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Biostatistics — Biostatisticians develop and apply statistical methods for interpreting all types of biological data. Biostatistics is a dynamic field that is crucial across the spectrum of biomedical research, from epidemiology and environmental health to clinical trials and genomics. The UW Biostatistics Graduate Program is frequently rated # 1 nationally and offers MS, MPH, and PhD degrees.

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences — Clean air, clean water, safe food, safe workplaces, and healthy communities. These fundamentals are the focus of our research, teaching, and service. They also motivate us to transfer and translate our findings and technologies into highly effective practices that help ensure human well-being. The department offers MS, MPH, PhD, and concurrent degrees.

Epidemiology — Epidemiology is the study of disease patterns and risk factors in human populations. Epidemiologists investigate why some people acquire specific health conditions and others do not, in order to identify causes for disease and opportunities for prevention. The department offers the MPH, MS, and PhD degrees for those who wish to become public health practitioners, researchers, and/or teachers in academia, government, and industry.

Global Health — Global Health identifies and evaluates health problems and health inequities in underserved populations. It develops and implements innovative interventions for diseases, and translates education and research into improvement in public health through service activities in developing countries. The department offers interdisciplinary MPH, MS, and PhD degrees.

Health Services — Health Services focuses on the organization, financing, and effectiveness of health care and public health, emphasizing how societal resources are used to respond to individual and population health needs. Students receive a rigorous academic education as well as practical experience and networking opportunities with professionals in our local communities and beyond. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available in public health, health services administration, health information management, and health services research. A doctorate and post-doctoral research opportunities are available in health services research.

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