Minority Community Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

“The mission of the UW Minority Community Advisory Committee (MCAC) is to advise the University President on special issues facing the University of Washington and to assist in strengthening and maintaining University connection with the communities of color, with special attention but not limited to the advancement of University diversity efforts and programs.”

About the President’s Minority Community Advisory Committee

The President’s MCAC was established by past President Richard L. McCormick in August 1997 to advise him on important questions and diversity issues facing the University of Washington (UW). The MCAC meets with President Michael K. Young three times per year with special meetings called if needed. Issues that have been discussed in the past include: undergraduate and graduate admissions and enrollment, minority faculty recruitment and retention, UW communications with minority communities, outreach efforts to schools and community colleges, student financial aid, and faculty and staff diversity at the University of Washington.

The current membership is composed of 14 representatives from minority communities in our state and two University of Washington administrators who regularly attend the meetings. In addition, other university officials may be invited to attend meetings as resource persons or to give presentations on topics of special interest. Members of the committee who are elected officials have designated alternates who attend meetings when they are unavailable.

Membership List

  • Mr. Rodrigo Barrón
  • Mr. Marty Bluewater
  • Mr. Craig Dawson
  • Mr. Oscar Eason
  • Ms. Estela Ortega
  • The Honorable Larry Gossett
  • Mr. Daniel Kaopuiki
  • The Honorable Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney
  • Mr. Dean Lum
  • The Honorable John McCoy
  • Ms. Jane Nishita
  • Ms. Sapina Pele
  • Ms. Mary Pugh
  • Ms. Denise Stiffarm
  • Ms. Romayne Watt

UW Administrators

  • Michael K. Young
  • Sheila Edwards Lange
    Vice President for Minority Affairs and Vice Provost for Diversity
UW Minority Community Advisory Committee

MCAC members at the President’s Minority Community Reception on August 16, 2011. (back row, l-r) Larry Gossett, Mary Pugh, Sheila Edwards Lange, President Michael Young, John McCoy (front row, l-r) Rodrigo Barrón, Vivan Lee, Oscar Eason, Alan Sugiyama, Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, Romayne Watt

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