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Help Center


These documents provide step-by-step instructions for common tasks you can accomplish using the Catalyst Web Tools.

  • Your Account
  • CommonView
  • GradeBook
  • UMail
  • Your Groups
  • QuickPoll
  • WebQ
  • Collect It
  • GoPost
  • ShareSpaces
  • Portfolio icone-Portfolio


Online tutorials in the UW Canvas interface, step-by-step instructions for common tasks, and model Canvas courses from UW instructors.

  • UW Canvas Training for Instructors
  • UW Canvas Help for Instructors
  • Instructure Canvas Help for Students
  • UW Canvas Model Courses


SpaceScout™ was designed specifically for UW students, so you can quickly locate campus spaces that meet your needs right from your phone.

  • Download the SpaceScout iOS app here
  • Check out the SpaceScout FAQ
  • SpaceScout Web version


Links to step-by-step instructions for viewing and creating presentations, video demos, logging in to Tegrity and Tegrity Manager, and a list of classrooms outfitted for easy laptop use for instructors planning to capture in-class lectures with Tegrity.
  • Tegrity Help 
  • Tegrity Video Tutorials
  • Log in to Tegrity -- Official for-credit UW courses will automatically show up in Tegrity (see course catalog), ready for lecture capture, with no action required on your part.
  • Log in to Tegrity Manager -- To create Tegrity Courses and control membership. Combine course sections, add faculty colloquia, access for student projects, create staff trainings, etc.
  • Laptop Friendly Classrooms - enhance Tegrity recordings by using your laptop with the equipment in these classrooms.


Step-by-step instructions for common tasks you can accomplish at our technology spaces.

  • Computing Commons FAQs
  • DawgPrints Troubleshooting Tips
  • Poster Printing with Creative Communications
  • Digital Audio Workstation Overview


Options for using technologies to support your teaching goals.

The Profiles of Technology Use show the concrete ways that UW educators are using technology creatively and effectively.

  • Address diverse learning styles
  • Promote student collaboration
  • Involve students in research
  • Organize and manage your course
  • Support active learning
  • Encourage responsibility for learning
  • Enhance presentations
  • Facilitate student course evaluation
  • Electronic Portfolios and Catalyst Tools: FAQ
  • Teaching with e-Portfolios: Technology Tips
  • Designing a Portfolio Assignment
  • Helping Students Create Successful Portfolios
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