MPH Practicum

All students enrolled in the School's MPH program must complete a practicum field experience in an organization, agency, or community that provides planning or services relevant to public health.

The goal of the MPH practicum is to provide students the opportunity to use knowledge and skills acquired in the academic program in a practice agency or environment, under the direction of a supervisor in the agency different from their academic adviser or their job supervisor. The practicum also affords an opportunity to develop and apply certain competencies  that tend to be better  developed outside of the classroom. Examples include the development of leadership ability and group process skills, political awareness and communication skills, understanding of public and private financing mechanisms, and understanding organizational behavior.

For an idea of the kind of great work that our students are doing with their practicum projects check out our student profiles.

Practicum Profiles

Rebekah OHalloranRebekah OHalloran
MPH in Global Health, PCMI
Practicum Site: Turkmenistan
"My practicum site provided the unique opportunity to work within a government Ministry of Health structure in a developing country." Read more

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Please direct all questions regarding the practicum program to:

Amanda Graybill-Pennington
Interim Director of Student Affairs
School of Public Health
Box 357230
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7230