentor program description and policy


Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Page
The official student government of graduate and professional students
Graduate School Student Services
Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum (WSHEF)
A Healthcare Executive Group (HEG) affiliated with the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
Fellowship Resources