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Welcome to the Student Life Staff Development page. The Student Life Staff Development committee posts upcoming events for Student Life staff, useful tips and information, and monthly spotlights on employees and teams. If you are interested in participating on the committee or have questions about our events please contact us.

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Spotlight on UWPD's PRIDE Board

2013-05-28 13:47:02 kpm

Spotlight on the University of Washington Police Department’s PRIDE Bulletin Board


As part of the police department’s internal communication plan, we wanted to find ways to effectively communicate good news across the department. Working in a 24-7 environment, projects, investigations and acts displaying excellence are sometimes only known by a particular shift. So the department created our PRIDE board. PRIDE is an acronym for our values (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence). This bulletin board is in the center of our police station, both literally and figuratively. Anyone in the department can nominate anyone else by using a PRIDE card and all cards are posted to the board. We also post thank you notes and emails from those outside the UWPD.

Our PRIDE board is about the UWPD values, which dovetail with the Student Life pillars. By recognizing those activities, actions and projects within the department that exemplify PRIDE, we encourage the best in ourselves and others, encouraging all to fully Engage by Caring about each other and the community we serve.

Since its inception little more than a month ago, the board has been very popular and we’ve been thrilled with the response across the department—we’re all excited to nominate our co-workers, to stop by the board and read about the successes on other shifts and divisions within the UWPD, and to take pride in the good work happening throughout the department. Come on down to the PD and check out our board!!

Submitted by: Elizabeth Franklin, UW Police Department

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Spotlight on the Assessment Committee

2013-02-21 18:06:08 glennac

Assessment committee

The Student Life Assessment Committee is comprised of representatives of all units within the Division of Student Life.

Assessment is one of those thankless tasks. But, when it is done and done well, it contributes enormously to well-managed and well-delivered programs, and ultimately to the benefit of student learning. These assessment nerds have been dedicated participants to the divisional goal of elevating the level of our our assessment practice.

The Student Life Pillars are probably more present in the assessment work than anywhere else. We are intentional about making sure that we are assessing each of our units’ contributions to access, diversity, engagement, care, and student learning. Organizational effectiveness is often an outgrowth of a unit-wide integrated assessment program.

Every single unit in Student Life has advanced their work and operational knowledge of assessment. Some units have implemented large assessment programs, and some units have started by gathering a little bit of data. All of it matters to our collective effectiveness and our contribution to the student experience.


Krista Bennett (OFSL) Diana Kramer (The Daily)
Deborah Costar (HFS) Paul Seegert (Admissions)
Sean Ferris (SAUF/HUB) Jennifer Self (The Q Center)
Elizabeth Franklin (UWPD) Anne Swenson (Counseling Center)
Bree Callahan (DRS) Ellen Taylor (Counseling Center)
Elizabeth Higgins (CSSC) Briana Keller (Career Center)
Gary Leonard (Rec Sports Programs) Sara Torres (SAUF/HUB)
Kay Lewis (Financial Aid) Melissa Tumas (Health & Wellness)
Nana Lowell (OEA) Tim Wold (Veterans Center)
Tina Miller (Registrar)
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Spotlight on the Fitness Training Program

2013-01-10 23:36:06 glennac

Senior FIT graduates Alyssa `13 (center) and Rebecca `13 (far right) pose with fellow fitness instructors.  Both are leading Cardio Kickboxing this fall and look forward to adding a second class of Ab Lab to their winter quarter teaching schedule.

Fitness Instructor Training (FIT) Program

The new Fitness Instructor Training (FIT) Program is run through the Department of Recreational Sports Programs.  Created and managed by our Fitness Coordinators, Anne Garrett and Carrie Wigton.

The FIT Program was created to fill the need within our department to train students to become fitness instructors for our group exercise classes.  The FIT Program is set up as a quarter long concentrated classroom training, complemented by an apprenticeship in which the student is matched with an experienced instructor.  Following successful completion of the training program students are hired to teach specific group exercise classes throughout the year.

The FIT Program strives to improve student engagement and care by building opportunities for personal growth, social connection, strong investment in campus life and an educational experience for students’ well-being.  This program gives our department the ability to employ students in leadership positions and allows students to become skilled and educated in a position with job growth potential.  Students gain valuable work experience that will carry over into their professional lives by building their public speaking skills and enhancing their resumes.  Student instructors are teaching classes that help them prioritize and make time for fitness and well-being, as well as, help them make social connections and deepen their investment in campus life, with a hope that these experiences and priorities will carry over to their professional lives post-graduation.

Our inaugural FIT Program produced 6 new student instructors that our department hired to start teaching classes Fall 2012.

Student Testimonials from the Summer 2012 FIT Program:

It is a great leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time managing, and self-reflecting experience. It’s really rewarding to be involved in getting others excited about exercise and even being the catalyst for a lifetime of fitness! I plan to have a career in either Athletic training or physical therapy, both of which are centered around teaching another person how to exercise and keep themselves healthy.

-Meghan Barrington, Physiology, Class of 2012

I have become significantly more confident speaking in front of others and being myself in front of a large group. I appreciate the chance to learn more about fitness and leadership in general…I would love to continue teaching past my work at the IMA and am thrilled to have been taught such a transferable skill-set.

-Rebecca McIntyre, Biology, Class of 2013

I really hope to continue teaching wherever life takes me… what I have learned from the FIT program will help me maintain an air of professionalism even when put on the spot. I have also learned to lead with confidence, which will make me a more effective leader in the future.

-Dani Olson, Botany, Class of 2015

Spotlight submitted by: Katie Beth, Recreational Sports Programs

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