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Main Address: Dean's Office, Advancement and Student Affairs

University of Washington School of Public Health
1959 NE Pacific Street, F-350 Health Sciences Bldg.
Box 357230
Seattle, WA 98195-7230
Fax: 206 -543-3813


Our School of Public Health encompasses many centers and locations, many of them with offices on the south UW campus.

Harris Hydraulics Building:

SPH Research Centers List


Walking & Cycling | From Upper Campus | Transit | Visitors with Disabilities | Driving

Physical activity is good for your health, and good for the environment, so we encourage active transportation when you visit us.  Active transportation includes walking, bicycling, or using public transportation.  (Yes!  Public transportation entails physical activity.) You could even try kayaking, but we have nowhere to store your boat, at least not yet!

Once you’re in the Magnuson Health Sciences building, there are staircases at almost every hallway intersection.  Please consider taking the stairs to get to the office you’re visiting; it’s healthier than riding the elevator (and often faster)!

Walking and Cycling

For those walking in the UW neighborhood, check the searchable map to the UW campus.  For those cycling, the UW bikespace web page offers good maps and other route planning assistance.  A special asset is the Burke-Gilman multi-use trail, one of the nation’s great rail-to-trail projects.  The trail passes through campus, just across NE Pacific Street from our Magnuson Health Sciences Center, and foot bridges connect the trail to our building.  There are numerous bike racks just off the trail and throughout the UW campus.

Walking Directions to the SPH Dean’s Office (F-350) from upper UW Campus

Come south down Rainier Vista and circle right around Drumheller fountain, heading down the sidewalk closest to the chemistry building (Garfield Lane). Cross the overpass closest to UW Medical Center.

Proceed through 4th floor T-Wing lobby area. Turn right at hallway. Turn left almost immediately at first hallway (Signs direct you to South Campus Center and F-Wing, School of Public Health).

Proceed to end of hall—Department of Environmental Health, 4th Floor of F-Wing. Proceed to 3rd floor via stairs or elevator. Turn right and then right again. Turn left into the short hallway that ends at the Dean’s Office.


Metro: Our School is served by many bus routes.  The closest stops to the Magnuson Health Sciences building are along NE Pacific Street (stop 29240, serving many routes) and along Stevens Way (stops 75417 or 75404, depending on your direction of travel, serving many more routes).  Find your most convenient King County bus route by searching on the King County Metro trip planner web page, where you can enter our stop “NE Pacific St & NE Pacific Place”. You can get real-time bus information via the web, phone, text or smartphone through OneBusAway.

Shuttle Service: There is free UW shuttle service between campus and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and between campus and Harborview Medical Center, where some of our Global Health offices are. It’s easy to get around by bus!

Visitors with Disabilities

For visitors with disabilities, see UW access guides and mobility maps and information about disabled parking on the UW campus. Our Magnuson Health Sciences building and offices are handicapped accessible.

Driving Directions & Parking

The Magnuson Health Sciences Building's address is 1959 NE Pacific Street, Seattle 98195. The Dean's and many other School offices are located in the F-wing of the building. The S-1 garage is the most convenient parking area.

Map directions to S-1 parking garage from your location

The S-1 garage is directly behind the Magnuson Health Sciences building. Access the garage through Campus Gatehouse #6 by driving to the end of 15th Ave. NE and curving left onto Columbia Road.  Gatehouse #6 will be straight ahead.

When you reach the gatehouse, ask to park in S-1. You will need to pay to park (see current visitor parking fees). Parking fees are on a pro-rated basis; when you leave, stop at the gatehouse to see if any part of the fee can be refunded.

If the gatehouse puts you in a lot other than S-1, call the School at (206) 543-1144 for help with directions.

S-1 Garage to Dean's Office Directions

From the uppermost underground level of S-1 garage, enter the "-1" tunnel and follow signs to the Dental Clinics. After entering the F-Wing, the hallway will jog right and then left. On the left are elevators (don’t turn right toward Dental Clinics). Proceed on elevator to 3rd floor. Turn right and follow hallway to Dean’s Office, F-350.

From the street level, proceed up the stairs on either side of the F-Wing. Entrance to the building is on the 2nd floor. Go to the 3rd floor and proceed to the Dean’s Office, F-350.

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