In Student Life, we know and realize the value of collaboration - that’s why we have committees. By bringing together talents and strengths from across our many units, we build our success together.


The Assessment Committee was created to increase the capacity and use of assessment across Student Life. In December 2009, assessment was identified as a major priority of the division. Since then, at least one representative from each unit has participated in the Assessment Committee. While the nature, content, and scope of assessment is determined by departmental needs, the Assessment Committee serves to support the disparate departmental needs while advancing the use of data-driven decisions across Student Life.

Glenna Chang, Chair- Office of the VP
Krista Bennett (OFSL) Diana Kramer (The Daily)
Deborah Costar (HFS) Paul Seegert (Admissions)
Sean Ferris (SAUF/HUB) Jennifer Self (The Q Center)
Elizabeth Franklin (UWPD) Anne Swenson (Counseling Center)
Bree Callahan (DRS) Ellen Taylor (Counseling Center)
Elizabeth Higgins (CSSC) Briana Keller (Career Center)
Gary Leonard (Rec Sports Programs) Sara Torres (SAUF/HUB)
Kay Lewis (Financial Aid) Melissa Tumas (Health & Wellness)
Nana Lowell (OEA) Tim Wold (Veterans Center)
Tina Miller (Registrar)


The Marketing Roundtable is an opportunity to identify opportunities within Student Life, share best practices and provide insight on marketing and communications within the division. Topics include public relations, branding, general marketing strategies, e-communications, web and web techniques, and other marketing and communications-focused items.

George Zeno, Chair- Student Life Advancement
Shannon Bailie (Health & Wellness) Lynda Pease (UWPD)
Deborah Costar (HFS) Laury Phillips (HFS)
Elizabeth Franklin (UWPD) David Rey (HFS)
Sara Griggs (Ceremonies) Michael Richard (Student Pubs/The Daily)
Dyane Haynes (DRS) Paula Shields (Admissions)
Elizabeth Higgins (CSSC) Ellen Taylor (Counseling Center)
David Hotz (Fraternity & Sorority Life) Sara Torres (SAUF/The HUB)
Debi Ivison (SAUF/The HUB) Melissa Tumas (SARIS)
John Pariseau (Rec. Sports Programs/IMA) George Zeno (SL Advancement)
Karen Parish (Admissions)

Staff Development

The Staff Development committee of Student Life works to improve student success by providing opportunities for division staff to build community and enhance their professional growth.

Sean Ferris, Chair - Student Activities Office
Katie Beth (Rec Sports Programs) Kayleen McGinley (Counseling Center)
Alissa Dunloy (HFS) Jennifer Pope (SAUF/HUB)
Jennifer Conners (HFS) Matt Saavadra (Registrar)
Cheryl Hummel-Schluger (Registrar) Matt Jensen (Rec Sports)
Leyla Salmassi (SAUF/HUB)


In an effort to enhance division-wide technology communication and collaboration the Technology Committee is charged with examining resources within the division and the technology challenges faced by Student Life units and provide recommendations with an eye towards the possibility of shared technology goals and resources within the division.

Susan Terry, Co-Chair
The Career Center
Matt Saavedra, Co-Chair
Office of the University Registrar
David Adams John Lalonde
Paul Ahlstrom Sara Torres
Katie Beth Matt Winslow
Sue Carr Karen Yuhas

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