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Few fields are more dynamic and essential than public health, and here at the UW School of Public Health, we are committed to the innovation, research, and teaching necessary to meet the global demands of the future. Public health is grounded in science—from molecular genetics to epidemiology to toxicology—and it is grounded in values—from social justice to public service. It’s about idealism—our shared passion to make the world a better place—and it’s about hard-headed realism—our commitment to implementing policies and programs that work.

At our School you’ll find one of the world’s leading academic centers in public health. We train the next generation of leaders, we advance the frontiers of knowledge through research, and we serve the public in countless ways. In the last 40 years we’ve graduated more than 10,000 students, who have gone on to make Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, the nation, and the world safer and healthier.

Public health at UW is both local—serving communities in Seattle and across Washington state—and global, providing training and technical support across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We work tirelessly to improve the health of populations, but we never lose sight of the real people who lie behind the statistics.

Our website will introduce you to the remarkable faculty and students of the UW School of Public Health and to the depth and breadth of the work they do— work that makes the UW School of Public Health an important resource for Washington and the world.

Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH

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Howard Frumkin, Dean of the School of Public Health

What is Public Health - Watch the Video

In this video, Dean Frumkin, SPH faculty, and students talk about improving the well-being of people around the world. Watch the Video

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