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Internship Program

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During the summer between the two academic years, you have the opportunity to work in a full-time salaried internship position in a health services organization "under the wing" of a member of that organization who serves as your preceptor. A broad spectrum of settings and types of experience are available each summer and we work with you to identify one that fits your interests and career goals. The internship is an extremely valuable means to focus your career plans and to establish connections in the job market.

MHA Program Internship Policy

Most students in the Graduate Program in Health Services Administration participate in the internship program. Internships provide an opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills through application in a management or policy setting. The internship represents a relationship between a sponsoring health care organization and the Graduate Program in Health Services Administration. The terms of the internship are negotiated between the MHA student, a preceptor representing the sponsoring organization, and the internship coordinator.

Internship opportunities are intended to be flexible in order to accommodate the diverse internship needs of the MHA students. It is intended that students will have an opportunity to enhance the conceptual knowledge base and skills obtained during the academic activities of the first year of study and their previous experience. Students are presented with an opportunity to build knowledge and skills in a health services setting with organizational responsibilities ranging from planning and policy analysis to program development and implementation.

The specific nature of the internship should reflect the needs of the sponsoring organization and the learning goals of the student. Student learning goals and organizational needs should be discussed prior to the beginning of the internship. Internship experiences will be evaluated by the student, and the preceptor will review the evaluation criteria at the beginning of the internship.

Internships typically occur in the summer, between the two academic years, and last for a minimum of eleven weeks. Students typically receive remuneration for their activities from the sponsoring organization, although a student may elect to serve as an intern for an organization that is unable to provide payment.

International Students are reminded that, in accordance with F-1 VISA regulations, they must meet the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) requirements set forth by the Office of International Student Services for every quarter during which they have an internship. The additional credit requirement does have an impact on total degree cost.

  • http://depts.washington.edu/mhap/finances