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Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office (SAO) seeks to provide students with the opportunities, resources and support necessary to explore and expand their personal interests, build relationships and work with others, develop skills and experiences, grow as individuals, and have fun while at the UW. By promoting civic engagement in the UW community, creating partnerships, and fostering an environment that values diversity, free expression, and self-directed learning, the Student Activities Office contributes to the holistic development of our students.

RSO of the Week for June 3, 2013

Yogis at the UW

The Student Activities Office and HUB Games Area are celebrating the achievements of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) each week. The lucky RSO will receive a Certificate of Achievement, a bowling event in the HUB Games Area and a gift bag. It’s our way of appreciating their leadership and contributions to the UW Community. Selected RSO names will appear on SAO’s website for a week to celebrate and honor their achievement. A team of advisers review leadership, planning, implementation, publicity, outreach and participant enthusiasm to determine award recipients each week.

HUB Awards 2013

Applications and nominations are now being accepted for the 2013 HUB Awards. Applications and nominations are due on May 13 at noon. The winning RSOs of the Husky Impact, Husky Tradition, and Husky Empowerment Awards each receive $500 to be used for campus programming in 2013-2014. The HUB Hall of Fame award recognizes individual students for their commitments and impacts to the UW Community. Finally one RSO adviser is recognized for their ongoing commitment to support campus organizations. All award winners will be recognized permanently recognized on the walls of The HUB.

You Should Know…

Wells Fargo Fund for RSOs

Our colleagues at Wells Fargo have established the Wells Fargo Fund for Registered Student Organizations with a generous gift that will support RSO activities each year for the next 10 years! SAO and the HUB hope RSOs take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to increase student programming at UW and enhance campus life.

Funds are available now for winter and spring quarter events. For more details, please visit with your SAO Adviser, and review the Wells Fargo funding policies.

UW Alumni Association Fund for RSOs

The UW Alumni Association (UWAA) Fund for Registered Student Organizations has been created to allocate money to support the on-campus events, programs, and activities of RSOs. The UWAA Fund is intended to support the ability of RSOs to enrich campus culture, foster student empowerment, and enhance community impact.

Funds are available now for winter and spring quarter events. For more details, please visit with your SAO Adviser, and review the UWAA funding policies.

Registration Sessions

Attend a Reg Session to get your RSO registered for 2012-2013! The Registration Session schedule can be found here!

Student Organization Registration

Registration Process: Learn How To Register a Student Organization.

Student Org Registration
Log In following attendance at a Reg Session.